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message 1: by Taylor (new)

Taylor S. | 1 comments Hello All-
I am relocating to London in 2 weeks at the end of January. Any tips on where to meet literary minded 20-somethings?


message 2: by Jafar (new)

Jafar (pontifexmaximus) I'm sort-of new to London as well – moved here nine months ago. My attempts to find a good book club haven't been successful, even though I live in Central London. I attended one meeting of a book club which, to my horror, was conducted like a chaired business meeting. Some guy had a prepared list of "discussion questions" that he'd read out loud in a pedagogic tone and ask people one by one to answer them!

There are regular book reading and book signing events that you can attend – if you fancy the writer.

message 3: by Tim (new)

Tim Pendry (timpendry) Jafar - If you are new to London and things are done better elsewhere, do you have a suggestion on how a good book club in London might work based on your experience? There is so much going on in London of a non-literary nature for twenty-somethings while the literary set have 'parties' and events rather than clubs, so you and Taylor may have to 'grow your own'. There are one or two specialist bookshops that might like to start something up but the age range is likely to be older than you might want. Tim P.

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