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Movie or book?
deleted member Mar 15, 2013 05:59AM
I am really interested in your opinion: what did you like more:the book or the movie? And why?
So I'll start: I liked the book more. But the movie was great too but I had the feeling that if you hadn't read the book first you would have been a little bit confused. I can't tell if it is true because I had read the book twice before i saw the movie.
However what is your opinion?

Book was better.

I was a LITTLE, and I mean a LITTLE bit disappointed in the movie, it didn't include the things I felt were important from the book.

But I liked the book more, I guess from all movie's made from books, the books are way better because you're able to create a picture in your head and compare it to the movie and obviously the picture in your head will be better, so you're obviously going to be disappointed.

i loved them both. the book was great. i think it was better however, in the movie i loved the fight between the volturi and the cullens and their friends

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