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Kerahia We are going to write our own book four in the fifty shades trilogy. This is how it goes, heres a short paragraph, now you write another sentence that follows the story line and the next person will follows yours and so on. Lets see where this takes us. So here goes!!

Anastasia Grey smiled as she watched Christian make sand castles with Teddy, Pheobe and Ava. Life couldn't get any better than this. She wanted to enjoy her last day of paradise with her loved ones before they got back to their busy schedules. Mia and Ethan left right after the wedding to go to their honeymoon in Rome and Grace left this morning to an emergency at the hospital so carrick went with her. "He's Cheating on me Ana" The words snapped her right out of her trance. "What did you just say?" Ana wispered. "He's cheating on me. I've had my suspicions for about some time now, not sure how long he has been at it and with who but he is, i know it Ana, my gut is screaming at me that he is. That's why he left with Grace and Carrick." Kate replied.

Leesa " You can't be sure about that"
" I can't!!!!!!" exclaimed Kate. "I know it he hasn't been interested in me or anything for a while he's sleeping with that hussy and you have to help me find her"

Nuran Ana was finding it harder and harder to watch her friend lose herself to her mental illness, same paranoia mental illness that Kate's mother suffered from. Kate looked so beautiful once, but now her hair was a mess, she was wearing mismatched socks and there were food crumbs all over her face, and she smelt of sick. The old Kate would never stepped out in public like this. The hope that a beach holiday would be good for her now lay tattered on the grainy sands.

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Leesa Kate didn't understand why Ana couldn't see. Why wouldn't she help her?

" You're my friend and I just found out that my boyfriend is cheating on me. Just because he's your beloved's boyfriend doesn't mean you have to take his side on everything" she said her voice filled with disgust.

Megan "I'm not taking his side," Ana MUTTERED (lol), "I'm just saying don't jump to crazy conclusions. What has he been doing differently?"

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