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message 1: by Hope ♡ (new)

Hope ♡ | 162 comments Mod
I liked the whole "Hopper" "Cricket" thing....it all made sense!

message 2: by Thalia (new)

Thalia (thalia-bookluvr) | 12 comments Yeah it did I like how they did that. I liked him from the begining. He is such a nice character. :)

message 3: by Hope ♡ (new)

Hope ♡ | 162 comments Mod
Yeah, I was SOOOOOO happy when he stood up to Regina/ The Evil Queen! He made me SOOOOO happy! He said that he would go on teaching Henry the way that he always has because at the trial(the one between who gets to keep him)they will need someone that has experience in the field and someone that has worked with the child.

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