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message 1: by Brendle (new)

Brendle (akajill) | 235 comments Mod
Waiting for the next book from George RR Martin?
Looks like it's going to be a while, so what should you read in the meantime? Martin himself has some suggestions:

I often suggest authors Patrick Rothfuss, Tad Williams and Robin Hobb. I am personally not a big fan of the Robert Jordan Wheel of Time series, but I also suggest it to readers.

What about you? What would you recommend?

message 2: by John (new)

John | 105 comments I too would suggest Patrick Rothfuss and Robin Hobb, but I'd also suggest the Belgariad series by David Eddings. Great characters, story, and a dose of humor make it compulsively readable.

message 3: by Justin (new)

Justin (ars_legendi) | 75 comments Mod
The Black Company books by Glen Cook are good for readers who like the dark grittiness of Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series.

message 4: by Brendle (new)

Brendle (akajill) | 235 comments Mod
Those are good suggestions. I haven't read Glen Cook yet, but will add him to my very large TBR pile. I have also been thinking that CS Friedman might be another author fans might like. Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel series too, (though she isn't for everyone) and how could I forget Brandon Sanderson?!

message 5: by Julie (new)

Julie | 125 comments Just finished Anne Bishop and loved it I need to find more :)

message 6: by Justin (new)

Justin (ars_legendi) | 75 comments Mod
Oh, if you like Anne Bishop, try the Crown of Stars books by Kate Elliott. Not as racy, but a similar style of fantasy.

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