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Mallory I am doing a project for my English class. We have to read a book that we haven't read before and is not a movie(we have to read 100 pages for this part of the project to get to know the character). And i choose Cinder. Now i have to pack a bag with stuff that could help her in some crazy adventure or a some kind of vacation. Now one of the things i can include in the bag are songs that fit her personality. So, if anyone could help me. Please give me a list of songs that would fit her personality that would be awesome. Or if know of anything else i could put in the bag that would be great too. Thank you.

Rachel Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

Mallory Thank you so much Rachel. I love this band and song. i will be using this for my project. I just wish other people would of given me their opinion on what song works the best for her. Thanks again. :)

Rachel welcome. :) It's one of my favorite songs, too. And I adore this series. It sounds like a cool school project.

Mallory the hard part is finding how the item/song reflects the character plus i have to write a paragraph for every item. Plus my teacher is hard to please. Beside that it pretty cool.

Rachel well, hope you get an A+.

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