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Skeptic by D.E. MacLean D.E. MacLean

Genre: Paranormal Romance


Book Description:

Millions of viewers know twenty-four-year-old Elise Weston as the Skeptic, a renowned paranormal investigator who won’t give up until she’s discredited every myth and legend about the supernatural. The only problem is it’s all a lie, the paranormal world does exist and Elise knows it because she’s a medium and can connect with the dead.

Elise never wanted to be the Skeptic, or a fraud for that matter, in fact she started her investigations by calling out money hungry fake psychics. But it didn’t take long for her best intentions to go askew and turn her into the very thing she was against, someone who lies and fabricates evidence to get the results she wants.

Dakota is a paranormal investigator who not only works alongside Elise but loves her too, but he knows she has secrets, ones that keep her up late and night, and every time he gets close to finding out what those secrets are she pushes him away.

But when a powerful Wiccan witch named Tansy somehow figures out Elise’s ability and blackmails her into admitting to the world that she’s a liar and a cheat, Elise confesses everything to the only person she can trust, Dakota. With Dakota by her side and bound to undo her mistakes, Elise decides to quit the show but that’s when her life goes from bad to worse. Because the truth is, Tansy doesn’t really care about the show at all, it’s vengeance for the death of her sister she’s after, a death that she’s certain Elise had something to do with. And since Tansy is old school and believes in the an eye for an eye mantra, she won’t stop until Elise is dead too.

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sent in your request Marguerite

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Received and thank you.

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Jacque Stengel | 5 comments so you still want reviews?

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Jacque which format do you need?

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