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Marni Bates should do a sequel to awkward

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Dannii Marsh OMG, OMG, i just finished awkward and i loved every minute of reading this book. It was funny, charming and sweet all wrapped into one story. Please do a sequel. I really would like to see the challengers she faces now she's in a relationship with Logan. The estrange father of hers (Will he make appearance? How does Corey's relationship with Tim goes? So many questions that need answering. You left the story to be continued. I really grew to love these characters. Corey, Tim, Dylan, Jane, Mackenzie. PLEASE PLEASE do a sequel. xoxox Dannii :D

K Whatsherface there is, its called Invisible. It's from the P.O.V. of Jane, Mackenzie's best friend.

There is also the 3rd book, Notable. Which is from Chelsea's P.O.V.

and a 4th book that I'm still waiting for to come out, Awkwardly Ever After. It's suppost to be in Melanie (one of the freshman that started hanging out with Mackenzie)'s P.O.V. though there are some rumors that a few more characters might share the P.O.V. with her because this is suppose to be the last book

Also, there is a side book that has nothing to do with Smith High but One of the main character's in Tim's bandmate, Dominic. It's called Decked with Holly

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