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Are there any actual dragons in The Wheel Of Time?

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message 1: by Michael (last edited Mar 15, 2013 01:53PM) (new) - added it

Michael I know that Jordan calls the one destined to destroy the dark one and bring peace the dragon reborn,but are there any actual mythical creatures/fire breathing/winged type of Dragons?The normal kind.And if not where did they get the name from becuase i know that the symbol for the dragon reborn is a pricture of a dragon.

Neal Simmons None show during the books. There is a mechanical invention that is named Dragon later in the series, but that is about it.

As for the name, probably just a mythical idea like it is in our modern world.

message 3: by Wayne (last edited Mar 15, 2013 08:25PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dave Isnt' there a mention somewhere about the Worms out in the Blight eventually growing to the point they metamorphose into...something else? I seem to remember reading that and expecting them to show up later, having transformed into dragons.

Neal Simmons I always figured the worms were an homage to Dune.

Cally The "raken" that appeared with the Seanchan may be thought to be at least dragon-like. I can't remember which book they start to appear in though.

Francesco I'd say that even without real Dragons in Randland the Dragon is a good name.
I mean, we have not had real dragons on Earth, but still are able to draw a Dragon...

John Brown There used to be but not anymore, was mentioned somewhere in it.

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