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Kimiko (kawasumi-kimiko) | 741 comments Mod
Advertise! Share! ^^

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Miyuki (miyuki2) The Angel School
This is a school for angels, whether dark or light.

Supernatural Academy
Members of Supernatural Academy(SA): Life is hard, being a supernatural being and all that. Your life changes when u transferred to SA, believing that ur life is gonna be much easier. Until u learned of The Eye. The hunt u down and kill u. They think ur kind is obnoxious and has no right to live among humans. Your school send spies to spy on them, but is that enough?

Members of The Eye: Ur life was endangered the moment u face a supernatural being. They killed ur family, and u barely got out alive. U joined The Eye, trained and learned all about SA, u plan and attack. U send spies to spy on them. But they are magical and u are not. Thats why, we have loyal supernatural being on our side, to do our bidding-but how will we know for sure they will not betray us?

Vampire Academy
You were living peacefully when a half-breed (child of a vampire and human) exposed your hideout. You and the other vampires were forced to move onto a small island in the middle of the sea. You captured humans to live among you, to feed on them..Little did you know that some of the humans and some of the vampires fell in love, creating a breed that you despise the most--a half breed. You plot revenge on them..and the half-breeds plot revenge on you...While the humans try to escape..who will achieve their goal first? Who will die first?

The Other World
Angels, Mermaids, Fairies, Demons, Wizards, Witches all live together in the Other World. They are peaceful creatures, who dont fight and respect everyone. But...the dark ones dont...And things get worst when scientists came to invade their privacy...

Book Discussions and More!
Discus about books you've read here! (Includes spoilers! so if you havent finished reading the series/book, dont look into the threads!!)) And if you dont wanna do that, we have 1x1 roleplays and word games!

The House of Night
You are enjoying a day of your normal life when a guy dressed in black materialized in front of you. He points to your forehead and mutters some words under his breath. Pain burn through your forehead, and the next thing you know when you look up, people are running away from you. When you look into a mirror, you see a blue outline of a crescent moon burned into the middle of your forehead. You have been Marked. You have two choices.

1) Reject the Change and die
2) Go to the House of Night and possibly die during the change.

Lets suppose you chose the second choice:
Something is up with the High Priestess. She's not what's she seems....what is she up too? (Based on the series: The House of Night)

The Wicca Witches
Are u a blood witch or a non-blood witch (meaning no wicca blood in u, but u practice it). If ur a blood witch, are u a Rowanwand, Wyndenkell, Vikroth, Leapvaughns, Burnhides, Brightendales, or a Woodbane? Are u evil or good? Do u practice dark magick? How far are u willing to push, to gain power and knowledge? ((Based off the series Sweep))

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Camp Parmi les mythes
Imagine a place where Half-bloods could go for protection. A place where they can train and learn to fight. They are special though. They are not your normal half-bloods. They are half human half MONSTER. they train here so they can help the gods win the everlasting battle against kronos, Gaia, and many others. If you are a Half-monster, welcome home.

Greaterbrair Academy
Dear student,

Welcome to Greaterbrair Academy. We have recognized you as a creature or human or special talents and we would like to invite you to come and enroll here as a student. This school is filled with fairies, vampires, werewolves,sirens,demons, etc...... I hope you accept this invitation. Once you do you will be given a full scholarship and you can start your courses immediately.

Thank you,
Headmaster Faedra

message 4: by Miyuki (new)

Miyuki (miyuki2) Advanced Medieval Era Roleplay

Join the world as it was in the Medieval Times!

You can be a King/Queen, Princess/Prince, Duke/Duchess, Count/Countess, Knight/Bodyguards, Servants/Lady in Waiting, Peasants/nobles, etc etc.

Come join the Era and rule your own Kingdom!!!

(Takes place in London, Britain)

Feudal Japan (Advanced RP)

The year is 1256. You are in Feudal Age of Japan. You can be anything from a Emperor to a commoner. Join the world as it was in Feudal Japan

message 5: by Karen (new)

Karen Azinger | 2 comments Hi everyone! If you like epic medieval fantasy consider The Silk & Steel Saga, an epic tale of swords and knights, castles and monasteries, sorcery and seduction. The first book, The Steel Queen, is on sale on Amazon for $2.99. This is not YA but for readers who love GOT or Tolkien but want more female characters who will never let you underestimate the "weaker" sex again. The Steel Queen (The Silk & Steel Saga, #1) by Karen Azinger The Flame Priest (The Silk & Steel Saga, #2) by Karen Azinger The Skeleton King (The Silk & Steel Saga, #3) by Karen Azinger The Poison Priestess (The Silk & Steel Saga, #4) by Karen Azinger The Steel Queen

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Kimiko (kawasumi-kimiko) | 741 comments Mod
Sounds interesting! :D Definitely gonna read it!

message 7: by Karen (new)

Karen Azinger | 2 comments Thanks Kimiko! I hope you enjoy it!

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Kimiko (kawasumi-kimiko) | 741 comments Mod
:D No thank you for recommending them to me! ^-^

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Read this article, and get your mind blown.

Julia, dude call me JJ I saw the tab name while it was loading and I was like whaaaaaa

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E | 1585 comments Mod
Join Shahdia's group it is a great Idea and a great new group
Singers, dancers, writers, artists, fashion designers, musicians, architects.
These are the creators of our generation. And the creators are brilliant people who shine the sun on a dim existence with out creativity. Their lives are fascinating twists of events that carve their lives into turmoil that results in beauty beyond belief.
Here you can roleplay as these people, dancing on a street in Mannahattan, singing on Youtube, Writing a novel in a cabin in the forest, playing in the London Orchestra, showing at New York fashion week. It's the life we all wish we had. It's as close to magic as we can get in this flitting existence.
In this group you can also discuss your expierences as a creator. Get ideas, get inspired. Share your work, because you know it needs to be shared.
Join the Creating Generation and spread your wings to fly.

message 12: by E, Zeus (new)

Theodosia of the Fathomless Hall (taelianaofthewind) Potterheads Unite! Harry Potter Role-Play, formerly modded by Miss Anastasia Inkyfingers now by moi.
Rules are sparse but please read them and follow the sign-up guidelines.
A huge amount of DRAMA is here and all are welcome to come, create a charrie, and make some drama of their own ;)

Postscript: A ball is in progress and a Quidditch match will be held on the twenty-fourth.

message 14: by Elentiya AKA Aelin -heir to the throne of Terrasen, Nico di Angelo and Hades (new)

Elentiya AKA Aelin -heir to the throne of Terrasen (sighforkai) | 969 comments Mod
Please join my new group it is a different kind of rp that I'm sure a lot of you will enjoy.

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