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The Ever-Important First Impression

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message 1: by HMB (new) - rated it 5 stars

HMB So, I know that I hated this book when I first started reading it! It grew on me, though, and now I love it~ What about you guys? Was it love at first sight, or immediate hatred?

message 2: by Ia (new) - rated it 3 stars

Ia I was in-between when I began reading this book. On one hand, Lemony Snicket is writing it, and his style shows. On the other hand, the story is about a teenage girl telling her ex-boyfriend why they broke up through an overly long letter and a box full of stuff he probably won't remember. But I still liked this book, and I felt satisfied when I finished it.

Elle I also didn't like it when I started reading the book and now it's one of my favorite books!

Nellie ☾ I was so curious on what really happened to them because their relationship appears to be quite okay during the start of it then Ed ends up being quite a jerk. Also, I couldn't imagine the time of the setting is. Is it the present time or the 60s or 70s...? And there was that part where Min kind of got mad because Ed had a shot of Viper and idk what that is, forgive my innocence. But I liked this book :)

Megan Nellie Odair Ψ wrote: "I was so curious on what really happened to them because their relationship appears to be quite okay during the start of it then Ed ends up being quite a jerk ..." At first Min and Ed seem to be completely into each other. With Min ignoring her friends' warnings and Ed's ex-girlfriends jealous of his treatment towards Min. Then in the end Ed just goes off with someone else like all the "I love you"s didn't mean a thing. That's the part which really irks me, because during the entire book I was thinking that there was no way they could have broken up. But they do, and very suddenly as well. It might be like that in real life where someone plays along in a relationship to get what they want, but did Daniel Handler grow tired of the book or something? How could Ed miss something so big as their relationship being official?

message 6: by Sorrel (last edited Jan 06, 2014 12:33AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Sorrel I liked it up until the ending. Because I was just like, Well all those other reasons aren't why you broke up- that is. It was a little bit like the whole letter was pointless. But I liked the book up until then and the art in it is really cool. Also you could tell that it was never going to work out and I didn't even like Ed all that much.

Shi'Asia I tried to like it. I was mostly confused throughout the whole book, I had to read some parts several times. The ending really made dislike Min and Ed. So I was just dissatisfied and left wanting more.

Carly I loved it in the beginning. It seemed like fun, the art in the book is great, so I had very high expectations. Unfortunately reading it was a disappointing choice.

Elle I am probably in the minority that enjoyed the writing style - it seemed authentic for a girl that age, which is surprising considering it was written by a man.

I didn't have high expectations going in but I ended up loving it. I think you fall hard and fast with your first and it ends just as quick at that age.

Daniela Lan I wish I had read Ed´s pov when he get the box or a memory when he saw some particular object

Raynebow I am the opposite. I loved it at first but grew to hate it

Karen Grace I hated it at first. Then didn't finish reading. Woops

Victoria Da Costa I loved it all the way through it was fantastic. Love at first sight

Jennifer Butler I am halfway through this book and there are a lot of run-on sentences. I love this book because it is relatable. I feel like I know Min. I find a little bit of Min and Al in myself. Sometimes I sit by and try to have "no opinion" of what a friend is doing with his or her life. Sometimes I am the one wanting to know how my friend feels about something so I know I'm not over my head. Min is crazy and hormonal like any other teenager. Daniel Handler is a-maz-ing.

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