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Book vs Movie

I love the books, and although the movies aren't exactly the same as the books, I view them as book companions. The movies help complete the story for me, it gives the characters faces and you can visualise places etc.

so if you are prepared to read the books, fall in love with the story and then top it all off with seeing it come to life in the movies, then you'll end up happy.

Just don't watch the movies and complain that they didn't copy the books exactly, because you already know they didn't. So just let the movies complement the books for you.

Just my opinion.

AlbertaJenn I agree! "Companions" is a great way of putting it. Like a visual elaboration. It is neat to see the story come to life. But if a movie were an accura ...more
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I think they are both good in their own right, with exceptions. As with everything there's good and bad.

The books were good because you got more of the raw emotion, and got immersed in what the characters were feeling and seeing. You usually get more detail in books anyway. But in this case it's a two-edged sword. Because of the description on vampire physiology, according to the books, Renesmee can't exist. A huge plot hole that makes the last book of the series nonsensical.

The movies on the other hand, gloss over the details. All you know about vampires from the movie is they sparkle, they're fast and strong, don't sleep and have no circulation. And some have powers. But because the movies gloss over the rest of vampire physiology, then the baby still makes sense.

One place that the movies got totally wrong was at the end of the Eclipse movie. Remember the infodump that Bella gives at the meadow? She says it was never a choice between Edward and Jacob, but a choice for who she wanted to be.

That is the exact opposite of what is in the books. It was always a choice between E & J. And what happened to that speech from Bella to Jacob at the end of the New Moon movie? "Don't make me choose. Because it'll be him. It's always been him."

Anyway, that's why I say they both have their good and bad.

books are better then the movies...obviously

Books better than films(as always!) - film too simplified and made the love story look silly. Bella was equally annoying in both and I would probably say that Robert Pattinson surpassed my version of Edward (nice!)but I found the films too cheesy for my taste. When I first read the books I thought the imagery and depth of feeling was beautiful but it is very difficult to capture that on film and keep it in the realms of realism (and avoid cheesisms!).

those actors can't act! see by yourself!

The books were much better than the movies, with the exception on the ending of "Breaking Dawn". I was SO disappointed in how the books ended, it was nice to see the movies take me on the ride I had been waiting for.

the movies were amazing but the book was too aswome it brought tears to my eyes and waz so creative!!!!

To me both book and movie was great but the book always overrides the movie.

They were both great in their own way.
While the book was detailed and amazing! The movies were funny and helped with the setting of scenes and emotions (Anything that required visual aid to understand better really). My favourite book was Twilight but my favourite movie was Breaking Dawn part2. That movie I thought did a fantastic job.
The scene in Italy where Edward was 'revealing himself', or whatever you would like to call it, to me was a bit 'bleh' to put it honestly. It was just that tad boring and wasnt what it was like in the book.
This is just my opinion though:) many of my friends thought that part was exactly like in the book.

Haidi Its funny how we all see things differently, that scene in Italy when Edward is saved by Bella, is one of my favourite scenes from all of the movies, ...more
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Of course I like the books!! I hate the movies actually. In my imagination, Bella isn't that weird like Kristen. The movies ruin everything inside my head. The movies are getting worse. I like none of them.

To me both book and movie was great but the book always overrides the movie.

The movies were good ..just not as good as the books :)

The books are best,because in the movies some of the story is missing!It`s going too fast in the movie!!!!

For me, all the stuff that made the books so good, and elevated them from much other teenfiction, has been taken out of the movies...

The movies is really all and only about Bella, Edward and Jake... All other relations is either seriously downplayed, or just totally written out...

It's still an okay watch, but the books are definately a lot better...

Actually, the movies did quite well.....otherwise there wouldn't have been a contract to make 2,3,4&5.

Anyway, the books are way better....more detailed. Of course, that goes for any book turned movie.

The scene in New Moon, where Bella is running to 'save' Edward, was EXACTLY how I pictured it as I read it. I couldn't believe how bang on they got it.

And what was wrong with Bella's hair in Breaking Dawn?
Did I miss something? pmsl
I know she's wearing a wig in New Moon, because she just finished shooting a movie (The Runaways) and her hair was quite short, so she was made to wear one.

As for Seth, I don't think we see/hear enough of him in the movies. He's hardly in them!

Best out of the movies in order (in my opinion) are:
Breaking Dawn Part 2
New Moon
Breaking Dawn Part 1 (This movie realllly sucked!)

Best out of the books in order are:
Breaking Dawn
New Moon

The movies do follow the books quite well.

from my experience the book is better then the movie

Both Books and movies are great but for me there was important parts left out of the movies that would of brang the movies together better.

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I think that they are both pretty great. Books are very well written, and the movies do a good job of bring the books to live.

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