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Shattered Blue by Jane Taylor Starwood Jane Taylor Starwood
Genre: Romantic suspense/thriller

Book Description:
Shane MacKinnon used to be somebody else. Hounded by scandal and haunted by a shameful secret, wealthy, privileged Shannon Malone fled Manhattan and took on a new identity. Five years later, she’s finally met a man who loves her in spite of her troubled past. He’s leading her into a world of sensual pleasure she never imagined. Now a menacing whisper on the phone threatens to shatter her new life. Someone thinks she has the missing millions from a massive investment scam. Someone who also has a far more sinister reason to come after her. Shane thought the monster who tormented her childhood was dead. She was wrong. And now that he’s found her again, he’ll stop at nothing to finish his sadistic game.

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sent in your request Marquerite

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Received and thank you.

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Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) Please in ePub to

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Sent your request Vicki

Crystal | 28 comments Sounds great. Mobi please -

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sent in your request Crystal

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Crystal | 28 comments Thank you letting me read & review the book! I posted my review on Goodreads and Amazon.

Goodreads Review

Amazon Review

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Jane Starwood (janestarwood) Crystal, I hope you saw my earlier message thanking you for your wonderful, thoughtful review. In any case, thanks again! I really appreciated your taking the time to read and review "Shattered Blue," and I'm thrilled that you loved it so much.

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