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Here we are!

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If you like, I can put up ideas. Oh, and I can easily play boy or girl. I'm good with either.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 163 comments Hi! Sorry for taking so long. Ive been busy with a lot of things all day (especially the replies I had to give on here from the posts left for me last night after I went to bed lol). Yes! Please post some ideas? I always--usually always--come up with stuff after bouncing ideas :). We can talk about characters and genders of then after an idea is made :).

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No problem! I understand. Um, let's's some ideas.

A romance where a girl befriends a hideous, evil orc, almost like a "Beauty and the Beast" romance. I enjoy playing the orc in this.

A little girl searches for her long-lost father, and a hideous orc ends up being her long-lost father. I enjoy playing the orc here as well.

A supernatural/human romance or an all supernatural romance. I enjoy playing the boy or the girl; it doesn't matter.

A little girl (or a teen) meets a talking train, who is an evil diesel engine that has two other evil diesels as his minions, and she becomes friends with him, and later on, as their friendship bonds more, she tries to convince him and his two diesel minions to become good diesels. I like playing the diesel and also his two diesel minions. And I'll incorporate lots and lots of humor in the RP as well if we end up doing this idea. ;)

A romance where a girl falls in love with a mysterious, eerie evil spirit, and he falls in love with her in return. I enjoy playing the evil spirit in this RP, but it doesn't really matter.

So those are some ideas there, haha. Anything there sound cool?

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 163 comments Out of the above, I like the latter the best. What time frame do you usuly picture it in? I'll throw ideas out for that idea once I get back from getting my car out of the shop, if thats okay? So ill be off for an hour or so. :/

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All right, so you like the evil spirit romance the best? Okay. The time frame I picture it in is more modern, like nowadays, but the evil spirit himself is not as modern, maybe more like 100-200 years from nowadays. So he's pretty much someone you would see a couple centuries ago who is here in modern times. And sure, I'm always welcome to your ideas when you get back on. :)

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 163 comments Back! So. The spirit, is he able to be seen by everyone or what? Tell about his physical self so to speak

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He can be seen by everyone whenever he chooses. But he can make it so that he can be seen by no one or by certain people.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 163 comments, I'm guessing he can be solid? Touchable I mean. Are you goin to tell in his character thing what makes him evil? What he was like human or whatever? :)

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Yes, he can be solid and touchable, but he can turn ghostly and transparent at will. And yes, I'll tell in his character what makes him evil or why he's evil. :) But he was never human. He was like born an evil spirit. His father was an evil spirit that used to be human before he got changed into a spirit after he died. So yeah, that's how it is, haha. :)

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 163 comments Thats cool and different. Well! Shall we make our characters? Do you care how I make mine? I have one that I want to use already made up, but if you have some preferred corks for her, I'll try and fit them in.

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Yep! We shall make charries now. And I don't care how you make your charrie. You can do whatever you like. :) Do you want to make your charrie first, or would you like to wait for me?

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 163 comments Mines already made up if you're letting me use my other :). So, let me read over her and I'll post her :).

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All righty. That's fine. :)

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 163 comments ((this okay?))

Name : Tori Sage
Nickname : Sage (used to it from sports)

Age: 20
Day born: October 31

Gender: female
Sexuality: Straight, though she has her questional bisexual moments.

Appearance :
(view spoiler)
Hair color : dirty blonde
Eye Color : pale blue 
Distinguishing marks: a tattoo of an infinity sign on the back of her neck at the base. 

Personality : Tori can be considered sporadic. She is random and doesn't think at all before she acts. She does what she feels would make her happy. She's generally a nice girl, very experimental and enthusiastic. She lives for the thrills and good things in life. Though, the good thrills arent the only things she indulges in. Tori is perfectly fine with doing anything so long as she thinks it will be enjoyable. She can be mean and catty when pushed around. But, in general, she goes with the flow and doesn't let things faze her. A hippy would be the term commonly used for her--but she's not. Peace isn't on her top. She just enjoys the planet and living. 

History: Her mother is a free spirit similar to her while her daddy was a huge sports man--before he shattered his knee. Now he coaches highschool teams, but highly enjoys it still. Tori got the mixture of the two, being an athletic, free spirited young girl. 

At the age of 17, she graduated from her exciting hs career as a relatively popular and happy girl, and went backpacking around Europe with her friends. It was fantastic. Then, they went from their, taking up odd jobs for a few months so they could just have enough cash to keep moving around, living nonstop. But, when the group of four (two males and two females) witnessed a gang killing someone, the group decided to head home for awhile. Take a break and set a few routes in. Life was too short, that they saw. One wrong move and they could be dead. 

But, that didn't dampen Tori's spirit. Soon after, the girl was back to moving around, living in one place just long enough to get enough money to go somewhere new and experience it. She would occasionally make new friends who would come along for awhile. But usually they always left after a few moves. She was okay with enjoying things alone, though. But, alone wasn't exactly what she was. She would sleep around, fully emerging herself in the experiences--never being unsafe. She knew what the dangers in that could be. No kids or stds were in her future so long as she could help it. 

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It looks great! I'll have the spirit up in a moment.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 163 comments Alright :). Can't wait!

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Name: The Undertaker.
Nickname: His name can be shortened into two versions. He goes by "Taker" or "Undie" by people who don't feel like saying "Undertaker" all the time.

Age: Looks 24, but is really 200.
Day born: October 31, 1813.

Gender: Male.
Sexuality: Straight.

Species: An evil spirit.

Hair color: His hair is black. It is also long and thick and wavy, ending at the middle of his back. His long hair is proof that he is a little on the uncivilized, animalistic side.
Eye color: His eyes are black, but he can make them turn fiery red at will, the bright red color spreading over the entire parts of his eyes without any pupils, giving him the horrible, frightening appearance of a demon from the beyond.
Clothing: The Undertaker is always seen dressed in black. His usual attire is a long, warm, heavy, black coat that reaches down to his ankles, complete with a black, Western-looking hat. He also wears black boots and warm, black gloves. When he takes his heavy coat off, you will see a black, buttoned shirt underneath. The shirt is practically sleeveless, the extremely short "sleeves" ending just below his shoulders. The "sleeves" end in a tattered, torn mess, bearing the resemblance of jagged teeth, making the Undertaker look like the Hulk incarnate.

Appearance: He is quite huge, a monster of bulky, muscular size, and he is six feet and ten inches tall. Another aspect of horror is that his teeth are not flat and round like human teeth. They are sharp and pointy, adding to his resemblance of a demon from the beyond, even though he is not really a demon.

Personality: The Undertaker is eerie, animalistic, uncivilized, dark, mysterious, quiet, and likes to keep to himself whenever he chooses. He is evil and vicious mainly if you get on his bad side. He is extremely bold and will walk right up to a person without fear. But if you get him to like you for any reason, he reveals another side that he tends to keep buried deep within himself. Once you succeed in getting into a close friendship with him, you will end up loving him to death. When the Undertaker reveals his other side, he becomes kind, gentle, loving, affectionate, always willing to comfort in troubled times, and fiercely protective. Once he cares for you, he will be loyal to the end and will guard you and protect you no matter what, even if he ends up dying in the process. Sometimes, the Undertaker is so protective that he can end up becoming a little too overprotective. But he can also be pathetic at times, since he had a sad past. But he will only show his heartache and shed tears around the people he loves and cares for. Otherwise, he's a tough wall.

History: Perhaps the most mysterious aspect about the Undertaker is that he has no real name. He is just the Undertaker. His history is unknown, completely shrouded in more eerie mystery. But he will tell you his history if he knows he can trust you, for some of his history is tragic. Both of his parents, his mother a human and his father an evil spirit as well, were destroyed when he was a child. His mother died in a car accident, soon followed by his father dying at the hands of clever witches. Devastated and heartbroken, the Undertaker knew he had lost the only loved ones that he considered dear to him. He tends to keep his heartache masked by his evil, dark, eerie personality, which he tends to do very well.

As for his evil personality, there is really not much to say about that. He was born with it as an evil spirit. But one thing was definite: the Undertaker became much more evil after his parents died. From then on, he began to act how an evil spirit would. He took on a dark pleasure of going after people, haunting their houses and viciously attacking and torturing them, even going to the extreme of brutally killing people. He claims he is getting revenge, for he is angry that his parents were destroyed. All in all, the Undertaker is truly a creature to be seen in a horror movie, a monster that is truly your worst nightmare.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 163 comments ((.I bet you love all movies involving the unattractive and a woman falling in love ;). He's def unique.))

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LOL, I guess I do, haha. And thanks!

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 163 comments Would you like to start?

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I don't mind, but is it okay if you do?? :)

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 163 comments ((sure. Just give me a moment :).))

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((All righty. :) ))

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 163 comments Tori's fingers trace along the cool glass of a music shop. Her pale blue eyes so full of life are looking straight ahead and her smile holding true as she hums to herself. When her fingers find an absence in the glass, Tori glances to her left, finally noticing what she had been walking by. The door to the store is propped open, allowing the gentle, cool breeze to filter into the well managed store. 

Tori's smile fades for a moment as she looks into the store, but upon stepping into the room, the shiny maple floor feeling cold to her bare feet, her smile returns. In her other hand she holds her flats, not liking the feeling as much as the bareness of the world. A hippy--thats a word thrown her way open. But, Tori is not a hippy. She just enjoys the simple things, like the earth's touch to her body. 

The musical instruments range greatly, but the vibe of the store still feels aged. It's nice. She looks to the guitars, memories of her mother teaching her a few cords coming into her mind. As she walks deeper, though, her attention is drug to the grandpaino at the far right end of the store, standing upon a small wooden platform. She grins wider and sways towards the platform, bounding up gracefully to the oak bench. She sits softly and let's her shoes fall to the floor. Soon, her fingers are playin along the tone of the song that first got her interested in the piano. The piano version of the song "In the End" by Linkin Park. It was one of the most enchanting tunes she had ever heard. Her eyes close and her smile turns to a tiny, tranced one as she allows herself to fall into the notes. 

The place she was currently in, country wise, was unknown to her at this point. She travels so often she looses track of where she is. The entire world is her playground in ways. But, the small town has a darker vibe to it during the night and even the day, but it still manages to be full of life. 

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A tall, dark shadow darkened the already dark walls in an alley right next to the store. The few dead, brown leaves scattered all over the street rustled in the quiet but slightly whistling wind. But the wind whistled not in a happy, pleasant way, but in a very dark, eerie, haunting way, as if it could sense the cold presence of the black figure eerily making his way down the dark, empty alley.

The figure, dressed in a long, black coat complete with boots, gloves, and a black hat, made his way down to the end of the alley, which ended into the street. He was walking on the right side of the store, the very same store that Tori was in. He was making his way around to the front of the store, the fact being unknown whether he was heading straight into the store or not. He himself wasn't sure.

He mysteriously walked past a window in the store, his shadow eerily and slowly appearing and disappearing as he walked completely past the window. He never looked right or left, his cold, dead eyes staring straight on ahead, his walk slow, methodical, and eerie, as if he was some zombie.

This mysterious figure was the Undertaker.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 163 comments The normally light hearted woman's heart felt a cold, icy vine starting to wrap around it as well as a dribble of freezing feeling dripping down her spine. Her eyes fluttered open, the last notes fading from her ears in a way she had never heard them. They weren't beautiful as normal, but haunting. 

Her eyes went around the small music store, not seeing anyone beyond the early to mid twenties year old boy who had come in from the back a moment before. His gaze had fallen on her. "You're pretty good," he informed, a small smile coming to his cute face showing his dimples off. 

Tori returned his smile as she stood. "Thank you..." she trailed off, still feeling the cold eat at her. "Do you feel a coldness? A breeze perhaps?" she asks. 

The dirty blonde shakes his head a little and follows her gaze. "No ma'am. But, there have been others that have asked similar things. It's something about this town, I believe."

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The Undertaker continued his methodical walk while all this was happening inside the store beside him. As he reached the end of the alley, his boots stopped right beside the area where the sidewalk that led to the entrance of the store began. His head that was once looking more downward slowly began to look up, his hat no longer shadowing the upper half of his face. As his gaze shifted up to the full moon that had crept out from behind the dark clouds in the night sky, the shadow from his hat began to disappear as his entire face was revealed, the moonlight shining down upon his face and giving it a bit of a glow, adding more eerieness to the already eerie vibe that radiated from him.

Then the Undertaker looked back down slowly and began to step onto the sidewalk, the boots causing his footsteps to be a little bit loud, almost a clapping sound. A quiet breeze started, blowing the Undertaker's long hair and making it flow in the wind, his coat flapping gently in the cool breeze. His black hair shone in the moonlight, giving it a silky but eerie look.

But then the Undertaker's footsteps stopped, his head rising up slightly. He was now standing right in front of the store, right where the open door was. His head turned to the side, and he saw the store inside....and two people inside. But his gaze was mostly drawn to the young girl.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 163 comments "So, I shouldn't stay here too long," Tori said in a bit of a joke, backing herself up a bit to take a seat back on the bench but facing the young owner--well son of the owner. She didn't know that of course. She didnt know him at all. 

He laughed a little, but he shrugged as well. "It's not a bad place...just has a Halloween vibe year round in ways," he told, running a hand through the short blonde longs that lay a top his head. His light green eyes stayed on her as he slowly walked a little closer. "I recommend staying a while."

Tori couldn't help the playful grin. "Then I shall take your advice." In general, the young girl was very trusting and easy going. If someone asked her if she wanted to go across country, she found herself happily accompanying them. If a strange man offered her candy, she would shove a handful in her mouth, thank him and walk away.

"I'm Alex," he introduced once he got close enough to extend his hand. Tori reached and shook it willingly. 


((can they see him? I was gonna make one noticed, but wasnt sure if he was visible yet.))

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((You can do whatever you like. He is in front of the store to the point where he can be seen, but I'm leaving it all up to you. :) ))

The Undertaker watched what went on inside the store. His cold, black eyes stared at the young man first before they shifted over to the beautiful young girl. He remained where he was in front of the store, never budging an inch. He was like a statue, like the kind of statue that you would see in a horror movie. Like the kind of statue that you could walk up to, thinking that it would be a regular, unliving statue....and then all of the sudden, the statue would come to life....and then things would end as they usually would in a horror movie....blood and death.

The Undertaker's eyes were fixed on the girl, never even blinking once. He never took his eyes off her. Once again, the upper half of his face was shadowed by his hat.

He listened as the two began their light conversation, his great sense of hearing picking up on every word they said. He perked up more as he heard what the young man said....something about this town.... He knew that the source of the strangeness in this town was him.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 163 comments The ice vines hadn't left, but the warm conversation and dimply smile of this boy, Alex, made Tori mostly forget the coldness of it. That was until she felt eyes on her. The door of the store was still propped open and the once just cool wind had began to drop in temperature, swirling in more ruthlessly than it once had. 

"Tori," Alex repeated her name, a few strands of his blonde hair cutting over his eyebrows barely. "Well, Tori, I can show you around tomorrow, if you'd like since you're newer to the town."

Tori blankly nodded, again moving her eyes around the wall. The vines tightened around her heart again when she noticed a dark figure lurking near the entrance. Her face went clear of a smile and her voice vanished, unable to speak at all. 

Alex followed her stares and caught drift of what she saw. He hadn't the faintest idea of who it was or what it was. "I can also walk or drive you back to where you're staying," he added, feeling a bit unsure of what to do as far as the shadow went. 

"I, um...I think I'll hangout here for awhile..."

"That's understandable," Alex assured, both still watching the thing. "You can stay at my house if you need." He didn't mean it in a way to get her into his bed, but rather a 'if you don't feel safe being alone' sort of gesture. 

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The Undertaker quickly realized that he had been seen. But he didn't care. He was right in front of the open door, right out in the open where he could be seen at any moment, and he knew it. He continued to stare right at Tori, his dead stare seeming to pierce right through her, staring down all the way into the depths of her soul. He ignored the young man and just focused his attention on her.

The Undertaker didn't have a reason in particular to stare at her. He just chose to. He just happened to be right there in front of the store, and she just happened to be in it. And he just happened to notice movement in the store, and that's when he had seen her and the young man.

The Undertaker remained like a statue for a considerably long time, his eyes remaining on her more. It looked like he wasn't going to leave any time soon.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 163 comments "Is...he a friend of yours?" Tori questioned quietly, growing uneasy that his eyes were boring into her. Alex shook his head a bit. 

"No..." he said in the same whisper. The air was dense and things were growing more and more unbearable. 

"Sr.?" Tori asked a little louder, hoping things would be cleared up and the man would stop looking at her from underneath the brim of his hat.

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The Undertaker did not budge an inch, not even when he heard Tori speak louder. He figured she was most likely speaking to him.

The eerie silence continued, but this time, it was for a rather short while. Moments after Tori had spoken that one word to him, the wind began to pick up around the Undertaker, blowing his coat and his hair more forcefully and rapidly. The Undertaker slowly lifted his head more towards the sky as the wind became louder and more ruthless.

Then when the wind reached its point, the Undertaker began to disintegrate, his body slowly transforming into what looked like dusty smoke before the smoke vanished into the air. Once it was all over, the Undertaker was gone.

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((Gotta go to bed. Bye.))

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((Okay, I'm back.))

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 163 comments Tori's eyes grow wide as the man seemed to just turn to dust in the wind. Was such a thing possible? She and the boy stay still, unspoken and unable to comprehend what had just happened. After a very long moment passed by, Tori manages to speak, "Yes, I suppose it is just something about this town..." her voice is very distant and her face probably pale. 

What the hell had just happened...?

((sorry for the shortness. I do better when RPing with someones character rather than myself... If that makes sense?))

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((That's all right. I don't really care how long or short it is.))

The Undertaker was certainly gone, but not gone from the area. Soon after disappearing, he reappeared about a mile away from the store in a small, wooded area beside another alley and another street.

The wind began to pick up again in this area, and what had just happened in front of the store reversed. The dusty wisps of smoke began to appear out of the air again, swirling around in a circle before forming back into the body of the Undertaker again.

Once the transformation was complete, the Undertaker began to move once again, slowly stepping forward to stand behind a tree. His gloved hands rested on the rough bark as he peeked out from behind the tree, glancing around the tiny wooded area and the alley and the street.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 163 comments ((I don't know what to write. I'd be rp-ing with my own characters since yours is doing his own thing. I know that's common to have space between characters but ours really haven't interacted. At all much. We've been writing our own bits basically))

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((It's okay. Do you think maybe something could happen where Tori ends up seeing him again? Like maybe she decides to walk home or something and they run into each other? Just a thought.))

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((Or if you like, I can always do another post or edit my post and make something happen.))

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 163 comments Perhaps an hours time passed before Tori regained her courage. Not that she was one to be terrified, but freaked out could easily be taken from her reserve of emotions. She told her new friend things would be fine walking alone and that surely what they saw hadn't been real...though she didn't even believe that. Though, he argued against her and convinced her to let him escort her. At the door of the small house she had come into owning, she said her byes for the night and watched him walk away, but a chill in the air made her glance around, the hairs on the back of her neck standing as she did so. She turned to the door and began to fumble with her keys. 

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The location of the Undertaker just happened to be right there by her house. The tiny acre of woods he was standing in was right on the other side of the road across from her house, nestled on the street corner between some old, abandoned houses. The Undertaker had seen everything. He had suddenly whipped his head over to the side, seeing two figures walking down the street out of the corner of his eye. He eyed the pair before quickly coming to the conclusion that they were the boy and girl that he had seen inside the music store. Once again, his attention was focused entirely on the girl, avoiding the young man altogether. He did not take his eyes away from her as she and the young man parted, and she said her goodbyes to him. But as she began to fumble with her keys in order to unlock and open her front door, the Undertaker decided to make a move.

He disappeared from the small forest in smoke again, quickly this time. A dark shadow formed behind Tori as the towering form of the Undertaker reappeared, standing only inches away from her and staring down at her with red eyes.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 163 comments The freezing grip that had clasped around Tori's heart at the store had again taken grip, digging it's nails deep into the organ and forcing it to pump harder and quicker to get blood flowing. Each cell seemed to become cold. She swallowed hard, knowing something was wrong, feeling it in her body and knowing it in her mind. Closing her eyes briefly, Tori took in a staggered breath before getting the key into the hole and twisting it. She had seen movies. Things never worked well if the blonde turned around to see if something loomed behind her. So, she didn't as she twisted the knob and opened the door. 

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Once again, the Undertaker disappeared into the air, his presence drifting into her house in an invisible form of smoke. Why he was entering her house he didn't know entirely. After all, he did this all the time when going to haunt people's houses. He never gave it a second thought. He remained invisible for a while, allowing himself to fly around her house, snooping in each room, seeing what her house was like. Then he drifted back into the living room, and there his eerie, mystical presence stayed.


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