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Author's Corner > The Dreamer will be FREE on 3/24-3/26

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message 1: by May (new) - rated it 5 stars

May Abbey (MayNicoleAbbey) | 11 comments I'm giving plenty of notice for anyone interested. The Dreamer will be FREE for download on Amazon on the dates stated in the topic. ENJOY!!

Deborah | 166 comments Mod
Thanks, May! I really loved this book!

message 3: by May (new) - rated it 5 stars

May Abbey (MayNicoleAbbey) | 11 comments Oh Deborah! I LOVED your review and all the chatter you had between you and your friends about the book. My sister and I have talked about people's perception of Rachel and came to a conclusion. Perhaps you can lend your thoughts - when we wrote her we used a whole bunch of exclamation points when she spoke. She was sincere and enthusiastic even though she was so disconnected with reality. When the novel went to the editor, she took most of them out. Not realizing what it would do to Rachel's voice, we allowed it. But we think her sincerity and genuineness is perhaps a little harder to hear now? What do you think?

Deborah | 166 comments Mod
Oh May, I'm so sorry I didn't see this until now. Thank you. I really enjoyed your book. I really liked how the story flowed and I know my friends and I had a pretty good discussion about Rachel. But to be honest, I liked her. I thought she was just sheltered to the things of the world. I felt and saw her change. I saw that her eyes were opening to what was truly important(please pardon me if this isn't accurate). There were times that she was maddening and you wanted to scream at the book for her to "wake up." But I think that was a part of the story. I do think however, that I understood where others would find her frustrating. I think either you understood her character and got the fact that change was going to happen or you were just too focused on where she lacked in the beginning and then it's hard to get over it even if the character develops nicely. I have had that happen to me in books as well. So to answer your question, I actually think the thing that I liked most about Rachel was her genuineness. That is her greatest strength and weakness. Because she was so genuine, that is why it took her so long to see what life really had to offer. She was genuine to who she was and didn't sway with the wind. I liked her and I of course loved the book. Please keep me posted when you write something new or the sequel to this one is finished!

message 5: by May (new) - rated it 5 stars

May Abbey (MayNicoleAbbey) | 11 comments I'm so glad to hear your thoughts Deborah. I love your take on Rachel and the story. I think you were right in your assessment of her. My sister and I strive to have characters that require growth, we feel it is so satisfying to see two people learn together and heal. Rachel is flawed, no doubt, but through it all, she is faithful and sincere and in the end (we hope) she has developed into the best version of herself.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Serena (so you remember Serena?) and her story is going to be out around June. We have fallen in love with ancient Egypt which is where it is located. *sigh. :) I will definitely keep you informed.

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