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Will Camp Half-blood stand a chance against Camp Jupiter at war?

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Jca2000 Albiso There are like thousands of Romans in Camp-Jupiter and Camp Half-blood has like, less than a hundred campers. do they stand a chance against camp Jupiter? like Reyna said in the Mark of Athena ''You have never seen the legion at war.'' and I'm not underestimating camp half-blood but the Roman are all about teamwork and stuff.
so do they stand a chance against them?

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Only if Reyna holds the Romans back because not only do the Romans have giant eagles attacking from the air, they also have an eagle staff that is going vaporize a bunch of CHB fighters and Cyclopes with electricity.

And yeah, the Romans have a numbers advantage too.

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Jca2000 Albiso But they did hold off Kronos' army in Manhattan and they were only 40 who helped out and they managed to do it.

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No there were fifty-two of them, counting the Ares cabin. And they wouldn't have done so if the centaurs, satryrs, the Hunters, Hades, the Underworld Army, Persephone, Demeter, and the river gods didn't bother to come to their aid. Remember, at the end of Last Olympian, almost every CHB member was knocked out by the Titan army.

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Jca2000 Albiso ohh.....

april They would stand a chance because since the Titan War Camp Half-Blood has gotten a lot of campers, so many they had to build more cabins.

april Plus they have Percy Jackson on their side so he could just destroy them with his awesomeness and his powers

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Jca2000 Albiso Yes but Camp Jupiter has Jason. but CHB can call on the party ponies. But the Romans cant be underestimated too.

april CHB has Chiron and the Athena cabin plus they have Nico, Piper, and Leo

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I think they'll start fighting, but then Reyna will see reason and they'll fight together against the Giants

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Tess ummmmmm...yes.

april Octavian wouldn't like that

notyourfriend Octavian doesn't like anything besides himself, his knives, and his teddy bears! ;)

april He likes power too

Brooke I don't think there would be a real winner both the Romans and Greeks are really good fighters but they fight really different (as shown in SoN). Who won the other battles, like the one that happened during the Civil war?

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I think the Roman camp, not only has more people, but they have more experience and they're tougher... but I would like to say camp half blood would win. ^_^

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Grace I think the seven will make it there in time. Then some major character will get hurt from one camp ,and then that camp will freak out and try to kill the other camp.Does that make any sense!?

Madhura Honestly, in my opinion, the camps are split up pretty evenly. Camp Jupiter has the advantage in numbers, and they ARE pretty intense, but Canp Half Blood are pretty amazing when they need to be. And it seems that Camp Half Blood has more allies with mythical creatures like satyrs, centaurs, etc. But then, Camp Jupiter also has their eagles. Frankly, I think the two camps fighting wouldnt accomplish anything; No one would win or lose, but everyone would just kind of kill each other with no outcome.

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Jhon Butter some people are forgetting that most of camp Jupiter is not even full demigods like Octivian camp half blood are all demigods so i think camp half blood would win plus camp half blood has the part pony's and the huntresses so camp half blood!

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Jhon wrote: "some people are forgetting that most of camp Jupiter is not even full demigods like Octivian camp half blood are all demigods so i think camp half blood would win plus camp half blood has the part ..."

Apparently, you are also forgetting that Camp Jupiter has many more soldiers than Half-Blood, giant eagles, the Amazons, Lupa and her wolves, one giant elephant,ghosts, and an eagle staff that can easily vaporize four hundred targets at once.

Until Camp Half-Blood has an answer for that eagle staff and the numbers disadvantage....


Sydney CHB would SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO win. They have Percy of course. The best demigod EVER!!!!!!!!!! He could do some of his awesomeness stuff and defeat the whole Roman army with one blow. But if he weren't there and he sacarficed himself for Annabeth in Tartus, CHB would still have the rest of the seven. Don't forget the party ponies, Mr.D, Chiron, all the campers, the and the dragon. All Camp Jupiter just has eagles and Reyna. And Reyna I'm pretty sure is on Percy's side. But of course she is, it's Percy. I swear he catches girls like a spider catches flies. Which is one reason why he is so awesome. (Sorry got off track). Anyways I think that Camp Jupiter would die.

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Jhon Butter Jack's wrote: "Jhon wrote: "some people are forgetting that most of camp Jupiter is not even full demigods like Octivian camp half blood are all demigods so i think camp half blood would win plus camp half blood ..."

jack you are forgetting that Percy can cause earthquakes his father is called the earth shaker and Tyson can bring an army of cyclops to attack and the party ponies plus the dragon and the huntresses of Artemis.

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Jhon wrote: "Jack's wrote: "Jhon wrote: "some people are forgetting that most of camp Jupiter is not even full demigods like Octivian camp half blood are all demigods so i think camp half blood would win plus c..."

Earthquake? You mean that one power Percy has almost no control over and knocks him out after one use? Not going to work since he'll end up doing as much destruction to Half-Blood too.

Festus is going to get knocked out of the sky by Jason since Festus is made out of bronze and other metals, making him an easy target for lightning.

Tyson and his Cyclopes and the party ponies are no problem. The Romans were able to hold their own against worse and larger armies in SoN, impressive given that the army was unkillable and was led by Polybotes.

Also, if the Greek monsters are too much of an issue, Dakota waves the camp standard and vaporizes them, along with the other Greeks. Seriously, the Greeks have no weapon comparable to the eagle standard.

Huntresses of Artemis? Amazons take care of them easily with sheer numbers going up to a couple hundreds. Last I checked, the most the Hunters ever had was thirty.

Not to mention that Lupa and her wolves and the eagles add more opponents for the Greeks to deal with. Lupa and her forces are no pushovers either.

notyourfriend Whatever it takes for Camp Half Blood to survive.

Ashley I have complete faith in Camp Half Blood. They've won massive battles before and they can do it again.

notyourfriend Yea what she said! ^^^

ɯɐɔ Damn. This has gotten really heated. Here...I'll solve it:

~Strong Big 3 members.
~Alliance with Hunters
~Sense of camaraderie
~In an ideal location (by a body of water, a road, and out in the country)
~Self-sustaining (strawberries...gods...)
~Magical border.

~Nico is, well, epic...and sketchy. So is Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus.
~Ares is always on his man-period and hate the world, especially Percy, who basically leads the camp.
~Oh yeah, Percy. Well, given the fact that he and Annabeth are in a giant chasm doesn't help their situation.
~Big dark forest.
~magical border, that only lets in demigods...funny...of what origin?
~Complete lack of forces. Ares cabin is always throwing a hissy fit.
~Roughly 150 campers.

~In a widely--and easily--accessed area.
~Camp is large.
~Screw that, it's not a camp, it's a freaking community...
~...which also makes it self-sustaining.
~Because it's a small country in its own: roughly 1,000+ campers villagers
~Trained with diligence
~Chock-ful of weapons

~Sketchy leaders. Reyna is was practically emotionally unstable without Jason. (I'm all for female leaders,'s true. Did you read their reunion??))
~Giant scary river.
~Painful tattoo on forearm. Sure, it would look sweet, but...still.
~Having to live with a really creepy teenager that savagely massacres PillowPets.
~The whole "Mean-Girls-clique-praetor-legion" crap. Jeesus! If you don't like the main characters, then just freaking tell them. This IS NOT MEAN GIRLS.
~Only way to access tunnel is via treacherous highway. In traffic.

Does that settle it? ^.^

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Cam wrote: "Damn. This has gotten really heated. Here...I'll solve it:

~Strong Big 3 members.
~Alliance with Hunters
~Sense of camaraderie
~In an ideal location (by a body of water, a road, and out..."

Agreed with most, but I thought Reyna was more stable than Annabeth since Annabeth was pretty desperate with finding Percy and spent most of her time looking for him(I'm blaming this on Thalia, Grover, and Luke's departure, losing Percy was the final straw for Annabeth) whereas Reyna knew that she had to keep her cool and not let her worry for Jason cloud her priorities.

The Mean-girls clique was only before. Now, after Percy and his team got back the standard, Fifth Cohort got respect again.

The Ares cabin seems to be more stable in HOO because Clarisse got more stable herself in the original series. There was less bullying on her part after "Stolen Chariot". Admittedly, Drew is more trouble than Clarisse.

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The landmaster You are all adding percy, Jason, annabeth, etc. in the mix. They will not be present! (at least not at the begining) Everybody thinks CHB is going to win just because they are all biased because percy is the main character and he is from there + That was the first "Magic" camp.

Also, I've seen some comments about how small CHB is. How many greek gods are there? Don't forget, they made cabins for the minor gods too. The hypnos cabin is NOT to be underestimated! (If they can stay awake for long enough)

The Romans probably have more numbers, along with more exp. (if older warriors come), but CHB has more magic and singular power.

He could rock it any way he wanted. Also, There is no possible way gaia could have had a plan "B" I mean, she's way too stupid and only has +5000 years knowlegde, wisdom, etc. so there is no possible way that she planned that this could happen and is planning to attack them all right when every single demigod in existance is caught up in a fight with each other!!!!!

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The landmaster When you are married to the crooked one you would probably get a knack for scheming.

The landmaster A few more things

Why does everyone say CHB and then call camp jupiter "The Romans" like it's a bad word?

CHB also has more magical items. Arrows+greek fire+a dragon attack= no bueno

@ Jack

1. I don't recall percy ever creating a earthquake. (I always thought it was odd, his father is the god of earthquakes)

2. About festus: "Hey! lets make a dragon out of metal that will fly in the sky and is run by electricity and not make it lightning-resistant!" Seriously? you think bunker nine is that stupid? And how do you know celestial bronze is conductive? (Not sure if festus is made of C. Bronze tho'...)

3. No comment on tyson and the party ponies...

4. I don't know how much CJ will use the standard because in order for it to be effective it would have to be at the front. And because CHB has so much singular power, they might be able to form a small strike force strong enough to over power the very front line and take the standard.

5. About the amazons vs. the hunters of artemis. The amazons have less battle exp. And the hunters have magic enhancement along with demigods in the group. numbers shouldn't be a problem.

6. about Lupa and her wolves. You really think Lupa is going to send her best warriors to fight in a pointless battle?

Also, the eagles shouldn't be too much of a problem because CHB has the flying chariot, but you never know.

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Landon wrote: "A few more things

Why does everyone say CHB and then call camp jupiter "The Romans" like it's a bad word?

CHB also has more magical items. Arrows+greek fire+a dragon attack= no bueno

@ Jack

Eh, CJ has scorpions and their own archers. Festus is currently on his summer break with the Six so he might not come back for a while. And Greek Fire is limited in usage compared to the eagle staff.

1. Battle of the Labyrinth. Percy tries to create water in a volcano and ends up creating an earthquake that causes said volcano to explode. In Son of Neptune, Shen Lun, a descendant of Poseidon, was accused of causing an earthquake as well.

2. Eh, bronze is still a metal and Festus has not withstand as much electricity as a lightning bolt before.

You might as well consider why Bunker 10 didn't make Festus resistant to ice or bullets as well or make him an actual backup disc if he goes haywire. They don't have foresight of an Athena child or the precognition of an Apollo child.

4. The Roman formations in the past was able to ruin Greek phalanxes because they was more flexible. Guess what formations the Greeks are still using. And it's not going to be smart for the Greeks to charge into the range of the standard and scorpions either...

5. That's still two-hundred vs. thirty. Not to mention that the Amazons have their own magical weapons and resources they can draw from their storage.

6. Well, it is Camp Jupiter vs Camp Half-Blood as said the topic. Chiron would normally not call on his centaur relatives for a battle either. It's a hypothetical battle situation.

The Romans have their own flying chariot and pegasi as well.

Well, I thought that Romans were pretty cool (except Jason. Even Octavian has more loyalty to CJ than he did). And also the fact many people are against the Romans since we've had Seven books focused on the Greeks and one for the Romans makes me want to root for them.

Maybe if RR made a Jason Grace series, many of us would have liked the Romans a little more. If Carter and Percy happened to have a crossover without the Kane chronicles, we would have just seen Carter as that wimpy kid with magical powers.

Ashley I kinda agree with that. If Riordan did make a Jason series first without Percy then most people would like Jason more. But Jason and Camp Jupiter came after Percy so most people are siding with Percy and Camp Half Blood. Btw does anyone else think the Romans are trying to kiss up to Zeus/Jupiter by naming the camp after him? I think so.

Ashley Ok I read both series too and I know all that. But Poseidon and Athena asked for that city to be named after them. Then they made gifts for the people and the best gift won. I don't think Jupiter actually requested for the camp to be named after him. Yes he's the leader of all Roman gods but there are other gods too. They could have made the name have something to do with demigods which is the main purpose of the camp. The camp is there to protect demigods from monsters, not to please Jupiter.

Ashley Oh and favourite gods is a personal preference I think. The Greeks didn't have the same favourites as everyone else in the country.

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The Romans respect power and warfare. Zeus/Jupiter is the king of gods and has the Master Bolt which is many times more powerful than a mortal hydrogen bomb. A bit hard to compete with that. Many myths generally regard Jupiter as the strongest since he has the most authority among the gods.

It's out of respect because of Jupiter's power. If they were truly sucking up to Jupiter, Jason Grace would have been stuffed into First or Second Cohort and not the Fifth because of his heritage.

Ashley Jason was the preactor (I know I spelled it wrong) and had his own house. Besides even before that I'm pretty sure the cohort you're in depends on you'll take you. That's how it was for Percy. Only the Fifth would take him so he went there. They wouldn't change the rules for Jason and I'm not saying the camp constantly kisses up to Jupiter. I'm just saying naming the camp after him seems like they're sucking up to him just a little.

The landmaster Okay, let's get this party started!

The dragon I was talking about was the acctual dragon protecting the golden fleece, not festus. As for the greek fire and the observation still stands...I acctually think greek fire has more uses, all the standard can do is zap enemies.

Still don't remember about the earthquakes but I trust you. although Shen Lun rings a bell >.<

As for the comment about festus not having backup, my solution is that they were still making the backup program when he went nuts and went into the woods.

Couple of things about this one...You said phalanxes were less flexible than what the romans used. From what I remember roman formations were really tight esp. l'tortused. Also, did the romans ever attack the greeks? I thought they battled Alexander the Great, and he was helenistic. Right? And who said the greeks still used phalanxes anyways?

I don't remember it ever saying the amazons had magical weapons...and at least one of Artemis' hunters is a STRONG demigod.

Agreed about how this is a hypothetical battle. (Isn't all of this hypothetical? :) )

Don't remember it ever saying CJ had pegasi or flying chariots but again I don't own a copy and I trust you.

Almost complete agreement about the romans. However, as far as we can see, octavian is NOT loyal to Rome. he is loyal to power. Whomever will give him the most has his sweet talking skills. (Though they aren't as good as Piper's eh?)

Ditto about your last part.

I doubt the Romans are trying to kiss up to Jupiter. Although I must say, most of the things the Romans did was to please some god in some way.

About everbody having personal favorites, although the Greeks/Romans did occasionally choose favorite gods and goddeses alot of it was based on who you were. Your social status, marital status, age, gender, dwelling, family, etc.

They are trying to impress Jupiter by naming the camp after him. Thats the point! Making a camp+naming it after Jupiter+Him seeing it and being happy with it=he helps them and strengthens them (esp. in battle)
that is, until they do something wrong and he zaps them all.

And Jason's powers helped him to secure his powerful position. Preator, by the way.

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@Jack and Ashley

Hazel said it herself you guys. The Romans were given secret orders from Jupiter to keep Rome going and recruit demigods so it's reasonable why they'll name the camp after him. Not because of respect or sucking up but because his words gave the legion hope or something.

It's kind of like naming a place after a person such as George Washington.

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The landmaster Also, looking back at some previous comments I noticed that some, if not most, of the Roman demigods don't even have divine parents. Their parents were demigods. All that mortal blood could tamper with their power.

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@ Masked Lunatic

Well, that kind of makes sense but I also kind of disagree


Peleus isn't a huge problem. He's poisonous but he's also larger than a basilisk so not a huge deal if he charges a Roman formation.

The point about Greek Fire is how limited in supply it is. The Hephaestus cabin can only use it in traps or as weapons for a certain amount of time. Meanwhile, the eagle standard has unlimited voltage as long as Dakota keeps screaming "Twelfth Legion Fulminata!" while he throws Kool-Aid at the Greeks.

Answer: Shen Lun is Frank Zhang's legacy ancestor and although he is Poseidon's legacy, his power is not earthquakes but shapeshifting. He was only accused by CJ of that earthquake because he was the son of the Earthshaker himself.

The Romans fight in split unified groups called maniples although that isn't their only formation (the tortoise formation comes in mind, which is pretty tight but should be useful against the Greeks dropping bombs on them). The phalanx is less flexible because it stuffs the Greeks in one unit, making it harder for them to move quickly in different directions and leaves the sides and rear of their unit vulnerable to attack (because the shields are in the front)

The Greek demigods (at least the Ares cabin) still train in this formation because Clarisse is seen using this formation with her cabin in BotL and SoM.

Amazons have some fire spears of death in their supplies. They also have some pegasi in their storage as well if they need some aerial advantage against the Hunters.

Thalia evens the odds for the Hunters but still, I doubt even she can take six Amazons at once. She might beat every one of them one on one but the Amazons have the numbers and supplies for a battle of attrition against her and the Hunters if needed. Hylla, the daughter of Bellona, should be able to make strategies to keep one step ahead of Thalia too.

Octavian is a power-hungry jerk, but he is loyal to CJ in a misguided way. He was the first to voice suspicions against the Greeks when Percy explains Juno's plan to the Romans. This might be subjective but it's very hard to see him betraying the Romans since he shows a lot of disgust and mistrust for the Greeks in MoA.

Also, what the legacies and descendants of CJ lack in godly power, they make up in numbers and fighting skills. Most, if not all, Romans are capable of fighting at least with a spear, sword, and shield. Even the archers are required to train with these weapons since Frank Zhang uses both close-range weapons pretty decently.

Half-Blood has more powers with full-blooded demigods but some of them are not good at combat. Aphrodite cabin probably doesn't train a lot with weapons and the Hypnos and possibly Morpheus cabin are too busy sleeping to train much. I can only see the Ares and Athena kids capable of fighting the Romans on even ground in close combat because of their heritage. Apollo cabin have healing and archery but Roman scorpions have more range than they do and healing uses a considerable amount of power. Hephaestus and Hecate cabins are probably the only troubles the Romans will have. Demeter and Dionysus' plants can be killed by fire by archers, scorpions, and the Amazons' fiery spears.

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Jca2000 Albiso sheesh i didnt know this discussion will end up as a debate.

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Jca2000 Albiso Masked Lunatic wrote: "@Jack and Ashley

Hazel said it herself you guys. The Romans were given secret orders from Jupiter to keep Rome going and recruit demigods so it's reasonable why they'll name the camp after him. No..."

very true. Am I the only one who realized that the campers in Camp jupiter (the one with godly parents not the demigod parents) doesn't even have powers like percy with the sea or piper with her charmspeak?
Except for jason of course, he has lightning....
Even the Demeter cabin in CHB can grow flowers out of thin air. with that CHB has a huge advantage. and the Ares cabin aint like the Percy Jackson series anymore. When they are needed in a fight they would come right away.

Oh and Jack?


Its true CJ lacks godly powers and they make up in numbers and fighting skills. but numbers aint everything in a war. CHB has more than great fighting skills. I mean seriously! they survived the fight against Kronos while they were only... what? 70? 80?
THEY PROTECTED MANHATTAN FOR GODS SAKE!. while CJ only protected Mount Orthrys. and you said so yourself Octavian is a power-hungry jerk so it doesnt make him a good leader and he sucks at fighting once he gets hit he would just faint.
Reyna is having emotional problems so its a disadvantage for CJ. And Dakota wouldn't last a minute in the field if all he does is yell and throw Kool-aid.
Don't forget Thalia can also control lightning so she could just whip some magic for that standard.
The First and Second Cohorts are selfish, greedy people. They teased Percy of being in the Fifth cohort.
(so much for discipline and diligence)

Don't underestimate CHB Jack ;)

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First and Second Cohort already respect Fifth Cohort so that's out.

The CHB in Last Olympian only survived the war because of River Styx Percy and with the help of four gods and a death army, they don't have that here. In Last Olympian, it mentioned that every demigod save Percy,A Annabeth, and Thalia were knocked out.

You also haven't mentioned how CHB will make up for their lack of numbers and the fact that some of their demigods both don't have notable powers and notable fighting. CJ isn't a bunch of stupid monsters, remember? They also slaughtered Mount Orthys not defended it. Kronos wouldn't have been defeated by Luke if not for them since Jason did destroy his throne and source of power.

Let's see here for Camp Half-Blood.

Ares cabin: Probably will be the only capable cabin along with Athena cabin to stand against the Romans because of their fighting skills.

Athena cabin: see above

Demeter cabin: Plants will be obliterated by fire from the Amazons' fire spears, fire arrows from scorpions, and lightning from the eagle standard. After that, the Demeter cabin is just as useful as the Hypnos cabin. Not a huge advantage at all.

Hephaestus: Greek fire traps seem to be their only specialty in this fight. And that's not a lot either considering that most of them were given to Leo Valdez.

Aphrodite: Not a lot of help unless you count Drew whose charmspeak is no good against multiple opponents and probably will be distracting CHB leaders from the actual fight.

Apollo: Healing takes power (CJ has unicorns for healing) and the cabin's range power falls in comparison to scorpion's range.

Dionysus: Pollux doesn't seem to have powers unless you want to throw in wine making.

Hypnos cabin: They sleep and don't do anything. Useless.

Hecate: None of them are as powerful as Alabaster Torrington or Circe so they're out too.

Iris: Butch is good with the horses but that's not really a big help.

Hunters and Thalia: Thalia will be a problem but she isn't controlling any lightning when she and her girls are fighting a small army of Amazons who have a 6 to 1 advantage over the Hunters.

You do realize that the Kool-Aid thing was a joke right? We've seen Dakota get serious in fights before.

Cohorts are perfectly capable of fighting without a praetor. Read SoN again.

CHB also has no answer to the Lares who would be disrupting CHB lines and spying on their plans and causing chaos within the camp.

CHB doesn't seem to have notable godly powers without the Big Three. CJ has not only numbers, weapons, and fighting skill; they also have a weapon that can take out most of CHB's forces at once. CHB doesn't have sufficient godly power here with most of their strongest demigods on a quest.

It seems to me you're underestimating CJ here.

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The landmaster And it seems to me that you are underestimating CHB. For every bad thing you said about one of the cabins there is a good thing that you neglected to mention.

Like I said, he could swing it any way he wanted.

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Jca2000 Albiso Seriously Jack? you think CJ would bring theyre unicorns along in a fight? xD.

message 47: by [deleted user] (new)

For healing....not for combat....

message 48: by [deleted user] (new)

I think camp half-blood can stand a chance.
You don't really hear much of campers using godly-parent power that they have @ Camp Jupiter except for Octavian and Hazel. Now, @ HB, there is some chance, even though they don't have an organized Roman Army, they have the athena cabin to set up tactics, and @ CJ, they think that it is disrespectful for Minerva to have kids. I guess we'll see later...

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Jca2000 Albiso we sure will see. Rick Riordan is gonna whip up his own magic and make this the best fight in Percy Jackson or Heroes of Olympus series. :D just thinking about it makes me exciiitteeddd!!!!

Shereejudd Well, I don't know if the romans will attack, now that the 7 have sealed the rifted by returning the statue

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