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Michelle Montiel | 23 comments Shug is a book that has lots of girl experiences when you try to empress a guy you like. I would really recommend this book because it has diffrent embarrasing moments that are funny. You should read this book it so cool.

message 2: by Karalee (new)

Karalee Huerta | 27 comments well, I am glad you liked that amazing book I haven't read it but I think I will try it out and see how it is ,good job on your book review.

Xxpedro_velazquezxX | 29 comments I am glad you enjoyed your book , it sounds good, i am glad you did this book review because i was interested on what is was about!

message 4: by Karen (new)

Karen | 29 comments Would be helpful to me if you read Sweet Treats and Secret Crushes by Lisa Greenwald. I found it listed with some books when I googled "If you like Shug, try these. Howeer, I have not had tome to read it myself. Summary: ~ A blizzard strikes Brooklyn and three best friends spend Valentine's Day making fortune cookies and giving them to people who live in their apartment building. As they hand the cookies out the girl's hear stories and learn that life is full of nosy parents, bratty siblings and love. Told in each girl's voice, this story is a collection of stories about friendship and secrets.

Macy Hoang | 27 comments I'm glad you liked it! If you liked Shug, you should try reading other books by Jenny Han.

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