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message 1: by ♥Booknerdswift♥, Neutral Debater (new)

♥Booknerdswift♥ | 634 comments Mod
How annoying is this?

message 2: by Sierra (new)

Sierra (skippingstones4) SUPER. It makes me want to bang my head against a wall.

message 3: by ♥Booknerdswift♥, Neutral Debater (new)

♥Booknerdswift♥ | 634 comments Mod
it makes me wish i never heard of goodreads at all!

message 4: by Gatha G (new)

Gatha G (gatha) | 14 comments I want to hit my computer so hard that it breaks!!!!!!!!But I know it won't so haven't tried it yet..............
: P

message 5: by Sierra (new)

Sierra (skippingstones4) I know! I'm like "GR people!!! Fix it!!!" other times I'm like "All of you people get off GR so I can be on it!" :D

message 6: by Kathy ♡ (new)

Kathy ♡ (dattebayooo) | 410 comments IT'S SO FREAKING ANNOYING!!!!!

message 7: by ♥Booknerdswift♥, Neutral Debater (new)

♥Booknerdswift♥ | 634 comments Mod
i'm like seriously? agian?! just fix the stupid problem!! not three days, weeks, months, or years from now, but like right now!!

message 8: by Gabrielle (new)

Gabrielle (gabshi) I hate it!!

message 9: by Elise (new)

Elise (elisemae) | 6 comments Whats the problem?

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