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Ap Ap Mar 15, 2013 08:13PM
Do you feel as though it is necessary to visit Savannah before or while you are reading this book?

I have never wanted to visit anywhere so much as I did Savannah after reading this book. I'm in the UK, but managed to bag a work trip that involved flying to Atlanta. This meant I was able to have a weekend in Savannah, do the book tour (and visit lots of other places including a superb civil rights museum), and have a thoroughly magical time. I hope to go back some day.

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I saw the movie before I went to Savannah (about 10 years ago) and then purchased the book while I was there and read it. I spent so much time just walking and visiting the locations and really enjoyed that. I returned to Savannah in 2011…(I presented at a conference and chose that conference just so I could go there again). I just love Savannah and the movie/book enhanced that. It's magical!

I decided I wanted to get married in Savannah as soon as I started reading the book.

I read the book then visited Savannah and it made my trip to Savannah more enjoyable. I could look for places, etc. mentioned in the book.

I read the book after visiting Savannah. It definitely was helpful when reading the book with locations mentioned.

I started the book en route to Savannah on a road trip South, and finished it after our two day stay. I loved being in the places described in the book. We will watch the movie when we get home.

Visit Savannah! It's a beautiful city. Everything is so old and historical.

Savannah is beautiful regardless..I read the book when I watched the movie when I moved there about 4 yrs ago. There also used to be the bench that Tom Hanks sat on in Forrest Gump in one of the squares downtown but so many people were painting and writing on it that they took it out. That was before I got here..

I tried reading the book several years back and couldn't get into it.
Last year I moved to Savannah, and then read the book, and couldn't put it down.
I don't know that it's a prerequisite to visit the city before reading the book, but it makes reading it a really fun and interesting experience!

Savannah is gorgeous whether or not you've read the book. After you've visited the city, and especially if you visited the home in question, you'll really want to read the book.

The movie adaptation is excellent, by the way, and was all on-location.

I think that they also had a movie going on with Miley Cyrus in it a few yrs ago that they shot on Tybee island. My sister lives in Brunswick and ran a doughnut shop in Brunswick and catered to the set of X-men but she didn't get to meet anyone..

I purchased the book in Savannah and then read it after the visit. I really wish I'd done it the other way round i.e. read it before visiting. Because: (a) I think I would've enjoyed my time in Savannah more; and (b) I really doubt I'll get a chance to visit again (I don't live in the US). So my advice --- read the book first and then visit after.

I've never wanted to go anywhere farther south than I am right now . . . except for Savannah after reading this book, and New Orleans, thanks to Anne Rice.

We read the book and then traveled there -- in fact, have been three times now. Bonaventure is a must-see. We also ate at Clary's Cafe, which was mentioned in the book.

Pam Carmichael I would love to visit there, so lucky you went so many times!!
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Linda Lillard I've been there twice and I ate at Clary's also! ...more
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After reading the book I wanted desperately to go there for a visit, but still haven't gotten the chance. If you don't visit before reading it, you'll most definitely want to by the time you finish reading it!

I knew i was going to Savannah and the book was recommended to me. Both my husband and i read the book, saw the movie and now that i'm BACK from Savannah, i want to read the book and see the movie a second time! Would like to return to Savannah when the Azaleas are out! it is a great city for walkers and lovers of history! Plus, warmer weather!

I read the book before I visited Savannah. The town is wonderful, which was even more amplified by having read the book, in my opinion. I watched to movie after visiting and it was very cool seeing all the places that I had seen while visiting. I did prefer the book over the movie, though. Definitely read the book if you get a chance.

I watched the movie and then read the book AFTER going to Savannah. In my opinion it made them much more real for me. To be able to actually see some of the things the book talked about was nice. I could just see and smell the Spanish moss.

Reading the book totally turned me off of ever wanting to visit Savannah. What an insular city!

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