Sula Sula question

Sula's Mother
Mms Mms Mar 15, 2013 08:44PM
Do you think that watching her mother die had an impact on her life and the relationships she had with people? Her distrust?

I think by the time her mother was dying, Sula had become so jaded and had so little reference to what was acceptable behavior, she had what was considered for her a natural reaction. By this point she knew her grandmother burned her uncle alive and she herself had taken Chicken Little's life and was reassured by Nel and Shadrack that it was okay to do so. To me, that moment signified the completion of the type of person Sula was to become. From that moment she was completely unattached and emotionally self-reliant with the exception of Nel who played a role of being not a friend, but an extension of herself. In a way, I think Sula reacted the way she believe Nel would, calm and reserved.

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