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message 1: by Quemares (new)

Quemares Felipe's blue ring flee him to this place. As he touched the planet surface, he could see other blue lanterns flying around. Felipe saw in the distand a blue light or big blue object. He stood there not knowing what to do next.

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Quemares Felipe turned around and saw Saint Walker. "Hello, My name is Felipe." He said and extended his right hand, the one that had the ring, to him to shakes hand.

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Quemares Felipe nodded. "What is this planet, anyway. I know that it's a planet that is not near Earth but where exactly is it?" Felipe asked Saint Walker.

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Quemares "Your people?" He asked. "As in the Blue Lanterns?" He asked wondering if this was the leader or at least the one that greeted new recruits, of the Blue Lanterns.

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Quemares Felipe nodded. "I see." Felipe said. "I'm going to assume that the Blue Lanterns use the power of hope, because the ring told me that I had great hope before it put itself on my hand."

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Quemares Felipe smiled. "When nothing else can be done and everything else seems useless, hope is the only thing that is left." Felipe said. "If we give up hope, at the end we will have nothing left. Hope can take away the need of hate or rage and it can reduce your fears to nothing."

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Quemares Felipe smiled. "So, this ring. What exactly can it do?" Felipe asked. "You know, apart from carrying me to distant planets, hitting psycothic girlfriends before they try to kill me, and send messages to my mind?"

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Quemares Felipe looked at Saint Walker. "When I got the ring there was a green lantern near by." Felipe said. "And after the ring set itself on my finger, both my ring and his glowed brighter than before?" He looked at the home. "What is this building?"

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Quemares Felipe nodded. "It looks nice." Felipe said. He then looked at Saint Walker. "You say that I can only use my ring properly if there is a green lantern ring nearby? What can I do without a nearby green power ring?" He asked him.

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Quemares Felipe nodded. "So, I'm going to have to use my own powers if I have to defend myself without a green lantern around?" Felipe asked. "The ring carried me here without being near a green lantern. Am I able to fly without a green lantern?" Felipe wanted to know if he was going to be able to leave the planet, by himself or if he had to hope for a green lantern or other beings to come, to be able to leave it.

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Quemares Felipe nodded. "I think so." Felipe said. "The green lantern that was with me before getting the ring also talked about Siniestro. I'm sorry for my lack of knowledge but who is Siniestro?"

message 12: by Abigail (new)

Abigail   (rose_way) | 8125 comments katnis landed by them "saint your correct on that and Felipe don't take sinestro on alone the last person to he killed"

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Quemares Felipe nodded. He thought about the Blue Lantern oath and his own saying. 'In fearful day...' and 'Even if your worst fears come by day' could be a reference to Siniestro or his own corps. Felipe looked at Saint Walker. "He sounds like a harsh and cruel person. That and also powerful." Felipe said. Felipe looked at Katnis. "I don't think I would ever want to take him on. But if I ever must do it then I will to be careful." Felipe looked at his new home. "So, this is my new home?" He asked Saint Walker, trying to change the subject.

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Quemares Felipe nodded. "It looks nice." Felipe looked at Saint Walker. "Will I receive any kind of training at using the ring?" Felipe asked him. "And is there somewhere where I could go to learn more about the other corps and ours?"

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Quemares Felipe nodded. "One more question before I go into my new home." Felipe said. "Did most blue lanterns used to be or are religious people in their respective planets?" Felipe looked at Saint Walker. "You are 'Saint' Walker, the ring trainer is 'Brother' Brath and there is also a 'Sister' Sentry."

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Quemares Felipe smiled and nodded. He walked toward his new home and entered it. Once he entered he looked around to take in his surroundings.

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Quemares Felipe looked at the robes that she gave him. "To be truthful, I knew that there was other planets that had life and that could be lived in but to actually be in one.." Felipe said. "It might be a while before I get used to it. But just for the records, the Blue Lanterns make a very good welcoming."

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Quemares Felipe shrugged. "If I have to give up wearing boxers to be in a nice planet then it's a sacrifice I have to make." Felipe said smiling. Never really thought that I would say that, he thought to himself. He looked at Sister Sentry. "I'm curious about the other corps and I'm sure that I won't be able to take it all the information in one day but at least I want to know what they use to power their ring. I know that Blue is Hope, Green is Will, Violet is Love, Yellow is Fear and Red is Rage/Hatred, but what about the others?"

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Quemares Felipe looked at Sister Sentry. "So it's like all the colors of a rainbow." Felipe said. His legs suddenly gave out on him and he fell to the ground. "I may need medical attention." Felipe said as his legs went back how they were before he healed them on Earth. "I can only heal my self temporarily," He explained. "Giving me enough time to get some actual medical help." Felipe's legs started to hurt and so did all his injuries from the fight against Dante's psychotic girlfriend. He closed his eyes and tried to hold all the pain inside.

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Quemares Felipe nodded. "Please." Felipe said. He closed his mouth and his eyes and held all the pain inside.

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Quemares Felipe started moving his legs, as much as they hurt, he still made himself walk. "Just guide me in the right direction." Felipe said as he slowly and painfully walked.

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Quemares 9Felipe walked slowly toward the lake. It took him a long time to get there in his hurt state but he was able to reach it. As he got near the lake and the central battery, he saw his ring starting to glow brightly, probably because of his distance to the central battery that held the energy of one of the most powerful emotions. Felipe walked into the lake and laid as far as away to the battery because he thouht that if he got near the battery enough, his ring might be overfueled by its power, and he was sure that wouldn't end good.

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Quemares ((Had or Have?))

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Quemares ((What is it?))

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Quemares ((That's an actually good idea. I'm going to create the brother when I have time.. probably on the weekend. Unless if you want to create him...))

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Quemares ((Same last name as Felipe, has to be greedy, selfish and jealous. Maybe what made him turn to an orange lantern would be his jealousy of Felipe, because Felipe was born with powers and the brother didn't. He could have never shared his stuff with Felipe even when their parents told him to.))

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Quemares ((Yeah, I think I could do it. But that one I would have to do it on the weekend because I would have to think about how to make him and stuff. I will do it but probably on Saturday.))

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Quemares ((I have a physics test on Wednesday and a book test next Tuesday. Plus my parents don't really allow to use the Internet on week days. I'm not rreally suppoused to be writing this at all but I'm using my phone's Internet. I'm not connected to the wi-fi at home, cause that's how they fin out that my sister is on the Internet.))

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Quemares ((I don't really know. I guess that we're going to have to wait till there's at least one character in each corps...by the way will the War of Light lead to the Blackest night?))

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Quemares Felipe got up and walked toward his home again. After he bathed in the lake, he felt much better. He walked into his home.

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Quemares Felipe looked at his blue lantern. Somehow, he knew what to do with it. He walked up to the lantern and pointed and pressed his ring toward it. He started to say the oath. "In fearful day, in raging night. With strong hearts full, our souls ignite. When all seems lost in the War of Light. Look to the stars for hope burns bright." Felipe said as his ring glowed brightly. Once he finised his oath, he walked over to his bed and fell asleep.

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Quemares ((That might be good.))

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Quemares Felipe woke up to the sound of shouting and flashes of light. He got up frim the bed and with his blue lantern robes on him, he ran through the door and to the outside of his home.

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Quemares ((....))

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Quemares Felipe looked around and ran, trying to find Saint Walker. He tried to avoid any confrontation against the Siniestro corps tearing up the planet. Every time that he saw a Blue Lantern/Civilian trying to stand up against the Siniestro corps, Felipe used his own powers to throw a ball of energy at the Siniestro corps trying to kill the Blue Lantern/Civilian. He was trying to avoid using his own blue power ring until he knew how to use it properly.

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Quemares Felipe backed away. The yellow axe cut him but it wasn't deep enough to kill him. He used his own powers to heal his wound. He looked at the Siniestro corps' member. He pointed his ring at her and imagined a glove with a spring. A blue glove, making a fist, appeared in front of his ring and the spring pushed the glove toward her to punch her and push her away.

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Quemares Felipe breathed in and kept himself from panicking. He imagined a metal stick with small metal platforms on both ends. A blue stick like the one that he imagined appeared in front of his neck and it started to expand to push the clamp open. Felipe's mind hoped for another Blue Lantern to show up to help him out. He knew that he could at least protect himself from death while fighting Siniestro but he knew that he needed someone else to be able to leave this fight alive.

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Quemares Felipe hit the ground and saw the yellow spike ball going toward him. He rolled out of the way before it was able to crush him. "I think I can guess who you are." He said. He stood up as fast as possible to at least have a chance against Siniestro. He looked at Siniestro.

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Quemares Felipe looked at Siniestro. So far the only two lanterns that he had fought had become stronger because of the feelings around them. He knew that Siniestro was absorbing all of the panic and fear of everyone around to become stronger. Felipe looked at Siniestro. He clenched his fist and started to built up his energy while at the same time keeping his feelings of fear and panic from overpowering him.

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Quemares "Then I'm not going to be using blue lantern constructions." Felipe said. Felipe made a ball of energy on his left hand, knowing that if he was going to have to distract him to be able to leave this fight alive. With his right hand, the one with the ring, he made a baseball ball and threw it at Siniestro.

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Quemares ((Nice))

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Quemares ((I did. He is a pretty nice character. I like his history.))

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Quemares Damian wrote: "SInestro saw the fear and panic levels of the boy going down and just laughed at him " It doesn't matter now I'm at the power level to where I can destroy any construction of any blue lantern on th..."

"Then I'm not going to be using blue lantern constructions." Felipe said. Felipe made a ball of energy on his left hand, knowing that if he was going to have to distract him to be able to leave this fight alive. With his right hand, the one with the ring, he made a baseball ball and threw it at Siniestro.

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Quemares Felipe shook his head. "I don't believe that it will save me." Felipe said. "I hope that it will distract you." With that, Felipe stepped to the side as a small blue machine started up behind him. It started to shoot tennis ball after tennis ball at Siniestro. Felipe looked around hoping to see someone that could help him escape from the fight.

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Quemares Felipe stared as Siniestro made a dragon and made it breath fire at him. Felipe closed his eyes and used both his power and his ring to create a shield in front of him, to protect himself. He opened his eyes when he didn't hear or felt the fire on him. He saw the fire being absorbed by an orange lantern corp member but he couldn't see the orange lantern clearly. He stared at Siniestro and the orange lantern.

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Quemares ((Josh grabbed Felipe?))

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Quemares Felipe looked down as the orange lantern grabbed him and carried him off the planet. When they passed the atmosphere, Felipe's ring made a thin atmosphere around Felipe, to allow him to breath in space normally. He looked at the the orange lantern. Now that he was close he could actually see him clearly. "Thanks." Felipe said. He looks like my brother, Felipe though, but that can't be right. My brother is dead.

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Quemares ((I'm working on the Indigo Tribe member... I just need a picture for his appearance now.))

"What's your name?" Felipe asked the orange lantern.

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Quemares Felipe looked at Josh, with his eyes wide open. Felipe just stared and then wrap his arms around his brother, that he hadn't seen in a long time. "I thought you were dead." Felipe said.

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Quemares "It doesn't matter" Felipe said. "The thing that matters is that you are alive." Felipe said, smiling.

((I think that you should really answer Juliana's post, in the Red Lantern HQ topic))

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