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Let's put links to GR debates and discussions we thought were insightful, funny, entertaining, or enlightening. Link to the first comment that starts the discussion.

Debate on Keely's review of The Eye of the World:
(Personal favorite discussion of mine. It's nothing short of awesome.)

Debate on Keely's review of The Giver:

Of course, reading some of these is a bit of a chore, but it's easy to get into it after a while, and the flow of ideas are quite fascinating. Learned a lot. If only my teachers were as smart as these people.

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Bill Golden | 82 comments Huh... GR says he's in Albany. That's practically walking distance from me.

Dude knows how to "tl;dr" a review, that's for sure.

Oh... this is so far my favorite "discussion."

I'm trying to decide if I should do Blake or ee cummings for the next response.

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