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The Gathering Storm (The Wheel of Time, #12)
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message 1: by Jon (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jon (jonmoss) | 706 comments Post your thoughts and comments here if you've finished reading The Gathering Storm. Spoilers are allowed for this book and all previous books in the Wheel of Time series. Please mark anything as a spoiler if it refers to events that happening in the remaining books in the series.

Amelia (narknon) | 523 comments Egwene rocks in this book! It was so nice to actually see one of the women truly shine.

Crazy, mad Rand has found the light again! That scene on Dragonmount was intense. It was hard to get through all those dark moments that he went through (such as using balefire on an entire city) but it's definitely great to see him finally getting some light and happiness back. Redemption, I guess you could call it that.

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Spoiler alert.

I loved this book because it came out 3 months after I finished reading Knife of Dreams, and during the intervening time I had a chance to read the Mostborn trilogy and fall in love with Sanderson' awesome dialogue and active writing. He did a spectacular job, untangling all sorts of snarls Mr Jordan had woven together with his various plots. Rand's transformation after he embraces the True Power, his psychic connection to the reincarnated Ishamael and Egwene's brilliant intrigues were wonderful highlights. Definitely set the stage for the preclimatic excitement that fills the pages of Towers of Midnight.

Alex | 104 comments The ending was definitely different. No major battles or anything. Just Rand sorting out his issues. If Lews Therin is gone I wonder if he'll be able to channel without getting sick now.

One thing that's been bugging me with the series finally sunk in during the Arad Doman parts. Almost everybody from certain countries is exactly the same. Every Shinierian had the same hair style. All Arafelians wear bells in their braids. All Cairhiens are short, etc. On a continent with no immigration laws and a common language without any real dialects either besides Illian you'd think the cultures and styles and genetics would blend them all together more.

Speaking of immigration laws, what's the deal with Shara? It's been mentioned enough that I'd imagine they have to make an appearance at some point even as reclusive as they are.

Suzanne | 212 comments I enjoyed this book so much more than the last several. Things actually happened! I think I had an attitude about reading it until about halfway through, because I was so frustrated with the past books and their snail-like pace.

I especially loved the small part with Verin. I've always liked her, and now I love her. And I enjoyed the Egwene parts so much! I'm now officially glad I kept reading the series.

Helen I'm glad I kept reading too, might not have if it hadn't been complete. Rand, I was holding my breath in the scene with Tam and I'm glad he finally relaxed a laughed. Wonder how that will play out. I feel Cadsuane knows more than is being hinted at, interesting character. Egwene was brilliant.

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