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message 1: by [deleted user] (new) this is Emily's part of the room

Emily came in and dumped her stuff on her bed, "What a place," she said. "I can't believe Daddy's making me stay here. You know it used to be a hospital?" she said to anybody who was listening.

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"So I guess you're my roommate?" she asked, already knowing the answer

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"What's your name?" she asked.

((My character is supposed to be blunt, rude and mean if you don't like that than I could make her be nice to you.)) :D

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((yeah I did! I like it))

"Ok," she said. She thought about not telling Sphinx her name but then decided it was for better if she did, "I'm Emily." she said.

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((Nope :) ))

"Is that a knife?!?!" Emmily practically yelled.

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"you're going to try to murder me aren't you! I have to report this! I can't believe my Daddy sent me here!!" she said again, on her way to the door

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Emily thought about tattling but then she thought she would wait, "Ok, so what do you do? do you cook or something?"

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"What good is knife if you don't cook? You must be one of those cutters." she said, being as mean and nosy as ever

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"Oh, so you're into rope then? like climbing? I don't know what involves rope but I guess I'll stop bothering you about it," she said, without even apologizing for accusing her

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"I'm going to go look around campus. you can come if you want." and with that she left the room

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((I don't know we could start with the gardens?))

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After Emily finished touring the grounds she came back to the dorm. She opened the door, this school was so old the rooms didn't have locks on the doors. ho unsafe was that? "Sphinx!" she called, "I'm back!"

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"Okaay then. I'll wait out here. I'm really exhausted from walking around. it's such a big campus!" she exaggerated

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"Thank God you're finished, I have got to wash up." Emily said, started walking toward the bathroom

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"EWW!!!" she screamed from the bathroom, "What on earth is this?!!" she asked, turning green in the process

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"Did you leave this mess in here?" she asked

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"There's blood everywhere!" she came out of the bathroom and ran to the waste basket, and barfed. She has a week stomach.

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"Someone must have pranked us. it's probably not even real blood, I just have a week stomach." she said, "I'll go clean it up."

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((Thanks ^_^))

"Ok, thanks." Emily walked over to her bed and sat down

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"Yeah," she said, leaning against the back of her bed. "So, why'd you leave earlier?" she asked

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"Okay. So were you named after the Great Sphinx or something?" she asked, again being nosy

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"Why? that's so weird," Emily said

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"Really?! what's it like there? is it hot and barren?" she said

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"Oh, okay. I just thought it was uninhabitable because it's just dessert." she said.

((Emily is also not very smart. Lol))

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((Haha ^_^))

"Well I guess you'd know more about it. I've never been there." she said

((are you planning on making another character for the undead dead category? Just a question :/ I have one!))

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"I think i'm going to ask my Dad if I can go there sometime. He'll say yes of course," she said. She was always thinking that she could do whatever she wanted

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"So, what do you do for fun? I usually hang out with my friends. but since I got moved here you're the only person I know," she started, "I hope my friends come and visit me. I feel like I'm in prison or something."

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"That's cool," Emily sat up and while doing so she saw how sick Sphinx looked, "Are you feeling ok?" she asked, "You don't look so good."

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"You look kinda green. Do you want to go see the nurse?" Emily asked

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"I think you'd better, before you pass out. cause I am definitely not going to be able to get you there by myself if you're unconscious." she said,

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"Okay just don't pass out. I would probably freak out and pass out too." she said, "What do you want to do? we can't stay in this room forever." She got up and walked to the window, "We really need to start socializing."

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"I have no idea," she shrugged, "we've already been to the gardens and we both know how lame that was."

((I chose last time, so you can choose this time))

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"Alright, that's super lame but oh well," she said. she grabbed some flip flops and started towards the door

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Emily came in after her and just stood waiting for an explanation, "So what's the big secret?" she asked, with her arms crossed

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Emily was grossed out but she tried to not let it show. She looked away from the cuts, so she wouldn't get sick, "I knew it. please cover it up. it's disturbing me" She was being as rude as ever, she went over to her bed and started to pretend she didn't see it

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"Eww," Emily started, "Why would you do that? you could have glowing healthy skin like mine and you chose to butcher it." she said, this time she knew she was being mean

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"It was a rhetorical question, that means I don't need an answer. But seriously it's nasty, you could have skin like mine," she said showing of her arm.

((Emily's a brat. Lol))

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"So are you gonna tell me why or not? I'm not going to tattle that's just immature," she said

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"That's kind of sad," Emily said. She actually meant it too

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"Oh well, if that's what you want to do to forget about it, or whatever it is you're doing it for, than I'll stop bothering you about it." Emily said. She would have said something mean but she thought she would give Sphinx a break

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"Uhh, You should go see the nurse. I don't want to get involved in this." she said, back to her normal rude self

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"bye," She said. she just returned to texting her 'friends'

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"how'd it go? did you get stitches on your arm?" she asked, not even showing any worry

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"where'd you go then?" she asked. This time she looked up from her phone

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"Uh.. you left, so you must have gone somewhere," she said. "Now tell me, where did you go?" she asked, she wasn't sure if she'd get an answer but she thought she would just push it a little farther

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"Fine." Emily gave up. "I guess there's really nothing to do right now. we've tried exploring the grounds but failed, what do you want to do?" she asked

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"Why not?" she asked. "I'm bored." she said, in a whining voice

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Emily scoffed, "How dare you call me a whiny brat!" she calmed down, "Oh well, I'm over it." She lay down and fell a sleep

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Emily woke up to the sound of the door, "Do you have to be so loud?" she mumbled into her pillow, she didn't hear a response so she looked up. great, I'm awake and she's asleep, what am I supposed to do? she though

(Sorry I've been very inactive recently! :/)

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"Finally," she said. she was acting like Sphinx had fallen asleep and forgotten her, which it was the opposite way around. "You've been sleeping for hours," she said

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