Bloody Mary (Jack Daniels Mystery, #2) Bloody Mary question

Who should play who in the movie
Tialisa Tialisa Mar 15, 2013 09:02AM
I spent countless hours raking, and mowing my lawn while engrossed in this series of books. I absolutely love the vibrant highly flawed characters but Dick Hill, Susie Breck and Angela Dawson are amazing in their narrations. I often ponder if there were a movie who would play our beloved Jack, Harry, Herb and Finn so far I have,
Jack...Debra Messing
Harry....Tom Arnold
Herb....John Goodman
Finn...Vin Diesel

I've read all the Jack Daniels books, but I never thought about them becoming movies. I like Sandra Bullock for Jack, and definitely John Goodman for Herb!

Jon Benthal, I feel, could be a very good Phin. I'd be interested to see Debra Messing as Jack. And John Goodman, probably with a fat moustache, would be the perfect Herb Benedict. As for Harrison Harold McGlade, I'm thinking William H. Macy. What say you all?

Tialisa Hmmm interesting
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I can envision. . the following cast for this book. .

Jack. . .Bridget Moynahan
Herb. . .Dennis Franz
Harry. . .Ed O'Neill
Finn. . .Alex O'Loughlin
Lathan. .Bill Pullman
Alan. .Steven Colbert
Mary Streng(Jack's Mom). . .Beverly D'Angelo

I think Sandra Bullock would make a great Jack! I could definitely see John Goodman as Herb, too.

Is Harry's character on the "heavy" side? I was thinking he was skinny. Maybe I missed his description and that's how I picture him in my mind, lol.

Who do you see as Lathan and Alan? I'm going to have to think on that...

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