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A main character will die. Opinions?

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message 1: by Sophie (last edited Mar 15, 2013 12:51PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sophie Apparently, one of the main characters will die.

Sorry, but she can't kill Clary or Jace and she knows it. Obviously she can't kill Clary. If she killed Jace, she'd kill her fan base and everyone would get mad at her. What would be the point of the series, which is mainly about their fight to be together? Although, Cassandra has revealed that they aren't going to get married or have children which I think is just plain mean.

As Cassandra has said it will be one of the main characters, it'll be Sebastian obviously, (although I wish there was some way that he was stripped of his evil and still lived like he was supposed to be before Valentine put the evil blood in him but that won't happen) but apart from him, Isabelle, Alec, Magnus, Jocelyn, Luke, Jordan or Maia. Jordan and Maia are too inconsequential. Jocelyn and Luke it could be, but they're not the main characters.

So, Simon, Isabelle, Alec or Magnus

I can't help thinking it'll be Simon, what with his mark of Cain being removed so he can be killed.

I know this is mean but if any of them have to die, I would want Alec or Magnus.

What do you think will happen and who do you think will die.

The release date is just too far away. A WHOLE YEAR. Never in my life have I wanted a book so much.


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Shelby I think simon

message 3: by Perenelle (new) - added it

Perenelle Oh gosh, not Simon. He's my bias, I dont mind if Jace dies ._. Well, I'm being honest. I think he's a jerk...
But i think that...maybe...Magnus may die. He's old. Well, compared to everyone else.


message 5: by Perenelle (new) - added it

Perenelle I LOVE MAGNUS.
But I think that MAYBE and i said MAYBE, he will die. He's already seen so many lives gone, idk!
And yeah, maybe Simon might die cause his mark of cain is gone, but maybe CC will write about how he LIVES without it, showing he was never really dependant on it??? IDK.

message 6: by Beladora (last edited Mar 19, 2013 08:32PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Beladora NO! not Simon or Magnus, does someone seriously have to die ? Why ? Can't everyone just live.

But if someone were to die it should be Jonathan/Sebastian .

message 7: by Perenelle (new) - added it

Perenelle Or maybe Alec, Isabelle, etc. Idk. Just not Simon

message 8: by sol (new) - rated it 5 stars

sol I love Malec, and they need to get back together, so not Magnus or Alec. That would just be like: They get back together, Magnus dies, Alec= Even more depressed than after the breakup.
And vice versa.

I don't want Simon to die either... I ship Sizzy.
Ugh!! It's Sebastian, but I want him to have some sort of redemption or something...

Okay people who can die:.... Can't even think of any of them dying...

No. No. No. No. Not after... Have you read Clockwork Princess??? If you haven't I can't say :(((

message 9: by sol (new) - rated it 5 stars

sol Okay. Um... Isabelle. She can die. And become a vampire!! That counts right? So maybe she and Simon can be together?
Or, Alec could become a vamp and he and Magnus can be together.
Jace, give them some special angel blood, and they can be Daylighters ^-^

Ashley Mia will probably die. I don't know about Alec and izzy because Max has already died and most of the time authors don't kill off two siblings. I'm not sure about Magnus. I think I read somewhere that he was going to be the only character to appear in all three series, so that means he might be in TDA and couldn't die. And Simon? She started the second part of this series to basically tell his story. Would she kill him of at the end? Maybe. I also think Clarys mom will die.

message 11: by Zoey (new) - added it

Zoey I either think Mangus Bane will trade good for evil, and than either Jocelyn, Luke, Simon, Isabelle, Alec Mia, Kyle or Isabelle's mum or dad, because it is obivous that one of them dies but, Jonathan/Sebastian whatever you want to call him, will defiantly die. It is just not possible for Clary or Jace wto die, cause they have to get married and have kinds yet, I mean all them parts where ripping each others clothes, is just pure happiness to me, they have to start a family ;)

message 12: by Zoey (new) - added it

Zoey I just ca;t wait for the movie to come out and a enitre year. I have never wanted a book for so long :(

message 13: by Johnny (new)

Johnny Guar GRRRRR. Did she actually say that Jace & Clary weren't going to get married? that is just cruel, I was totally expecting them too. Way to ruin my life, cassandra clare. At least i read clcokwork Princess, but that was super depressing so it didn't help much. I love Will more than Jace, but I still hope that jace and clary end up together.

message 14: by Zoey (new) - added it

Zoey i hope they get married

message 15: by Zoey (new) - added it

Zoey Perenelle wrote: "Oh gosh, not Simon. He's my bias, I dont mind if Jace dies ._. Well, I'm being honest. I think he's a jerk...
But i think that...maybe...Magnus may die. He's old. Well, compared to everyone else."

you dont care if jace dies he is the main character and him and clary are together forever

message 16: by Lucy (new) - added it

Lucy I have a feeling it could be Jace or Clary! :( BUt one of them will probably just get injured
I don't want Magnus to die because he is so awesome and who doesn't love his fashion sense?
Alec can't die because Magnus will be heartbroken and We'll miss everything about him!!!
AND NOT ISABELLE!!! She is such a good character she is feminine and can kick butt!!
Every one would miss simon because he is awesome and what about Isabelle???

P.S. does anyone hope Tessa comes back in this series??

Sophie I think she does actually, in the final book

message 18: by Tmiluv123 (new)

Tmiluv123 P.S. Only Jace, Clary, Alec, Simon, Isabelle, and Magnus are the main characters. You can add Sebastian Verlac aka. Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern if you want. >,<

message 19: by Tmiluv123 (last edited Nov 14, 2013 02:44AM) (new)

Tmiluv123 Um, excuse me. Cassandra Clare isn't that stupid enough to risk the life of the TWO MOST IMPORTANT CHARACTERS. In TMI. It will wreck her own fanbase. And it never was specific, give Cassandra Clare a break. -,-

message 20: by Isabelle (new)


message 21: by Isabelle (new)

Isabelle SERIOUSLY , YOU ALREADY KILLED WILL . W-I-L-L . :(((((((((((((((((((((( NO MORE ! KILL THE BAD GUY :(((

message 22: by [deleted user] (new)

When did she say they wont be married or have kids?

Naomi Speakman Obviously they're not going to get married - who in the right mind would go through with that when their whole existence is being threatened? They'll probably have sex (*crosses fingers*) because of the image spoiler that was released where Jace and Clary are caught in an intimate moment. They could well have children in the future - no one will ever know, because CoHF continues with Lady Midnight in 2015, which will have new characters - but obviously they will not have children in CoHF. You do know that Clary would have to carry a child for 9 months in her womb before she gives birth, right? Not a week or so.
I love Sebastian - am I the only one who doesn't want him to die? I feel so sorry for him; he is completely alone. Someone on Twitter asked Cassie Clare, "What would Sebastian look like if he weren't part-demon?" Cassie replied "You will find out." So I'm really hoping he survives.
Jace, Clary, Isabelle, Alec or Magnus better not die. But I'm thinking Clary does. I read a snippet about someone dying in another's arms. It went a little along the lines of:
"Its a little ironic, isn't it?"
"What do you mean?"
"Spending all this time trying to convince you I didn't love you. And now here I am, dying in your arms."
I have this dreadful feeling that Clary is dying in Sebastian's arms. It seems only right somehow, especially about the love part.
I am really looking forward to meeting Emma and Julian, especially the appearance of Tessa and Jem - I cried so much when reading The Infernal Devices. I mean, honestly, you've already taken Will away from us, so please don't brake our hearts by Taking another Herondale.

Naomi Speakman Well no one was expecting Will to die in CP2, so I think its obviously going to be sneaky and unexpected. Sebastian may not die - he might just turn good. There is a snippet that went along the lines of, "He has always had green eyes, she told herself. People often marvel at how alike you two are. Somewhere in the back of her mind Clary saw whip marks and black eyes. He has always loved you. He is your brother. He is your brother, and he has always protected you." Could this be the 'good' Sebastian, or Clary being brainwashed? Its either a really good thing, or a really bad thing.
I hear that Jace leaves Clary to start a romantic relationship with SIMON! I'm not stirring or anything, but the last time I checked, Jace was not gay. That was how it was asked on Twitter, "Doesn't Jace leave Clary to start a romantic relationship with Simon?" Cassie replied, "Sort of." Or maybe she meant Clary leaves Jace for Simon. Either way, its not good. Jace and Clary are made in matrimony!

P.S. TLH - whatever that stands for - is a series set BETWEEN TID and TMI, so Jace and Clary may or may not show their appearance. The series after CoHF is called The Dark Artifices (TDA).

message 25: by Mary (last edited Jan 29, 2014 07:30PM) (new) - added it

Mary Bey Perenelle wrote: "Oh gosh, not Simon. He's my bias, I dont mind if Jace dies ._. Well, I'm being honest. I think he's a jerk...
But i think that...maybe...Magnus may die. He's old. Well, compared to everyone else."

Well excuse me, you silly mundane, you obiviously have to taste or idea what you are talking about. Jace is amazing, stong, smart, sexy, and mine!!!!! He cannot die, I simply will NOT allow it!

message 26: by Mary (last edited Jan 31, 2014 03:09PM) (new) - added it

Mary Bey Omg I cant wait till city of heavenly fire, but im not sure if I want to read it. I don`t think I can handle it I mean think about it, this could be the end for many of out beloved characters that with have loved and cherished for the entire series. I just cant...

I heard that six characters die, and here`s who I think it will be.
1. Sebastian!! I think he`s done too much evil to deserve a happy ending.
2. Simon. I love Simon and don`t want to see him, go but I think losing him is something I can handle, unlike Jace, whose death would absolutely shatter me. I think this will happen because Izzy said good-bye to him in that one snippet and one of the chapters is revealed to be called "Simon`s sacerfice"
3.Luke. I love him as a character(not like that!) and him dying would suck, but it makes sense because I haven`t seen him in any snippets(that worries me)and he had gotten stabbed in the last book and was still kinda recovering, and Cassie did say that a major character was going to die at the beginning, so maybe they'll think he is recovered and wake up one day and he`s like dead. IDK.

Janene I'm sorry but if it had to be a MAIN character, I would want either Isabelle or Alec. I just plain am not a fan of Alec. But yea, if I could choose anyone to kill off, it would be Sebastian/Jonathan for SURE. or that girl who killed Camille, idk.

message 28: by Mary (new) - added it

Mary Bey Maureen? Yeah, she just plain creeps me out

Janene Mary wrote: "Maureen? Yeah, she just plain creeps me out"

Yea like if this tiny little vampire girl becomes the main antagonists I will go cray

message 30: by Naomi (last edited Jan 31, 2014 06:51AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Naomi Speakman Four main characters die, not just one.
Sebastian may not die; he may just turn good. Or worst case scenario - he turns good, apologises for everything he's done, and then is killed. Probably by Jace or Clary. That would literally break my heart. I love Sebastian.
Personally there is no evidence (no body) to prove that Camille is dead. I think Maureen may just be messing with Simon's head. Or she could be working for Sebastian.
Jace and Clary do not die. That much has been confirmed by Cassie herself. Both characters are going to be famous in TDA. Thank God!
I think Magnus will be one of the four characters that die. It would make sense, considering he's been alive for over 3000 years, and been in both TID and TMI. There is actually a snippet where someone is dying in another's arms. My guess is it's Magnus dying in Alec's arms.
There are apparently two weddings, and a major character will die early on in the book. The only weddings I can sum up are Luke and Jocelyn, and Clary and Jace.
As for the major character - either Luke, Mayrse, Meliorn, or Maureen. It would make sense since as neither of them have been in any snippets so far.

message 31: by Mary (last edited Jan 31, 2014 03:10PM) (new) - added it

Mary Bey Clary Speakman wrote: "Obviously they're not going to get married - who in the right mind would go through with that when their whole existence is being threatened? They'll probably have sex (*crosses fingers*) because ..."

That does make sense, what you said about Sebastian and Clary, but couldn`t it also be about Jocelyn and Sebastian, since Sebastian always hated his mom for leaving him and resented her and maybe he may have a change of heart near the end. Kinda like in Clockwork Prince at the end.

message 32: by Mary (new) - added it

Mary Bey Clary Speakman wrote: "Obviously they're not going to get married - who in the right mind would go through with that when their whole existence is being threatened? They'll probably have sex (*crosses fingers*) because ..."

Yes Cassie, plz don't break are hearts by killing another Herondale boy.
Me: Don`t go breaking my heart..
Cassie: I couldn`t if I tried..
Me: Uh girl, I believe you could, and already have...
John Greene, Veronica Roth, and Rick Riordan: Well if you can`t, we can sure try.. Muahahahahahahahaha!!!
all the fangirls: Nooooo!!!!
(LOL sorry, I could resist, I`m weird like that)

Carolina Seabra I think she won't kill Jace, it's the obvious choice if she want's to kill us, I think doesn't like being obvious. I think she will kill Simon :(

Or maybe not, what do I know?

Naomi Speakman Jace doesn't die. It's already been confirmed by Cassie.
I have this gut feeling that Simon dies. I don't know why, I just do...

message 35: by Teresa (new)

Teresa Purvis if you look right here it will tell you 6 characters die and 3 of them are main characters. :-(

Hadley M MissMorgenstern {Keep calm and ship Clabastian} wrote: "Obviously they're not going to get married - who in the right mind would go through with that when their whole existence is being threatened? They'll probably have sex (*crosses fingers*) because ..."

oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!!!! why does Cassandra have to kill people? Cant they all live and everybody be happy?! i hope its not Clary or Jace or anybody! uggghh

Naomi Speakman Noooo. Jace and Clary and Maia are in TDA.

message 38: by Mary (new) - added it

Mary Bey You know, I heard somewhere that Cassie promised we would have 8 sex scenes in COHF!!!!!

Naomi Speakman So we can just assume all the sex scenes belong to Jordan and Maia.

message 40: by Mary (new) - added it

Mary Bey Yeah, pretty much

message 41: by Clary (new) - added it

Clary Shelby wrote: "I think simon"

It better not be Simon. If she does kill Simon, I will literally be in grief for over a month. I really hope it's not:
Alec or
Yes, I know I didn't add Jace because honestly I'm not a Jace fan. I seriously doubt she'd kill Jace though, since she'd basically be killing every teenage girl in the world. I also really support Clace and Sizzy. So don't ruin my life Cassie!!

Naomi Speakman Are you reading CoHF?
I'm on Chapter 10. Possibly my favourite chapter so far :)

message 43: by Mary (new) - added it

Mary Bey I`m on chapter 2

Naomi Speakman Oh my god, it's soooooo good!!!

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