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message 1: by Philip (new)

Philip Whiteland | 21 comments Reduced to 99p/99c (or equivalent) until Sunday, 17th March.

It’s a time of Civil War; of cowboys and soldiers, riverboats and gamblers, genteel Southern Belles and dark deeds.

Celany Garden had it all – big house, doting wealthy parents and not one but two devoted lovers. So why is she being pursued by kidnappers? What has happened to her maid, and where does an Army Major called Agnes fit in? Can Celany beat the law, the army, and an enthusiastic posse in finding the answers? Everything hinges on a flatulent horse called Thunder, a General who hates loud noises and a psychopathic Marshall with a penchant for torture. Gone with the Wind was never like this!

If you like your humour a little on the silly side, and you're a fan of the great British tradition of word-play, stretching from 'The Goons' to 'The Two Ronnies', via the 'Carry On' series and Benny Hill for a healthy(?) dose of innuendo and double-entendre, then take a Look Inside, you might just find what you've been waiting for!

Philip Whiteland is well known for his hilarious collections of 'nostalgedy' childhood memoirs, 'Steady Past Your Granny's' and 'Crutches for Ducks'. This is his first foray into full-length fiction (and you try saying that after a night down the pub).

"I liked it very much, lighthearted ,funny ,good story ,just what's needed in this busy,busy life ."

message 2: by Philip (new)

Philip Whiteland | 21 comments Because I made a complete mess of promoting this in the original timespan, I'm extending the offer to Friday, 22nd March.

Have a Look Inside - you might just like it (I'm not overdoing the hard sell here, am I?)

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Philip Whiteland | 21 comments Chuffed to bits with this latest review:


message 4: by Philip (new)

Philip Whiteland | 21 comments By the way, Jambalaya by Philip Whiteland has been reduced to 99p/99c for the whole of the month of April.

message 5: by Philip (new)

Philip Whiteland | 21 comments And now extended to the month of May ;-)

message 6: by Philip (new)

Philip Whiteland | 21 comments Here it is, the EXTENDED 99p/99c WEEKEND! From now until midnight BST on 15th September,ALL OF MY KINDLE EDITIONS are just 99p/99c - fill your bookshelves whilst you've got the chance :-)


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