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Kelly Marchant this book reminds me of how close me and my brother are and if he ever needed me to do anything for him I could never say no. The main character Anna is such a strong loyal sister to go as far as she did to help and make her sister happy. I learned about this book watching the movie and I fell in love with the book. Recently Ive beren learning alot about cancer so it really hits home and is very touching.

Amber This book was, OKAY to me. But I see it as a work of fiction only. It didnt inpact me enough to make think about ME in the situation.

I did enjoy this book.

Celise I didn't really feel a personal connection to this either. I just kind of felt like this should never happen. I hated the mom so much, and Kate a little bit as well. I am close to my siblings and have had relatives die of cancer, but I still didn't really feel the impact.

I think Anna is loyal, but not really strong. She changed her mind so many times that I just didn't respect her by the end.

Catherine Byrne I liked the book better than the movie, except for the end. That ruined it for me. I wanted Kate to live, but not at the expense of her sister. And I did not think any mother would force her child to literally give up her health and so much of her life for another - smacks of favouritism. I did put myself in the situation - the mother's. She was unfair. I suppose in that respect, the film ending, if not the rest, was better.

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