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message 1: by Jenny (new)

Jenny (gielske) | 28 comments For those among us who are re-reading or anticipating the BoD release

message 2: by Jenny (new)

Jenny (gielske) | 28 comments I wanted to come back to my skill/wit question. The dragons communicate through the skill, but why then did the stone dragons need 'blood and the wit' to wake them? I wonder if those kind of loose threads overlapsing the series will be resolved in Blood of Dragons or if Hobb will write another sub-series to bring the farseers and the new elderlings together.

My theory is that over the years since the doom the power has evolved in these lesser magics like hedge magic, scrying and the wit. Due to a lack of draconic guidance.

message 3: by Jenny (new)

Jenny (gielske) | 28 comments Another thing I was wondering... By the end of the Tawny man Fits notices it is becoming easier for him to understand the dragons... Does this mean he'll become an Elderling?? Or at the least started an unguided change?? What about Nettle?? Or Thick?? I would love for Fits and the fool to have a few more years together in the future and Elderling longivity could make this possible.

Wonder if we'll ever get back to the farseers again...

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