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Stephen Mar (stephendelmar) | 4 comments Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself.
I've been a fan of Science Fiction for nearly as long as I can read. And I mean Science Fiction, you know the stuff with science in it. I'm looking for good sci-fi that just happens to have gay characters. I'm hoping to find some good recommendations in the list. Most of what I've found so far has been the butch guy fracking the fem guy and they just happen to be on a spaceship. Drivel. Bad fiction and no science. But that is just my opinion! I have been accused of being a grumpy old bear. (If I want to read about tab A going into Slot B, there is porn. I'm not a fan of plotus interruptus. Not opposed to strong romantic elements, just too often I find myself skipping pages until we are back to the story. Okay, rant over, sorry about that.)

Anyway, hope to hear what you all recommend.



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Charming (charming_euphemism) | 787 comments Mod
Hi Stephen - you might try the realistic/hard scifi shelf here:

Sadly it only has 14 books on it. Perhaps if you find some good ones you can add them to the shelf?

Gay lit scfi might be another good one:

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Jaye McKenna | 55 comments Hey, Stephen, have you tried Mel Keegan?
The Rabelais Alliance is the first book in the Hellgate series, and it has great characters and interesting and believable science (as an engineer, I like realistic science in my sci fi).

Death's Headis the first book in the NARC series, and this is also really good. It's not quite as hard sci fi as Hellgate, but the tech is still really good. Lots of action and great characters.

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Stephen Mar (stephendelmar) | 4 comments Thanks

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