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The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series
Liz Donatelli Liz Mar 15, 2013 01:14PM
Who else is obsessed with The Black Dagger Brotherhood series? And, which book are you on? (Please, no spoilers.)

I am awaiting Lover at Last from the library. I'm currently unemployed or otherwise I would have bought it at Barnes and Noble. My favorite is V's story and John's story. Those two are my favorites and I can't wait to see how Blay and Qhuinn turn out because I want them to be together to bad *crosses fingers*

I can't even describe how much I LOVE this series! JR Ward is brilliant! I have read every book and Rhage is my favorite brother even though V & Z are close seconds!

I have read the first 6 books. LOVED THEM!!!!! i have the next three on my shelf waiting for me, i have so many questions that i need answered. My favorite one so far was Vishous' because it was so so much to his past and more.

Obsessed with the Brothers, I absolutely love them - would recommend them to everyone! Have read them all more than 5 times each and am currently awaiting the release of the next one, in march 2014!

I just came out of the tragedy called Lover Unleashed. So I am real leary now to read 10 & 11. It is now a hit and miss with these books after 5. so I am going to wait until 10 & 11 are bought thru e-books public library so I can borrow and return.

I just started v's book and am so excited...he has been one of my faves since the beginning. Not looking forward to phurys book. I am obsessed though with this series. It is addictive:)

I was introduced to the BDB books in a book club - John's story. I was so interested that I went back and started with book #1. I am now caught up with all the books including Lover at Last which I just loved!!

I'm new to the series and have only read books 1 - 3 so far. I really liked Wrath's story, found Rhage's so so and loved Zsadist's. I can't say I'm obsessed because I don't feel the urgent need to read the next one, probably because I can't get used to the writing style of constantly changing POVs. I found myself constantly wanting to skip the parts of the lessers (I didn't, but I really wanted to!).

Love this series and currently awaiting the next one.

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I love this series and am convinced this is the absolute best PNR out there. #3 (Zsadist's book) is my favorite so far, and ironically #6 (Phury's book) is my least favorite. I just finished my re-cap of the series and I have questions. If I get a chance, I'll start a new thread for folks who have completed the series so that the questions can be discussed without ruining all of the AMAZINGLY breathtaking developments.

I am totally obsessed with this series of books!! And I am eagerly awaiting the newest book to come out on the 26th. I have truthfully enjoyed all the books in the series--obviously with a series, you will like some more than others, but I don't think any of them are bad.

can I only get the series on Amazon and B&N?? Or is there site i can get them?

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awesome. i'm on 9

okay so this sounds bad but i just don't want to read lover at last unless it has any thing about Wrath and Beth in it can any one let me know please ????? thanks

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I discovered the series based on recommendations from friends and I am currently devouring #4 (Lover Revealed). So far Zsadist's story (#3 Lover Awakened) is my favorite but there's always room for more on my list. I am hooked on BDB!

Johns book I have not read any one else not fond of John

I don't really think any of them were terrible! I admit there were a couple that I liked the best, but none of them were bad!!! :)

I have only read the first two and although I enjoyed them I found that towards the middle of the book I lost some interest but the books did end on a high note.

I LOVE this series!!!! it is hands down my favorite!!! loved all the books!!!!

I LOVEEEE it...now is one of my favorites series, I am starting #9. LP :)

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I'm currently reading Lover Enshrined and I absolutely love all of them thus far. And my favorite one are the one with Mary and Rhage and Bella and Zhadist. Cried like a baby, tee hee hee.

I'm completely obsessed with this series! I think 3 is the best - Zsadist is my favorite. I did not think 10 was terrible, although 9 wasn't great. 10 got better. I'm very excited about 11, but I can't tell you why without possibly spoiling a huge thing.

I have to say this this series is one of the best I've read, and I have over 30 book series going where I'm waiting for more still to be released. I can't pick a favorite, there's just no way. I do think that Phury's was the hardest to read, I still loved it but was actually able to put it down. I have to say everything I've read my JR Ward/Jessica Bird, is amazing, have you read any of the Fallen Angel series?? AMAZING! Good luck I know you will enjoy it!

You're gonna love books 1-5. Book 6 was awful. 7 is the best book in the series. 8 was pretty decent. 9 and10 were TERRIBLE!

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