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Cate | 1393 comments Hey! I can do anything really. How about a romance rp? We can include horses like maybe a barn romance?

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Cate | 1393 comments Ya sure! Can u make your charrie first?

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Cate | 1393 comments Name: Trent Johnson
Age: 16
Gender: M
Looks: brown hair and brown eyes, about 5"7', muscular
Other: does liberty and eventing with his horse, Mr. Magic(aka "Mage"). Does soccer and lacrosse, very caring for animals and people, great sense of humor, can be tough minded sometimes but in the end he will give in.

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Cate | 1393 comments ((Yup!))

Trent drove to the barn, eager to see his gelding. He wasn't like other teenage guys, who were busy trying to get laid and work on their drinking skills. He found a passion that lated. And better yet he found the horse of his dreams. He pulled into his usual parking spot and slipped out of his truck. Like always, his eager gelding was standing at the top of the hill right by the gate, begging to see him. It made his heart skip a beat like always.

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Cate | 1393 comments Trent jogged up the hill, past he arena to the pasture. Mage was not horse-friendly for some reason. Truth was, Mage didn't really like anyone but Trent. So he got his own pasture. Trent slipped into the pasture and Mage greeted him with excitement. He laughed and ran his hands down his neck soothingly.

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Cate | 1393 comments Trent looked over when he heard a thud. 'Oh no', he thought. He grabbed Mage's halter but didn't find the need to put it on him. They walked down peacefully to the barns. There was no tack or anything, just a love and passion between the two.

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Cate | 1393 comments He softly brushed down Mage and grabbed his neck reins and dressage crop. He slipped on the reins and hopped up on his back smoothly. With a light amount of pressure, he asked Mage to walk forward toward the girl who fell.

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Cate | 1393 comments He smiled and trotted up to her, "hey are you ok? It looks like you took a hit back there," he asked concerningly and chuckle a little as he relaxed on Mage and let him eat.

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Cate | 1393 comments "Hi there. I'm Trent. This is Mr. Magic," he said and grinned at her. Dang, she was gorgeous. She looked a little fimiliar but he would remember a face like that.

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Cate | 1393 comments "Quarter horse?" He asked and looked at the mare's hind. It was a weird fetish of his. He patted his horse's neck and smiled down at her.

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Cate | 1393 comments The wind made her look even more beautiful. If possible. "U- Umm," he lost his train of thought looking into her eyes, "um no. I used to. But now I do horsemanship training with him. Anytime I do ride with tack it is usually dressage. It's easier on his back," he explained.

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Cate | 1393 comments He nodded, "we'll anytime you want to learn how to make your horse rear on command, give me a call," he said and tapped his hotse's side. Mage gently reared and came down softly. He grinned proudly, he loved to show off.

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Cate | 1393 comments "Of the barn?" He asked and gulped in nervousness

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Cate | 1393 comments "Oh wow," he gasped and smiled. "So this is where pretty ladies like you come from?" He grinned and sinked

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