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Taadaa! :)
Thanks for role playing with me!
Do you have any preferences?
I enjoy romance and realistic settings :)

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Isis | 6033 comments I do as well but I'm perfectly alright with anything. You just tell me and we'll make it happen.

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Wahh, so many choices then :O
I shall give you a list of ideas?

The classics:
Best friends
Bad boy/good girl
An affair with a married man or woman
A player guy whom gets every girl except one
One night stand (either drunken or a love at first sight) girl comes back with his baby a couple years later

D: I'm sorry if this isn't helpful, I'd love to hear any of your ideas if these don't suit your fancy!

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Isis | 6033 comments Pssssh no helpful, this is great! Alright sooo the ones that are jumping out at me are the one night stand, the affair one, maybe popular/unpopular. You pick :P

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Hmm.... Ah must make decision
Uh uh uh
I would like the one night stand! >:)
Hmm... I could expand on a couple of plots for that if you like?

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Isis | 6033 comments Sure if you want to :)

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Okay! :)

Plot one:
This contains the drunken one night stand ordeal. Lets say the guy hasn't always had the best reputation, well, maybe he does for picking up women. Constantly finding himself picking out 'the one' for the night and easily seducing them. Enter the girl whom has little more of a kick to her because she has sworn off men after quite a few cheaters in her day. At first, the two don't hit it off at all. That is until she decides to just drown her sorrows in the bar and she finds herself telling the guy she'd like a one night fling and nothing more. Of course they go off yada yada and she ends up leaving the next morning.
A couple of years later she's back to find him with her one and a half year old son or daughter. From there, she needs a place to stay after losing both her job and apartment. He's her last resort.

Plot two:
This in tales the love at first sight. Enter a guy whom recently lost his fiancé at the alter. He's dragged to the bar by his best friend to somehow be cheered up. Enter a girl who's basically too innocent for her own good. A night in the city for the first time on her 21st birthday. Lets just say they find each other through the crowd and immediately hit it off which leads to the guy's hotel bedroom and the girls innocence being taken away. Maybe he gets a call from his fiancé the next morning. She's made a mistake and wants him back so he goes and leaves the girl behind. (This one could end up combing the affair and one night stand) A couple years later, the girl finally gets the courage to track him down, only to find out he's married.

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I'm kind of all over the place so feel free to tell me they suck D:
I'll think up something else if not of those are of interest!

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Darn auto correct

message 10: by Isis (new)

Isis | 6033 comments Ohhh they both sound I can't decide haha. Well which character would you be wanting to play I guess makes a difference.

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Cries of happiness
Hmm... Well. Ah
I'd prefer to be the girl, but I can play either one of the plots

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Isis | 6033 comments You pick O_O

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OH my.
Why are you making me do this?

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Isis | 6033 comments Okay! You wanna make your character?

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Sure thannnng :)

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Isis | 6033 comments Hahaha alrighty.

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Name: Katherine Louise Janess
Nickname(s): Katie, Kate, Kat, Janie
Age: 21
Birthday: January 6th


Katie used to be on the optimistical side of things. She used to be innocent and naive about people and espeically guys, but apparently she was too innocent and naive and it ended in her in a lot of heartbreak. So now, she's much smarter as she woud like to call it. She's more aware of what she's doing who she talks or more rather, flirts with. These past experiences lead to a more pestimistic view on life, but don't get her wrong, she's kinder than one might assume at first. She just has some tough skin that has built up over the years. Tough skin that isn't broken all that easily. With tough skin though, she may appear confident on the outside, but that's only skin deep. In reality, she's just as self conscious as any other girl and maybe more at times.

Other: Katie's studying in law school for the time being and works at small book store to support herself.

Sorry I took a while D: I kept getting distracted!

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and oh dear, she's really short fkdfjkdl
I'll be better in the role play! I promise! I'm just really excited to get started :)

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Isis | 6033 comments Name:Karson Tyler Reynolds
Birthday:September 22nd


Personality/History: Karson wasn't exactly raised in the best situation and it lead him to be well...less than perfect. Born to a prostitute and a cocaine dealer her was often left to his own devices in the very worst part of the city. While he didn't get into the really bad drugs or crime he did find a taste for woman. His particular charm allowed him to have just about any man he wanted and he put it to use. He can't make himself love just one girl though, thus he doesn't have serious relationships and doesn't even try to get to know women usually. He prefers to be alone and just have a nice time.

Other:He doesn't have the money for school and doesn't talk about where he works.

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Awesome :)
Would you like to start or shall I?

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Isis | 6033 comments You shall :P

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(Okay! :) sorry again! I usually don't take this long with posts, but I'm distracted with other things at the moment. I should be better from now on!)

Katie took a tangle of her hair behind her ear as she sat down at one of the bar stools. Just her, alone, and a glass of scotch she could drown her sorrows in. Oh, she didn't consider herself a self pettier, but she deserved to sulk right after being cheated on...again right? She deserved to take big swigs of her drink until she was numb and couldn't feel anything. Of course, she wasn't near that stage yet, but she already had a feeling she was. With another chug of her drink, she asked the bartender for a plain bottle of beer. Her thumb glanced over her latest text from her best friend, Grace.
'Where are you?'
'Are you okay?'
'Seriously, you're going ignore me after what that jerk did to you?'
Katie simply sipped at the bottle, rolling her eyes at the messages. Her friend could be mad at her tomorrow, but right now, she just needed alone time. No interruption. Just her and a bottle of her new boyfriend, beer.

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Isis | 6033 comments (No problem!))

Karson knocked on the counter next to her and called to the bartender for another drink. He didn't have any potential prospects for girls tonight but he was sure someone would come along. And as if his thoughts had conjured her, he noticed Katie next to him. Pretty, blonde, just the right size. A smile started to play on his lips and he touched her shoulder. "Can I buy you a drink?" he asked her, his eyes gleaming at her in that way that made almost every girl go crazy. He would have her somehow.

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Katie let her fingers tap against the counter of the bar. Time was passing her by and she didn't really care because for now, she had the whole night, alone to herself. Her finger tips started to scratch at the beer bottle label when she felt a hand lay across her shoulder. Immediately she tensed, turning the person's way. Tattoos, she saw a lot of tattoos. Maybe a handsome face. Okay, a little more than a handsome face, but right now she could care less. "I can buy my own drinks just fine, thank you." She responded stiffly before asking the bartender for a glass of scotch that time.

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Isis | 6033 comments He rolled his eyes "Just trying to be polite, no need to be a jerk to a complete stranger," he retorted "I haven't done a thing to you." He picked up his own scotch and downed it withing seconds. He didn't care if she resisted, he would find a way to get to her if it was the last ting he did. Well, maybe not. He could already see plenty of other woman eyeing him across the room. This girl was really just another lonely goody sitting at the counter...probably because she got dumped or something like that. It wasn't his problem. He didn't need a crying sniveling girl when he could get plenty of other girls who at least wanted to have fun.

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Katie ended up rolling her own eyes as he retorted back at her. Yeah, nice. That was a complete lie. Okay, so it wasn't the first time a guy had taken time out of his day to come talk to her and every time, they only had the same intention. She down the rest of her drink and her eyes were wandering hazily to his eyes that were scanning the crowd for other women already. "You know," she started without hesitation. "I just don't get it. How guys like you can just go around hitting on women without a care in the world and only one goal. I mean why? Just tell me, why?" She blatantly spoke to him. Thoughts were jumbled and she was so ready for answers. Her face was serious even if it was starting to become glazed over with alcohol.

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Isis | 6033 comments He laughed "Because dear, when there are no strings attached we don't end up drinking away our sorrows because someone broke our little hearts. I can have any woman in this room and not have to worry about her cheating on me or falling for someone else because I just don't care. I want a good time and a drink. There is absolutely no reason to go through any sort of heart break when you don't need to. Do you understand?" he asked her "So don't go judging me when you're the one sitting there getting hammered over some petty relationship. You're the pathetic one here I'm afraid."

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Katie stared at him and took another sip of her drink. What a perfect answer. "Oh really? I'm the pathetic one?" She asks redundantly before making a gesture to the women in the bar. "So you can go home with any woman in this bar correct? You'll have your fun for one night and leave the next morning, and you'll never get your own heart broken. But in reality, you've already had that happen huh? I bet you, you got your head torn out by some girl and now you're just filling the void because....because well, none of them can add up to 'her'. Call me pathetic? Yeah, I'm sure you're the pathetic one." She retorted before taking another big chug of her drink. The room was becoming more and more foggy.

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Isis | 6033 comments He smiled "Actually, you're wrong. I'm not sleepy with woman to replace a specific 'her' because I never had one. I've never been in love and I never will be. I don't need to reply on someone else or a glass of scotch to be happy," he laughed "But nice try sweet heart. I'll give you points for the effort I suppose." And he was telling the truth. He'd never loved anyone before because well, he had never gotten to know anyone before. The most he had ever been with a woman was four times and that was because she had been particularly satisfying, but even that got old.

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Katie looked at him skeptically. No one just did what he did without a more personal reason. So really, this guy actually found it easier or better to sleep with woman after woman? Her eyes went from skeptic to glaring when he gave her a, 'nice try and good effort.' "Whatever." She muttered under her breath before taking another gulp of her glass. "And I'm not finding happiness through a glass of scotch. It just numbs the pain for a little while." She told him as her fingers tapped against the counter.

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Isis | 6033 comments He laughed again "That's even worse!" he laughed harder for a moment before shaking his head and walking away. Her problems did not need to be his problems at all. He stepped out onto the dance floor and started to dance around with various women, not really caring who he ended up with as he made his way all over the floor about a million times. He held a beer in his hand but hardly drank it, beer wasn't really what he was here for after all.

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Katie immediately glared at his laughter as she took another gulp of her drink. Who did he think he was?! God, she felt even worse after that. She was so done with becoming pitied or pitying herself. So she turned to the bartender and got a few shots before chugging each of them down. Her judgement completely gone by now. She got up, heading towards the dance floor. Maybe she was too ahead of herself, but she saw the familiar tattooed guy and tapped on the shoulder. "Hey, one night, no attachments. No heart break right?" She shouted through the loud music.

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Isis | 6033 comments He grinned at her and nodded "Yeah! You interested?" he shouted back to her, pulling her closer. He started to dance with her, his body moving perfectly in sinc with the music, which in turn moved against her body in just the right way. he would give her the time of her life, he knew that much. And if she decided not to go through with it, well there was that girl across the room eyeing him at this very moment. He grinned and continued to dance "My place isn't far from here."

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On a alcohol less night, Katie would have been stunned by her own actions to blatantly ask this guy for a good time, but that was all she was looking for now. "Very." She shouts back as she begins to move against him. She hadn't wanted to brag, but she'd always been a pretty good dancer. The music is upbeat and quick in time, she's barely thinking straight when he mentions his apartment. "Sounds good to me." She tells him as her arms move around his neck slip downwards, gently floating across his chest.

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Isis | 6033 comments He pressed his lips to hers without even thinking about it and before he really knew what happened he was in his apartment laying her down on his bed. "I promise I'll make this worth your while," he smiled down at her before kissing her deeply again. He had done it again, won the prize girl in the room and brought her home. It was going to be amazing, and not just for him. He always made sure to take good care of his ladies, things just turned out better that way. She probably wouldn't even regret it in the morning.

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Katie barely knew what was happening in the time spam between the dance floor in the bar and getting to his apartment. The only thing she could really comprehend was that he was a, really...really good kisser. She breathed heavily as she fell back onto the bed. He said something she couldn't make even make out anymore. "Oh just shut up and-" she started to slur, but he'd already commanded her wishes. Her arms were around his neck, her lips smashed to his in a heated kiss. She moaned softly into his lips before legs wrapped around his waist and her hands came down to tug his shirt up.

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Isis | 6033 comments He reached down and yanked off his shirt in one smooth motion, only breaking the kiss for a matter of seconds. Next he was at her shirt, sliding it up, making sure that his fingers moved against the soft skin of her stomach as he did so. His hands moved under her bra and squeezed. The bra was on the floor. He slipped off her bottoms. Her underwear lay on the ground. He didn't lose a single moment in undressing her before his hands were roaming wildly all over her body.

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Katie sighed softly against his lips as she helped him with her clothes. Her breathing was laboured as her tongue explored his mouth. What was she doing? Messing up her life for once all on her own, but she didn't give a single damn at the moment because he was there and she was clothes less and his fingers were roaming her body and everything was heated. "I don't even know your name." She finally gasped against him as her hands ran through his hair.

(Skip after your post? Then I'll FF to the morning! :) )

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Isis | 6033 comments ((Alright!))

"Karson. Karson Reynolds," he purred into her ear before kissing down her neck. She smelled like alcohol of course but he could also smell her perfume and for some reason, he liked it. He usually tried not to notice things like that because he didn't like to become attached to any one girl at all, but he couldn't help this time. She smelled amazing and her skin was so soft and...his fingers moved into her hair, perfect. He shivered slightly and tried to stop thinking and just do.

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One moment Katie was breathlessly saying his name over and over again until everything went black. The morning sunlight streamed in from the window. Her body was as sore as ever and her head was pounding now. Every single movement hurt. God, what had she done last night? She turned suddenly feeling arms draped around her and she could no longer breathe. "Oh my-" she stopped her whisper and covered her mouth. Last night did not just happen. She swallowed trying not to wince at her aching head. What happened? Think. She remembered a guy. An incredibly good looking guy with a mouth on him. The tattoos too. She remembered going on the dance floor and kissing him in a blur. Then they got...she looked around... Here in his bed. His name was Karter? No, Kanton? Oh god, she would figure it out later, but now she needed out. So, she slowly slipped herself out of his arms to grab her clothes. Trying her very hardest not to wake him.

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Isis | 6033 comments Karson woke up as he heard her dressing "Where you going?" he asked in a mumble, rubbing his eyes with his fists. "I'll make breakfast if you want," he offered. What was he doing? He didn't make girls breakfast, he didn't even wake up when they left...or he pretended he didn't wake up anyway. But he suddenly felt like he wanted her to stay. He didn't know why but it didn't entirely matter to him, he just wanted her to come lay back down. Unfortunately, he knew that wouldn't happen. He was just a drunken mistake again and he knew it. He stopped talking and laid back down, looking away from her. Let her go. That was what he was supposed to do, just let her go and never ever see her again.

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Katie tensed instantly as soon as she heard a deep low voice. "I uh..." She stammered completely unsure of what to tell him. She bit her lip, keeping her eyes on one of the walls away from him. "Breakfast? No... I-I'm really not hungry and I really have to...have to go." She stuttered out as she pulled on the last of her clothing. What the hell was she supposed to say to a one night stand? She had a great time? Great job? "I.. I have work." She lamely covered up and by this time her cheeks were flushed. "I'm going to be late, so yeah... I'm just going to go yeah? I mean... Er. Bye." She spat out eventually before practically taking off out of his place.

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Isis | 6033 comments He said nothing, he knew he would forget about her in no time and that was just fine. He didn't need her any more then he needed any other girl. As soon as she was gone he got up and started to take off the sheets then a frown touched his lips. Where was the condom? He always used one...he didn't want diseases or babies. Panic touched his heart and he looked around feverishly. She threw it away or something, flushed it down the toilet, that was all. He ran his hand through his hair and tried to calm down. No big deal, she was no doubt on birth control either way and he would just go to the doctor and get himself checked out, it was about time anyway. He pulled of the sheets, washed them, made himself breakfast.

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(Now for the ultimate FF I'm thinking three years later? )

Katie held a paper with a name, a number, and an address. Okay, she was a little more than nervous. Three years ago she was stupid enough to have sex with a guy without any protection. A guy she barely knew at all. All she remembered from that night was his name and how mouthy he was to her at the time. God, she wasn't sure about this anymore. "We're going to be okay, okay Princess?" She almost asked her baby girl for some kind of reassurance. This was her last resort honestly. She had to quite school and she couldn't keep up with any of the bills and she wouldn't burden her best friend who was happily married even if she offered to help. Grace, her daughter held on softly to her hand as she strolled down to the place of her one night stand. "Here we go, Hun." She murmured before taking a deep breath and knocking on the door.

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Isis | 6033 comments Karson, actually alone for one night...or well, it had been a while...He'd slowed down, bored with most woman and just trying to make something of himself now. He was actually making good money now and he only had the occasional woman in his bed. He had even had a few girlfriends, though none of them were very serious and he got bored with them in seconds.
Suddenly he heard a knock on the door and frowned, he hadn't been expecting anyone. He walked over and opened the door, wearing only sweats, his shirt laid over the back of the couch. When he opened the door his frown of confusion deepened "Can I help you?" he asked before some sort of light dawned in his eyes "You're that girl..." he whispered. He hadn't entirely forgotten her seeing as she was the only time he had ever messed up, and he could see by the little girl that he HAD messed up. She had his eyes. That little girl had his eyes exactly. "I-I," his eyes went wide and he looked at the woman "What?"

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Katie was hoping she had gotten the right address or this little encounter would be weird. But instead, she did get the right address because she saw the guy. The father of her child. By the look on his face, he had remembered her. Right, of course he would refer to her as that girl. He had many girls though so that wasn't too much of a clue that he had remembered her. It was more how his face went pale when looked down to see his own eyes on a little girls eyes. He would be shirtless wouldn't he? She cleared her throat for a moment. "Um, hi.. I'm Katie." She introduced herself for the first time. "This is Grace...and this... this must be really confusing." She started awkwardly before Grace tugged at her mothers jeans. Katie leaned down to hear what she wanted. "I'm sorry, but could she use your bathroom?"

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Isis | 6033 comments "Oh, yes of course," he offered his hand to the little girl "I'll show you the way young ma'am." He carefully lead the tiny girl down the hall to the bathroom then looked to her mother to help her. He had made a vow to himself as soon as he had seen...Grace..that he would be a good dad to her. He wasn't the perfect man to most woman but he would be perfect for his daughter. His parents had been awful and he wouldn't mess up his daughter like that. He would love her and take care of her despite the fact that he didn't know her mother, or really want to know her.

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Katie felt a little tense as Grace placed her small frail hand into her father's much larger one. Her brown bouncy waves swayed back and forth because she trying her best to hold it in before she made it to the bathroom. But for some reason she felt a tiny wash of relaxation going through her because he was handling her gently.
Grave giggled at the words he used as Katie walked herself into his place. Three years ago she was ready to run out of that door, but now she was hesitantly walking in with a lot to ask. Grace had eventually made it to the bathroom when she gave him a go away look before closing the door. Katie had to laugh at that. That was her girl.
"Hi... So um... Hi." She breathed nervously. "I guess you already know by the look on your face. I mean did you want to hear it out loud or? I don't know this must be shocking and weird and scary and I really don't know what's going on in your life. Um.. I uh." She could already feel her rambling fill the air of his home and the more she rambled the more her cheeks flushed.

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Isis | 6033 comments He frowned and put a hand over her mouth "Stop talking for a second, you're using all of my oxygen." He pulled his hand back and looked at her then looked at the closed bathroom door. "That's my daughter," it was a statement not a question "And she's beautiful. But why the hell didn't you tell me sooner. She's what, three now?" He was very obviously furious "I had a right to know about my little girl...Katie? So why are you hear now huh? Get into some sort of trouble?"

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Katie widened as soon as his hand went over her mouth. Really? She guessed some things hadn't changed. He was still as rude as ever. He's telling her off and she's still hung up on the fact that he called Grace beautiful. Of course, she already knew that, but hearing him say it was shocking. She came there not knowing it he even wanted to be around Grace. "First, she's two and three months." She tells him and takes in a heavy breath for his question. "And the last time I saw you, you were screwing around with women. What kind of mother would let her daughter be around that? And no, I'm not in trouble and I knew despite your habits, you still deserved to meet her. Plus, I need a place to stay. we need a place to stay. And unfortunately, you may be my last option right now."

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