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Before the 20th, there were 19 other victors. Now their games are over, they live a life of comfort, the only job they need to fulfill is a mentor. I thought I might be fun to RP from a mentor's perspective for a change.
Just stick to the format, make sure the victors for each district are spread evenly. And when you're making your victor, please remove the dots before the 'b' and '/b'

<.b> Name: <./b>
<.b> Age: <./b> Depends on the year of the games the won, also please state from which year (use Flint as an example).
<.b> Gender: <./b>
<.b> District: <./b>
<.b> Appearance: <./b> With picture if possible
<.b> Characteristics: <./b> Personality, habits etc.
<.b> Which Games they won: <./b> 1-19
<.b> Background: <./b> Family etc. not the games themselves
<.b> Memories of their games: <./b>
<.b> Other: <./b>

List of possible ages for each victor:
1st = 32-38
2nd = 31-37
3rd = 30-36
4th = 29-35
5th = 28-34
6th = 27-33
7th = 26-32
8th = 25-31
9th = 24-30
10th = 23-29
11th = 22-28
12th = 21-27
13th = 20-26
14th = 19-25
15th = 18-24
16th = 17-23
17th = 16-22
18th = 15-21
19th = 14-20

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(One victor per person, unless their tribute wins one of the future Hunger Games)

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Name: Flint Coulthard

Age: 15 (as of 21st Games)

Gender: Male

District: 2


(view spoiler)
Though he's kept his small height, having grown only two inches in the last year making him 5"2ft. His skinny build has gained more muscle, so his hidden strength is now visible. His eyes no longer change their brightness with his moods, now decidedly staying light blue. He has a large scar on his shoulder from where he was hit by both an arrow and spear, though the Capitol did a good job concealing it.

Characteristics: Though some might call him psychopathic, he's actually just overly-eager to please his parents. All the years of neglect left him feeling emotionless to others, though all the emotions involved with the games have mellowed him, now able to be more respectful and generous to others.

Which Games they won: 20th

Background: The son of two trainers, Flint grew up knowing only how to fight, never feeling any compassion or love from either parent. He became well known throughout the district for being deadly, almost 100% accurate with knives and eager to use them.

Memories of their games: He remembers being in the Career pack the whole way though, acting as the leader despite being the youngest. After watching the games for himself, he now remembers each of the six deaths his caused, some of them which he now feels guilt about. Even now he still carries River's silver hairpin in his pocket, as a reminder to what he's been through and the people he met in the arena.

Other: He helps his parents train others at the academy but volunteers as a mentor whenever he can.

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Rowan *call me Red* (rowanmoss) | 166 comments Name: Cassie Moon
Age: 32
Gender: Female
District: 4
Characteristics: Sweet, a little nervous, can be quiet. Loves to read and be outside.
Which Games they won: 4
Background: Cassie was mostly independent, choosing to be by herself. Her mom taught her a little before she went into the Games, and her dad had taught her to swim. She was always a hard trainer and pushed herself to the limits.
Memories of their games: Watching her District Partner be killed right in front of her eyes. They were both good friends, and they had liked each other. She remembers having to kill her ally and she felt horrible about it.
Other: She chooses now to stay in her mind, not talking to many people.

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Clare  RXYLND (RXYLND) Name: Lola Airgreen
Age: 15
Gender: Female
District: 2
Lola is tall for her age and has lovely red hair that is slightly waved. Her eyes are green and she has rather pale skin. She wears jeans and a blue shirt.Her arm is permanently in a arm sling.She usually pulls her hair back into a pony tail and she likes wearing a jean jacket.

Characteristics: She often has flashbacks about when she was in the games. And she is shy sweet and kind. She likes talking to the tributes and has a bad habit of taking her sling off she can be very snappy at times. Her bad habits include: Taking her sling off, jumping off the roof of her house.
Which Games they won: 19
Background: Her only family is her mother and she is good friends with Melody Pond. She grew up in a small house hold and hardly left home.
Memories of their games: Her arm almost got cut off and she went in with her brother. He died in the first few days and she got by with her skills. She won when another tribute tried to kill her, but she twisted his knife into his stomach. Most of her memory's are to terrifying.Even morphling can't erase her memory's.
Other:She likes helping people in the academy and she is always helpful to her friends. She also is quiet when it comes to big crowds.

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) Name: Kallie Reeves
Age: 19 (as of 21st)
Gender: Female
District: 4
Appearance: description
Characteristics: Kallie can be somewhat cold, but is fiercly determined once she starts something. There aren't many people she actually likes. At first she might come off as a nice person but that can quickly change.
Which Games they won: 18
Background: Liked with her two parents and younger brother who she helped to train, unfortunatally her training wasn't enough and he was killed in the 29th HG in the final battle. Before that she had trained constantly
Memories of their games: She had allied with the Career Pack before the start of the games but once the Games actually started she betrayed her allies within two days, taking some of the Careers out in their sleep. She got people to trust her then betrayed them. Other times it was just a straight out fight. She did whatever it took to win and go back to D4.

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Name: Troy Deimos

Age: 36 (as of 21st Games)

Gender: Male

District: 1


Characteristics: Cocky, arrogant and determined, Troy takes pride in the fact he's a victor and believes himself to be above all except the Capitol and other victors.

Which Games they won: 3rd

Background: Like most people from his district, he was raised to fight. He volunteered for his games after his best friend did the same the year before, though he died.

Memories of their games: He watches his games every year to remind himself of his achievement. His favorite memory is his winning moment. He had no weapons left and he was fighting another career on top of a cliff. He ran at the other tribute and pulled him off the cliff, making them both fall. He purposely landed on the other tribute, so the only damage he earned was a broken arm and leg.

Other: He sometimes feels immense pain due to his injuries so regularly takes morphine.

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Name: Kassi Jo Valdez
Age: 16(As of 21st games)
Gender: Female
District: 6
Characteristics: She loves joking around, and she loves to laugh. She dislikes when everything is nice and in an orderly fashion. When she gets mad, she gets violent. She is not afraid to hurt someone, especially if they've hurt her friends. She hates feeling special and being complimented. If people spend money on her, she actually pushes the gift away. She is not one to kill, usually.
Which Games they won: 17
Background: She never had anything in her district. She lived alone, at the age of seven. She had to fend for herself, hunting, and picking plants. She had to carry out all deeds in her life, and couldn't make friends. She lived a depressed life, until she was twelve, and she met a boy. A few months later, just before the reaping, they started dating. Boyfriend and girlfriend. She found out a day before the reaping that she had an older brother who hadn't been disowned by her family.
Memories of their games: In the reaping she volunteered for a girl the same age, just smaller. The girl had never even met her. Her boyfriend was the other one drawn. He was volunteered for by Kassi's brother. In the games, toward the end, a Career cut off her left arm, and somehow, she was immediately sponsored with bandages. Her arm was only cut of just above the elbow, but the Careers had done more than that before she had a chance to kill them. They had sliced her eyes, blinding her, ans the had cut small cuts over every part of her body. Even blinded, she was clever. She killed them with a knife, and it was actually quite easy. That left two tributes, herself, and her brother. In the final battle, she kept her distance, and trew knives at the sound of his voice. She eventually hit him in the heart, and after she was taken out of the games, she got a realistic prosthetic arm, and her sight was surgically fixed.
Other: She is still dating the boy. His name is Leo.

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Antje གརས པཅ Parker | 4 comments Name: Ula Ryba
Age: 21
Gender: Female
District: 4th
Appearance: Saber
Characteristics: Usually quite calm and level headed, Ula is quite analytical for the most part, though when angry all that gets thrown out the window and she just does as much damage as she can to whomever made her that angry, even if it means some is to herself. Ula isn't the most social, and is really quite awkward around other victors. Even after the games she manages to have very little PTSD
Which Games they won: 16
Background: No one really knows anything about this, it's not something Ula tends to talk about. All that's known is she and her parents don't really get on that well.
Memories of their games: Not much really, most of it has been blocked, all she can remember is some of the down time she had while hiding
Other: She loves to fish and even now that she doesn't have to work she'll still go and help out those who do

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Can the next few be male please? I don't think there would be all female victors...

Rowan *call me Red* (rowanmoss) | 166 comments Name: WIll Owens
Age: 35
Gender: Male
District: 12
Characteristics: Kind, caring, patient, now is quiet, used to be a little loud.
Which Games they won: 1
Background: Will was the brother of Scarlet and had always looked after her. He was trained a little before the Games had started and Scarlet had been very little when he went into the Games.
Memories of their games: He tries not to reflect back on the Games, because most are bad memories.

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