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It's really sad when a kid is making a kite in the library during recess and REALLY thinks it's going to fly and the kid asks me for string and I give it to him and I'm just looking at his kites, thinking, "FUCK. The naiveté!" And then I feel like a jerk who doesn't believe in her students.

But you should see these kites. Maybe I should learn how to make one, so I can help the kids, but I can't even make a paper airplane.

It's okay for kids to feel false hope, right? They gotta learn. I'm just a sap, but I hate it when I can see failure in their futures. I think it's bigger than the fucking kite!


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And he only cut like 8 feet of string, but he thought it was a lot.

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Bunny! There isn't. :( I gotta get one. There is a book called "Things to Make and Do" and there's one measly page on kite-making, and it's lousy.

Seth! That's the problem! What are my students going to do?! I hate education! We just test them, test them, test them and there is SO MUCH PRESSURE to do well on the tests so everything good (art, science, social studies, personal interests) gets shoved aside! I hate it! We're not teaching them anything cool!

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Thanks, Gretchen. Now I need some dowels. And a craft knife?

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smetchie | 5731 comments It's important to have the proper tools.

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Okay. If we make the kite, I will post pictures here. There's going to be testing in the library for a couple of weeks, though, so I can prepare.

Jiaka1981 Winfield See, that is why i decided to stick with early education. School systems today put to much presure on test scores and not enough on the stuff that teaches kids how to apply the stuff they learn to real life. Take kite making (in Detroit during the month of may we had whole week on it) Children learn math, science, creativity, cause and effect, trial and error, and they have fun doing it. Nowadays we hand them a worksheet with 100 questions and say "you'll need to know this for AIMS"

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It's fucked up.

Servius  Heiner You should just let them fail; you know so they will be used to it later...

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