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message 1: by Bobby (new)

Bobby Morris (bobby_morris) Hi. I've recently published two novels in paperback and Kindle form. The latter will be FREE to download from today (the 15th) until the 19th.

Ned Ludd: He-Goose from Hell is a fictional biography of the mythical figure who founded Luddism in England 200 years ago. The story it built around the fragments that you can read on Wikipedia, and it is decidedly non-serious!

White-Hot Gruel is set in a research facility in England in the early years of the present century. The scientists there are developing solutions to the world food problem, and lots of crazy things happen as the story unfolds.

These books can be found by searching on Amazon, or via the links on the following page:


Thank you for reading.

Bobby Morris.

message 2: by Bobby (new)

Bobby Morris (bobby_morris) I'm running another giveaway, peeps, this time including my newly published third novel. It ends on Sunday 7th July.

Zeno's Chimney is a remake of The Thirty-Nine Steps that takes place in a football-mad Britain ruled by an Esperanto-speaking elite.

If you search my name on Amazon, you'll find my stuff. Thanks.

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