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When will Zero Tango be released?

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message 1: by Erik (new) - added it

Erik I loved the first two books. And would like to know when the third will be released.

message 2: by Douglas (new)

Douglas A good question. Can't seem to find it.

message 3: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Grief No idea. I'll post an answer here if I find out.

message 4: by Netbug (new) - added it

Netbug DO WANT!

message 5: by Clinton (new) - added it

Clinton Such a long wait :(

message 6: by Netbug (new) - added it

Netbug I'm wondering if Justin is writing anymore. There hasn't been any activity on his blog for some time.

message 7: by Omar (new)

Omar Reed He's in med school so I would imagine his new book won't be out anytime soon.

Andy What part of "people want to read the books" do you not understand, Dr Shier? I understand that bowel surgery is probably more profitable, but you do now have a responsibility. Extend yourself, please :)

And never mind what you told "the surgeon/ma'am," Rei not only does not die, but Dieter ends up with her, not the Dru, right?

message 9: by MK (new) - added it

MK ^^^ lol ~~

message 10: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Grief I would like to point out that message 8 was written by a different Andy. Any views or opinions presented are solely those of the author
and do not necessarily represent those of other Andy's.

message 11: by Andy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Andy Wuss. Andys speak as one.

message 12: by MK (new) - added it

MK (lol)

message 13: by Clinton (new) - added it

Clinton Andys got to stick together!

message 14: by Niko (new) - added it

Niko Gah! This book is taking so long to be released!

message 15: by MK (new) - added it

MK Niko wrote: "Gah! This book is taking so long to be released!"

Damn med school! :p

message 16: by Niko (new) - added it

Niko Tell me about it. :D

message 17: by Darryl (new) - added it

Darryl Richmond While I can understand being busy with med school and all, I would think it only polite to at least drop A line on the progress

message 18: by Andrei (last edited Jul 21, 2014 07:10AM) (new) - added it

Andrei I have the full grand arc planned out. How many books I write will depend largely on the demand for them. I don't think I would exceed seven volumes, however. I think that is the maximum length the storyline could bear.

Now, to be clear, that's the grand arc, not the resolution of the issues that developed at the end of book 2. The grand arc involves a certain voice in a certain head and why it is there in the first place. : )
B. Justin Shier on facebook

I have to take an axe to about thirty thousand hard-fought words chock-full of Dieter goodness to fix the error. Some fun character dev stuff has to go. Real frustrating, but handling Rei's storyline with the proper level of malice is my sole concern now. If some of the words care too much, they must go.

I don't have an ETA right now. Just the promise that this volume is gonna be sad.


message 19: by Niko (new) - added it

Niko Thanks for the update, Andrei. It's good to know he's still working on it.

message 20: by Aasif (new) - added it

Aasif Edoo Sorry guys but that update was two years ago. I saw some people on his blog say he hasn't said anything for over a year.

Look like this series is dead even though I wish it wasn't

message 21: by Matt (new) - added it

Matt I would hate if the series was over, but would honestly rather it be over and know there's no more forthcoming than continue checking back every few months to see absolutely no update of any kind...

message 22: by Anon382945 (new) - added it

Anon382945 This series has some of my absolute favorite characters. The man has a talent; it'd be shame if he's quit the series.

I'm holding out hope that he's utterly consumed by med school, and that he'll resume the series when he finishes.

message 23: by Abhishek (new)

Abhishek Tripathi please don't quit the series. I read a good series after a long time.

Chance It's only been two or so years guys... As an author, I know how hard it is to write, decide that a large chunk of it didn't work, and kill it. Rewriting that part can take a while, because you still want to take it in the direction as you did before, so it'll take longer.
What I'm trying to say, is that he probably is working on it when he has time to think, and im estimating that he is probably close to three quarter of the way done with the book.

Another possibility that many of us have considered is that he is dead, of which he isn't as of March 2014. He still posts music on his Twitter feed, but has gone off for past year ish.

He also could be doing an internship right now, which is a high possibility, and will hopefully remember his very faithful readers and tell us that he is still alive.
If he doesn't update in the next month, tho. I will learn how to hack, find out where he lives, and go up to his front door and ask him some questions.

message 25: by Matt (new) - added it

Matt Chance wrote: "If you guys like this series and are looking for more books like it, try the Central Academy series, as it is very similar to it. When thinking about the books, I often mix up the characters, as th..."

Ill second that, picked up the first of The Central series for a dollar at the time and was well worth it

message 26: by Roberto (new) - added it

Roberto Central Academy !? if you are under 15 maybe! otherwise you'll get angry at the cast quite easy, true to the matter I found it lacking & dull.

message 27: by Alex (new) - added it

Alex Sad to see this book will probably never be.
I re-read the first two again. Probably shouldn't have done that. Just made me want this book to come out more. Oh well.

message 28: by [deleted user] (new)


message 29: by Jumper (new)

Jumper RBK book is dead, damn, why I read it in the first place. Gentleman bastard also got problem before, but now progressing nicely. Thank god.

message 30: by Michael (new)

Michael Boyte Ugh, if the book really is dead I'm super disappointed :( Been waiting years for it to come out as the first two were amazing. But even if I only have the first two I will still like reading them from time to time. Seriously one of my top 10 favorite series to read, and a definite strong contender for top 5.

message 31: by Keshawa (new) - added it

Keshawa Tammita *sigh* I guess this series is dead!! damn!!

message 32: by Kristoffer (new) - added it

Kristoffer Furacão Pereira At least a conclusion. Not this limbo.

message 33: by Sam (new) - added it

Sam M I agree, book #1 and #2 are absolutely brilliant!! Love them. And definitely in the top 10 series, but SO disappointed that haven't heard anything from the author. I have to prep myself before re-reading the first 2, as I know I can only imagine the ending.

message 34: by Jumper (new)

Jumper RBK I just can't understand for people to choose shitty 9 to 5 job then being a full time stay at home writer with superb series. Look at Taran Matharu, he is happy now, one book per year, then attend convention signing books. Awesome life.

message 35: by Brotherhood4232 (new)

Brotherhood4232 A couple of months ago, I did some Internet snooping. He's in his residency now,.and he has a toddler. This would make me think that he's just busy, but I decided to be a creeper and hunt down his address. He never responded to my letter, so I assume he has no intention of ever finishing. Sad face.

message 36: by Alex (new) - added it

Alex You probably shouldn't have written it in blood and ended it with "finish it or else..."

message 37: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Doughty glad I'm not the only one willing to stalk an author to get an answer. I fb messaged his actual Facebook account, not his author one. no answer. I also found his wife's, his brothers, and his mom's Facebook accounts. I've been debating sending them a message just to see what's up...

message 38: by Clinton (new) - added it

Clinton Leave his fam out of this that's harassing

message 39: by Brotherhood4232 (new)

Brotherhood4232 Eh, messaging his wife wouldn't be that bad imo. Maybe she would respond. Unlike a certain someone. >_>

message 40: by Ibrinar (new) - added it

Ibrinar Hmm nice to know that he is still alive I always kinda wonder with unknown inactive authors like this or Alex Mykals fer instance, because with big authors there would be an article with little ones there would be nothing. (Though I sure hope nobody actually messaged his family if he doesn't want to talk about there is nothing you can do.) Well to bad if the series is dead, though I guess it is not officially dead and there are books with much longer intervals in between, so I will just keep the next book in my to read pile and maybe one day it will appear among those with a recent release date.

message 41: by Erik (new)

Erik T funny, I started this argument 5 years ago, forgot about the book, and now that I remember the book I need it lol

message 42: by Kristoffer (new) - added it

Kristoffer Furacão Pereira Stop bringing this up. It was a fading painful memory and now it’s fresh again.

2percentright just finished book 1. from what I'm seeing on here and the rest of the net I should stop now before my heart's broken.

message 44: by Keshawa (new) - added it

Keshawa Tammita 2percentright wrote: "just finished book 1. from what I'm seeing on here and the rest of the net I should stop now before my heart's broken."


message 45: by Mattemt294 (new)

Mattemt294 someone contact his wife yet? zero tango we need you.

message 46: by Ibrinar (new) - added it

Ibrinar I repeat: Don't do that.

message 47: by Jumper (new)

Jumper RBK Book is dead dun contact him or his family lmao, please let the guy have his peace geez. At least he is not continuously announcing fake news about the non existant of book progress like those big three stooges oopps i mean lynch, grrm and that long bearded guy, ohh his name is rothfuss.

message 48: by Mike (new) - added it

Mike It's quite possible that he has found the same fulfillment in his working life and family life, that writing used to give him. I hope he is happy and healthy, whether he is writing or not. While we may have been left on a sad note, I still re-read these two books quite often. Still a lot of nuggets to pick up on, the laughs don't grow stale, and the emotion feels so very real. Mr/Doc Shier really is a tisztelt tanár even now.

message 49: by Daniel (new) - added it

Daniel Jumper wrote: "Book is dead dun contact him or his family lmao, please let the guy have his peace geez. At least he is not continuously announcing fake news about the non existant of book progress like those big ..."
Dude let Rothfuss get his book right. Writing takes time.

message 50: by Jack (new)

Jack I found the guy who edited the now-defunct version of the book, we could check that out... okay probably not.
Look on the second-to-last page
His number and email are on the last one

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