The Gathering (Darkness Rising, #1) The Gathering question

Maya or Chloe?
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Since The Gathering is the sister series to The Darkest Powers trilogy (though I'm pretty sure the 3rd book is going to be the sequel to The Darkest Powers ), what do you think? I like Chloe personally.

Chloe. Maya annoyed me.

Chloe :)

Love this series!

Maya! But only because she has a paw print birth mark and she turns into a cougar!

Chloe of Course!!!! :)

i love both characters from the whole series. i can't decide which one i like most



For me Chloe, no doubt. She was just so much more relatable. Maya was okay, but I didn't really like her that much, she thought she was high up. Chloe thought she was weak, she had no choice in her fate, and that made me understand her more

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Maya reminds me a lot of Rose from the Vampire academy series; not that I did not like Rose, she is a bad-ass heroine...but, Maya did not give me that same vibe. Maybe because she is oblivious and way too trusting in her parents...she never questioned the circumstances surrounding her..she did not have the same 'adults-are-conspiring-against-us' theory as Chloe. To me she is just a normal happy satisfied character, who thinks about boys and parties. Chloe on the other hand, thought about the big picture...I think, what I'm trying to say here is that Chloe -to me- seemed to be both responsible and rebellious at the same time. and I agree with Samantha, maybe in the next book when -hopefully- everything she took for granted get stolen from her, and real life slaps her hard...maybe then she will turn out to be a much interesting character. By the way, I thought I'd love the bad boy..since I'm a sucker for bad boys..but it turned out that I love Daniel and his intuitive ability. I certainly DO NOT want a love triangle to appear in this series. (I have not read the second book yet)

i love both of the series, but i will say i liked the love issues better in the darkest powers, cause the love triangle in darkness rising was weak. im still not satisfied with the choice maya made. but in darkest powers, it wasn't so much a love triangle(which is a relief, because i swear they are in every single book series, its tiring)as it was a im-dating-ur-brother-only-to-find-out-i-love-you-instead and shes fighting with herself cuz its an ew-theres-no-way-i-like-derek-instead-of-simon situation and then it turns into a *spoiler* well-i-guess-dereks-not-a-bad-guy-and-it-turns-out-i-do-love-him-instead-of-simon-and-simons-okay-with-it-so-we're-all-cool. i,as you can see, am a fan of the darkest powers just a tad more than the darkness rising series.


It's hard to say. Both girls have a totally different backgrounds which gives us dual scenarios.

For example -

+ Chloe is raised by a barely there father & Aunt.
+ Maya is raised in a secure & loving environment.
- Chloe knew from a young age that she was different & they tried to forcibly treat it out of her, leading to self doubt and insecurities.
- Maya didn't know about her powers but as an individual teenager she appears extremely confident.
+ Chloe never had friends.
+ Maya formed bonds with her peers at an early age.
- Chloe denied her powers.
- Maya was able to unknowingly channel her gifts.
+ Chloe understands what it means & feels to suffer the weight of judgment.
+ Maya has her best friend, Daniel, to buffer away all the ugliness.
- Chloe appears secular.
- Maya has a holistic approach.
+ Chloe learnt to put up a guard at a young age.
+ Maya was taught at a young age to rebuff the world outside of their small community.

I could continue but it won't be fair to deconstruct & compare the two. But it is interesting reading about these heroines.

But personally I prefer Maya.





chloe! I wish Armstrong would have left the series with these characters!

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Nolidoli I agree full heartedly, every part of the summoning's characters were interesting out of the other I basically like Corey. ...more
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Chloe is amazing she starts out timid and grows a backbone. She begins with the outlook of the world as black and white and slowly begins to see the grey. She overcomes looking at guys for standard cliche reasons and connects to one that can keep her grounded in an ever changing world. Chloe is a strong character but is also one that has flaws, her being to nice or even forcing herself in dangerous situations, but these are parts of her that make her real! Now Maya is probably the one one of Kelly Armstrong's characters in every series I've ever read (female wise) that I do not like. Her character is bland, she's got that small town girl point of view that is unrealistic like the type you see in movies and not the type in real life, I state this having been raised in a small village in Wisconsin ( the closet wal-mart was like forty minutes away driving). The love triangle in the story she's involved in seems forced and stupid. Just as her choice in the end (it's like she chose the guy everyone wanted for her instead of the one she had any chemistry with the dialogue even feels like she's trying to convince herself), her powers seems to have very few drawbacks and the one that it did left me confused as did her handling of it. In fact that's probably my biggest problem with the situation, how she handled everything. The only part of her character that I liked was her relationship with her parents, that she looked past blood and loved them unconditionally. But sadly that was it, I won't go as far as to call her a Mary Sue but I can't really think of any part of her personality (other then the relationship with her parents) that wasn't bland or cliche.

I loved Chloe because she had so much going on around her with lies and her powers but she didn't always stay focused on herself (that's why Derek used her in the beginning)and she cared about being true to herself,yes, even with Derek (which is why he liked her so much!). With Maya I felt she wanted to believe everyone was good and natually truthful (hence why Daniel is her bestfriend)but it takes time to believe that everyone around you is the enemy (Chloe had the same problem when she just wanted to get better and leave and believe her Aunt Laruen'who betrayed her')Maya is trying to open her eyes to what's going on too only in her case her bad boy has his own agenda (unlike Derek who wanted to find his dad and protect his brother)every circumstance is different but I really loved them both, cuz honestly IDK what i would do in their situation. Love triangle?I don't think that will happen but maybe it can still Rafael should just get it together!Love both series!!!

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