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Kim Harrison Hollows Series
Sara Sara Mar 16, 2013 07:47AM
This series is one of my absolute favorites!! What does everybody else think?
I loved every book. There were a few disappointments, and I find that Rachel made a few bad decisions, but it all made everything even more interesting. I love the way Kim Harrison writes, and will be so sad reading the last pages when the series is over.

This is one of my favorites. Don't want to see it end. I only had trouble with the one book, and yet i don't ever skip it when i do a reread. My favorite thing is the back and forth that continues in the entire series, between Trent and Rachel. One book he's trying to hire her, the next he's trying to kill her. Can we say elementary school, pulling the little girls pigtails, cuz he likes her. that's my opinion. I have loved Trent since the first book, and hope they end up together in the end. And I like Ivy, but as a good friend for Rachel nothing more.

This is a very good series that I would recommend to anyone I know or meet because it gives an example of how life could be like in modern day. If you take away the supernatural creatures it could be a woman's life in our society and her trying to care for herself and her way of life. I would love to meet Kim Harrison one day and get to know where she gets her inspiration from.

Loved every single book in this series.

I just started this series. I finished book 1 recently and have book 2 ready to go after I finish the book that I am currently working on. Really looking forward to reading the series since book 1 lays out great foundation!

Ellie Sims It's very good series I love it Ive read all of them ...more
Jun 28, 2013 07:21PM · flag

I love this series. its one of my favorites. I'll be extreamely sad when it ends.

My absolute favorite books! These are the only books I have to buy the day they come out. I admit Rachel got a little whiny in the middle of the series but she pulled herself out of her funk. I would probably be whiny if I went through the things she did. I've read through them all several times. I still can't get through Black Magic Sanction without crying hysterically.

This series is my favorite, I have met her many times and I love her story. I love how she's not perfect, and nothing is clear cut. I will be extremly sad when it's over. Her other books are goot too, there just not the same. P.S. I miss Kisten

I adore and love this series! I have so many reasons to put them all down here. This series rocks!

FWIW, my wife turned me on to this series. I think I have read all the books out to date. I now try to convince all my friends who are Twilight fans that this is much better.

My favorite character is Jenks.

Ashley, I am sooo very jealous of you right now! You actually met Kim! This series is one of my absolute favorite series of all time! I love how Rachaels character is and my heart ached for both her and Kisten. Its weird because I almost didnt keep going with the series because of Ivy. I love Ivy and all but no means no and I think Ivy shouldve respected that I more with Rachel. Then, after Nick, Kisten and Marshall I started thinking differently. Shes had her heart broken so much that I think she should let go a little and give in to Ivys advances. Now, theres Trent.. MMmmmm.. Trent.. :) Damn his eyes for thinking of marrying Elsabeth after all!

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