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Ms. Flagg (MissFlagg) | 49 comments Mod
What is the most significant conflict in your character's life? Is it internal or external? How does it affect/motivate/change your character?

Please make sure to follow the checklist:

For a “4”: Did I….
• Write a topic sentence that provided the title, author, and genre of my text?
• Provide context of what is happening in the text, so my reader understands what I’m talking about?
• Find a direct quote from the text that proves my idea?
• Thoroughly explain the significance of my quote/how it proves my idea?
• Check for correct punctuation and spelling?

message 2: by Sydney (new)

Sydney Mok (SydneyMok) | 43 comments In the book Linger by Maggie Stiefvater, the most significant conflict in my protagonist's life is when she gets a high fever ending up i the hospital. Usually my protagonist, doesn't get sick and she was sleeping with her boyfriend when she had a dream that she was shifting into becoming a wolf. When Grace was younger, she was bitten by wolves which should've made her become a werewolf but she never changed. Her dad locked her up in a car on a summer day and she ended up getting a really high fever which should've killed her but it didn't. Her boyfriend was a wolf too but she found a cure that worked on him and now he can stay as a human forever but Grace had a dream that she was changing into a wolf and when she woke up, her boyfriend smelled her and she smelled like wolf. This is an important conflict because if she turned into a wolf, she would have to face many things that can ruin her and her boyfriend's relationship, her family relationship and experience a lot of pain.

message 3: by Aaron (last edited Mar 19, 2013 02:03PM) (new)

Aaron | 29 comments In Mike Lupica's realistic fiction novel The Bat Boy, the most significant conflict in my protagonist life is that my protagonist Brian is so happy that he made it to the little league's. His dad belived in him his mom even his older brother Kevin who always makes front of him knew he could do it. But when all that happiness goes away when Brian brakes his leg while practicing the day before the little league finals. "But mom I have to go to the finals all of my friends are counting on me I can't miss it"(105). This shows that JBrian will do anything to play in the little league finals even if it means hurting his leg even more. Therefore this game means everything to Jhon and he dosen't wan't to miss it.

message 4: by Bryan (new)

Bryan | 41 comments In Matt De La Pena's realistic fiction book "I Will Save You" one conflict that Kidd has experience was that he had a hard childhood. In his past, Kidd had a bad childhood, so bad that he decided that he wanted to run away from it, both his past and future he's running from. "Kidd is running from his past and future. No mom, no dad, and there's nothing for him at the group home but therapy. This shows that the only thing that Kidd has in his life is therapy and nothing else in the whole world.

message 5: by Wesley (new)

Wesley | 50 comments In Michael Scott's fictional novel, The Alchemystthe most significant conflict would be Sophie and Josh Newman meeting golems. IN this novel Sophie and Josh are twins who work across the street from each other. They both smell rotten eggs and mint which turns out to be the smell of magic. Sophie sees tall people who are wearing black clothing fro head to toe. Sophie finds this suspicious. She states "It's two-fifteenth here...and eighty-one degrees,"(4). This quote is the most important conflict. They head into her brother's store and an explosion happens. Then they find Nicholas Flammel the immortal. If Sophie never saw those people; therefore the most important conflict is Sophie saw those people

message 6: by Andy (new)

Andy Chen | 44 comments In in Alison Pollet's realistic fiction novel, The Pity Party, the biggest conflict in the protagonist, Cass, is meeting new classmates in 8th grade. Cass, a 13 year old 8th grader, realized her two best friends, Penelope and Tillie, were both in the same class and she wasn't. So, in her first group project, she was assigned to students with different interests and style. However, Cass had difficulty making new friends because of their attitude and reaction towards others. "One of the members in my group glared at me, giving me a look of disgust, as she looked me up and down"(96). This quote shows Cass's new classmates has flaws and not used to anybody including her personal interests because they gave unnecessary expressions to Cass. However, because it is still the beginning of the school year, they will take time to get used to each other. Therefore, this is why this conflict is what Cass is dealing with the most.

message 7: by Jamilah (new)

Jamilah B | 37 comments In Pamela Nagami, M.D. nonfiction novel, Bitten, the conflict that the men, women, and kids have in this novel is being bitten by different types of insects. So far there are stories of many people getting bit bye red fire ants,ticks,sea snakes, and many other insects and creatures. This is an external conflict that affects the people in my novel.

message 8: by Corey (new)

Corey | 43 comments In the fiction book Eyes of the Crow by Shane Peacock, the conflict of the book is when everyone thinks Sherlock killed this women. Sherlock Holmes went to find the killer of the women. Sherlock and a police officer went to the crime scene but the police officer went someone else which left Sherlock by himself. Then another police officer saw him and arrest him. The judge says," Murderers always return to the scene of the crime," This proves that the judge thought it was Sherlock did it but Sherlock didn't do it. This makes Sherlock sad because everyone will know him as a murderer.Later on they found out who did it and they felt sorry for Sherlock.

message 9: by Yamil (new)

Yamil Cifuentes | 40 comments In Katherine Paterson's fantasy book, "Bridge to Terabithia," the biggest conflict that happened in the protagonist's life was the time his friend Leslie died. The protagonist and Leslie has this kingdom in the middle of the woods they like to prefer as their Terabithia. They like to swing on ropes place to place. One day, Leslie was traveling on the rope, the rope snapped and she drowned in the Terabithian lake. At the moment, the protagonist wasn't there. The protagonist was at a art museum with his music teacher. When the protagonist found out about Leslie's death, he wasn't taking it easily. He was upset, he couldn't sleep, he couldn't focus on school, and it wasn't easy going back to the Terabithia. The protagonist states, "Leslie! I am so sorry, I should have invited you to the art museum with me!" This quote shows how much he regrets his decision. If the protagonist invited Leslie, she would still be alive. Decisions are hard to make.

message 10: by Kenjo (new)

Kenjo | 41 comments In Shaquille o'Neal's autobiography, "Shaq Uncut," the most significant conflict in his life currently is managing his body fat percentage. Shaq grew up in New Jersey where his biological father left his mother to raise him. His step father, Phillip Harrison was a part of what made him focus on basketball and getting to the NBA. Shaq was first drafted by the Orlando Magic, then traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, then afterwards being traded to the Miami Heat. The team had a body fat percentage rule and many of Shaq's teammates were above the certain percentage. Shaq, especially, was well over the limit. During the summer, he had visited clubs and spent a good chunk of his summer experiencing Miami's nightlife which was led him to become slightly lazy and gain body fat. "I knew that the nightlife I had been going through was the cause for my body fat," Shaq stated. This quote shows that after several years in the NBA, Shaq had begun to cool down and become lazier. His teammates were getting traded away and slowly, the Miami Heat was falling apart. Therefore, being on a team which at one point started falling apart was one of the most significant conflicts in Shaq's lifetime.

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