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Josh Hutcherson!!

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Olivia Quinn

Well, this is my drawing! hope you guys like it;)

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It's great :)

Olivia Quinn Thankyou!

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Your welcome ;)

Shubhi:) omg thats SOO good!!! ur really talented! <3

Olivia Quinn that very kind!

Olivia Quinn Thankyou so much, i have also just finished drawing Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower if you want to have a look!

I am now currently drawing Alex Pettyfer!!

Olivia Quinn haha! Thankyou for looking and commenting! any ideas who should be next in the drawing line?!

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Ginny! You should draw Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter, during Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour's wedding! Ginny wears a gorgeous bridesmaid dress, it would look awesome as a drawing! Either that or Fleur herself- her wedding dress is wonderful!!

Olivia Quinn Okay then!! Nearly finished Alex!!

Olivia Quinn DONE!!!

Olivia Quinn

This one isn't as good as the others but enjoy!!! original photo is on my profile as well!

Olivia Quinn Haha! Thankyou!!!

Olivia Quinn Should i do another??

Olivia Quinn who should I draw?!

Olivia Quinn okay! I will do it tomorrow!

Olivia Quinn thank you all! its nice to hear my work is liked!

Olivia Quinn Shrishti wrote: "All of them are awesome!
Gods! They are amazing!
Please draw Alex rider next!!
You'll find him on google images!"

Do you want to send me a picture??

Olivia Quinn Yes please!:3

I'm about to go out for paddy's day so i will either do it when i get home or tomorrow after i've gone to a book signing! but i promise i will get it done!

Olivia Quinn I can have a different picture?

Olivia Quinn Yeah!

Olivia Quinn St Paddy's was Great! Dressed up and everything!

That's so cool you guys live so far away! i live in Essex! So boring!

And for the book signing, i am meeting Darren Shan and getting my "brothers to the death" book signed!!!

It's alright that you turned my discussion into a personal conversation! i forgive you! hahaha!

Olivia Quinn

Finished! Any more suggestions?

Olivia Quinn Okay then! i'm on it!

Olivia Quinn Any particular picture??

Olivia Quinn Okay! i will try to find a picture!

Olivia Quinn Can't find a good one so i'm just going to do one of him and katniss, is that okay??

Olivia Quinn okay!

Olivia Quinn This one is taking me a while, it will be finished tomorrow!!!

Olivia Quinn haha! I will try to get it on as soon as I can!

Olivia Quinn a lot of people have told me I should be an artist! a friend has asked me if I could do some paintings in his house. and I'm like 'I'm only fifteen'

Ashley 10/10

Olivia Quinn Thankyou guys!

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Dang! You've got wicked style, Olivia! Talented through and through :D

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