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Heroes & Heroines with physical issues.

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McGee Magoo I'm re-reading Dancing At Midnight now and it made me think of some other romances that I have read in which the hero or heroine had some sort of physical issue--scar, limp, deformity, etc., that caused some insecurities. Lisa Kleypas had a hero in one of her novels that had a hook for a hand, if I remember correctly. Does anyone have any favorites with this "theme" (if you can call it that)?

McGee Magoo Okay, I just found a list that has the best books with Disabled Heroes. So, how about heroines?


Nicole I loved Blind Fortune by Joanna Waugh. It features a blind heroine.

Cláudia Fernandes devil in the winter...i think i'll read it tonight for the sake of it... LOL i miss sebastian

McGee Magoo I love LK! Suddenly You, Again the Magic, Dreaming of You---SIGH. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Jamie Waring A Dozen Kisses by Mia Ryan---it was just one of the mini-stories within "Further Observations of Lady Whistledown". The hero had a head injury from the war, and had trouble expressing himself verbally ever since. I thought it was a absolutely refreshing to see a flawed hero working through a disability---it made him feel more real, and definitely a more memorable character than so many other male characters that tend to blur together in my mind.

Britney (BookDrunkSloth) Three Nights with a Scoundrel by Tessa Dare has a deaf heroine. It's in my opinion Tessa Dare's best book.

Also, Julia Quinn's upcoming The Sum of all Kisses will have the hero, Hugh, with a messed up leg. I can't wait for that one to come out:)

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Addie the madness of lord Ian Mackenzie by Jennifer Ashley is beautifully written. It is a historical romance.

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Michelle Best ever hero with physical issues was TAPESTRY by Karen Ranney. Gut wrenchingly good. Seriously. A must read!!!!! Just go read the blurb on amazon. Will NEVER forget this one. For a modern take on that idea, I liked ARCHER'S VOICE. But check out Tapestry - you will LOVE IT. I'm sure of it.

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