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All your's L'Poni!

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Yes~! It's going to be a few hours before I get everything set. This will be great~!

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Take as long as you need to make this totally epic!!!

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Prologue Part 1: Lying Games

I placed my ID card on the scanner.
It beeped once, twice.
Goodness, I hate my life.
I'm being hauled back into the worst place on Earth.
I followed Ser Thomas into the entrance hatch, not saying a word to him. He didnt say much either. I think he's incapable of speaking.
"Stand on the platform. You're going to be scanned before I can let you back into the spire."
Apparently I'm wrong. He can talk. His voice sounds creepy coming from the voice filters in his armor. And to think I'm going to be like him someday. I can hardly fire a plasma pistol without accidentally killing someone (sorry, mom!) or grazing some unfortunate person's shoulder.
The infrared scanners found no trace of anything that might harm the civilians of Dragon Spire.
No flu, no mud-dwelling microbes that eat flesh, no rabies and no tiny radioactive weapons to poison the water filters.
I guess I'll try again next time.
We left the blue metallic box that is the entrance hatch, went into the purification airlock (it sprays those nasty tracking microbes onto our skin) and we entered the vast expanse that is Sector 1.
Sector 1 was an assortment of cultures thrown together. You got the cosplayers in their Victorian outfits, modern folks in their modern clothes, dragons walking about, Crotonians flying in the sky and, of course, the armored guards. They were nothing like Thomas. Their job is to guard all entrances on this sector and keep people in check whereas Thomas guards the President and drags sorry whelps like me to this sorry excuse of a home.
The dragons were always happy. I guess they should be, their Prince built this place for them. The dragons that live here come in different varieties: six-limbers (like the ones from bedtime stories), Wyverns (the dragons with no arms), Wyrms (no arms and no legs), the occasional super rare biped (Hearth Wyrms? Don't try sneaking up on those baddies) and the Shifters. Basically any dragon you see could be a shifter. Its so hard to tell these days.
Besides the dragons, there are the Crotonians. Some of them are giant hybrid wasps, others are bug aliens that resembled something you'd see in a Sci Fi flick. They live in hiveminds and are controlled by a single King or Queen.
There's the owls, whom I don't give two dimes about, and there are the cicadas. They get really loud every two weeks. Its like murder. Every morning you hear WEEEEEE WEEEEE WEEEEEE. Shut up! Your women can hear you loud and clear!
Oh, there are humans too. I'm one of them. We like to do whatever we want. Sometimes the guards keep us in check because we're prone to violence but we're also super lovey-dovey.
I feel like an outsider. Don't know why. It happens every now and then.
I see the happy cosplayers: girls all dressed up in their victorian or renaissance gowns and guys dressed in expensive suits with breeches and those white scarf-thingies they put around their necks.
There's the modern folks like me: hoodies, jeans, t-shirts with designs, tank tops, skirts, cargo pants, too-short-shorts, jackets and all that stuff.
The ceiling projects the false image of a sky. It looks so real but its so fake. That coupled with the artificial fog (you'll see that during the elevator ride) will fool you into thinking you're outside.
And, of course, the Prez. His picture was on the holographic billboard, right on Sector 1's main building. He was always watching you. The picture couldn't be any more political: a forty-something-year-old in a suit and a projected background of the Italian flag. He wasn't even Italian! Nowhere near it. Neither of us are except a few hundred. The population of Dragon Spire is very diverse.
I suppose I should tell you about the President.
He's a murderer...
...and a rapist of little boys...
...and a manipulator.
When I was ten, there was an event that everyone calls The Event. A bucketload of people protested and got killed in droves because the original king (and creator) of this tower, the Prince, was found raped and murdered. All hell broke loose when everyone heard of his death. O'Shelly, the President, restored order to this tower by lying. I know what he did to the Prince, but if I say anything I'll be killed. Everyone doesn't see they are being played like a stack of cards but I can see it very well. It makes me mad knowing this once beautiful spire has become a mental wasteland. When the Prince was alive, everything was pure. Now everything is muck. My friends think I'm crazy. I'd rather be crazy than live a lie because I know that lie is sticking to me like a leech, and any moment it could bleed me dry.
Killing the Prince gave O'Shelly the Godkiller status. Nobody can kill a dragon god but somehow he managed to do it. It scares me just thinking about it.
Thomas guided me to the spiral elevator in the center of Sector 1. I knew what was coming next. Go see the President, you whelp!
"The President wants to see you in the Boardroom," he said that so easily, "if you are not there in twenty minutes I will find you and drag you there."
Why am I always right?
Hey, Thomas, take off the mask. It makes you sound like a...
"Get on the elevator, now!"
"I'm going. I'm going."
Its like he knows my thoughts.

The ride on the elevator would take ten minutes at its fastest speed. That leaves me ten extra minutes to kill.
I stopped the elevator at Sector 8. My friend Ayakunda lives in this sector and she's the only one that understands me. Ayakunda and I have been friends since I was ten. I remember the day we first met:
I was sitting alone in the park by the main building. I was having a case of the moody bug because Ma was meeting with the President again after she promised to play baseball with me. I had my knees pulled up to my chest and my face buried. I didn't want to see no one.
"What's wrong with you?"
Some girl was talking to me. Please leave me alone, I thought.
"Hey! I'm talking to you."
When I looked up at her, I nearly shivered. An angry girl with two puffy ponytails and a pink dress was standing before me. Her angered stare, hands on her hips, she looked like she meant business.
"What?" I asked her irritably.
She shouted to me, "Stop being sad!"
At first I wanted to shout back, but then I laughed! I never laughed so hard in my life!
I feel on my back laughing, "Ha! Ha! Haaaaa~! Ha! Ha!"
Sternly she asked, "What's so funny?"
"You! Ha! Ha!"
"You're so funny! Ha! Ha!"
She started laughing, too. Ever since then we've been inseparable.
I opened the door to her dorm and called her name.
"Aya...are you home?"
Her room was very small, just as single bed and a window behind it. The walls were an atrocious red color and the bathroom was too close for comfort. The plasmoid TV was by the window with an assortment of wires hanging from it. Ayakunda liked the room and it's red paint. I'll never understand why.
It was eerily silent.
Her bed was unmade, which is strange. She always makes her bed when she wakes up. Her toothbrush was still wet. The lights were still on.
No note or anything.
She was gone.
I went back to the elevator with a dreadful feeling.

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Prologue: Part 2

"There's a tiny little life form closed off from the world. He is sad and does not know where to go. And he said, "I will protect you I will give you a home." And the child, so naïveté, followed him through. Va Hyin il Drachenri c'yet xaylw'g soycsvelya ca'wwupg! Va xasa--"
Nikki's voice ceased when she saw me in the elevator. Don't mind me, keep singing your gibberish song.
The room I was in was called The Chapel. It literally looked like the inside of a church, complete with a huge stain glass window on the wall high above the altar. The "picture" (if thats what you call it) on the window was a mosaic of the Prince's dragon form and Dragon Spire itself. Behind the altar were three doors that led to three rooms: the boardroom, the living quarters of the Royal Guards and some room nobody knows about.
"I hate these large rooms," I muttered.
If you were hanging from the ceiling, falling would literally kill you. Its that big.
"Are you going to see the Prez?" Asked Nikki.
"Good luck," I heard her say aloud, but what she whispered caught my attention.
"Be careful."
I said nothing to her.
The President could be watching.
He's always watching, him and that wicked cicada bot Ludwig.
I went through the old doors and saw O'Shelly standing at the window. Besides his bedroom, this room has the best view of the city below us. Above the fireplace was a huge painting of the Prince standing proudly. He looked so smug and arrogant in that painting (or maybe that's just me).
"I never fully respected the ideologies of the Prince. This spire is truly a marvel."
I nodded in agreement. I was as nervous as heck.
"Why were you outside?"
I didn't want to tell him the truth, so I lied.
"I wanted to catch tuna for Aya and visit the Faëries in the forest."
Now that I think about it, I think one of those cyber Faë ratted me out.
He withdrew his gaze from the window and walked towards me.
"You are the last remnant of your mother," he said as he put his hands behind his back, "I'd hate to see you dead. Please, for my sake, stay inside the spire."
I wanted to shout, 'but there's so much I want to see! Why are you keeping me here? Why can't I and everyone else leave?' However the last time I said that, I ended up with a black eye. He punched me hard and said 'don't you dare raise your voice at me!' I left crying like a baby. He eventually apologized but that won't take it back.
"You are like a son to me," he said, "heed my words. Stay inside the spire."
He only likes me because I'm a boy version of my mother. Before she died (killed accidentally by a plasma pistol fired by a ten-year-old) she and O'Shelly had a...um...they had....um...they were private liaisons for a very long time. That's how my little brother Timothy was born. He looks exactly like O'Shelly. Although O'Shelly is his father, Aya and I ended up taking care of him.
O'Shelly patted me on the shoulder, "Do not stress me again, my son."
Now, a very angry girl would say, You ain't my daddy!
I said nothing but that's what I was thinking.
I know what his real motives are towards me.
He's had them since he met my mother.
At first, it was the only reason why he was around her until he actually fell in love with her.
I can tell he's thinking about it right now because I look like her.
I said lightly, "Please get your hands off my shoulder."
I won't let him corrupt and murder me like he had done to the Prince.
He said cooly, "Shame on you for thinking such atrocious thoughts. What would your mother think?"
My lips felt dry. I tried talking, "She-"
"She is not here, is she?" He said it so easily.
I tried again, "She-"
"Died with all of the other people."
Did he really love her? The way he talks about her...
"Looks just like you."
He called that cicada bot of his.
Ludwig was an android that resembled a cicada standing upright. Even the wings on his sides looked real. The only thing that pulled him from organicness were his glowing blue eyes.
"Yes, m'lord?"
"Take Danny to Sector 3. Armando will find use of him."
Punishment of the day: spend time with Armando Karrucci.
Ludwig extended his robotic feelers.
I looked back at O'Shelly with a dreadful frown.
"Take his hand." He said.
Worse step-father ever.
I was holding the hand of a cicada bot. I had to lean to the right to hold onto his cold feelers. Why wasn't he built with longer arms?


President O'Shelly always hated being in that boy's presence. Everything about him made his stomach churn. He couldn't control those urges, for they were too numerous and too unstable. He'd have to curb his appetite by stealing dragon-shifter children from the streets. He went for the ones that weren't wanted, the ones that had no home, the ones that easily believed he would protect them. Dragons were more easy to corrupt and, to him, they were more desirable, like the Prince. Such a shame that such a beautiful life was wasted. He got in the way, tried to change things, but O'Shelly loved their nightly outings. The Prince would always put up a fight but O'Shelly would win and the Prince would succumb. No other boy aroused his senses like the Prince.
President O'Shelly left the boardroom, going behind the altar and into that secret room behind the third door.
Inside, he kept her bound. Arms chained, strapped to the chair.
Ayakunda was the latest victim to go through questioning.
If she complied, she might live.
The room was infested with dust mites, broken glass, dried blood from past torture sessions and a stench that smelled of sex and death.
He grabbed the puffs of her hair and drew her head back.
She glared at him, eyes not daring to release tears.
"He said you liked Tuna. Shall we see if that is true?"
Her mouth was covered with a white cloth.
The chains dug into her bare wrists.
He brought a plate to her and on it was a dead albacore tuna.
"You haven't told me the information I needed," he said to her.
He took the cloth from her sore mouth.
"Tell me."
His voice was cold like ice.
She leaned forward, throwing emphasis into her sentence, "I know NOTHING!"
He was close to her now, the tuna at her lips.
"You've tortured me enough. I'll be better off like the Prince."
O'Shelly shook his head, "No. I'm not going to flog you or whip you or tear your innocence. You don't deserve such divine piunishment."
"Divine? You sick b-"
Her words were cut off.
Her cheek stinged with pain.
Danny, Danny, Danny, Danny.
Her thoughts were on him, her Danny, her friend.
Danny, Danny, Danny, Danny
Daniel, Daniel, Danny, Daniel.................

She whispered his name, "Danny, Danny, Danny, Danny, Daniel, Daniel, Danny, Daniel................."
"Speak up!"
"Danny Danny, Danny, Danny, Danny, Daniel, Daniel, Danny, Daniel................"
He was always on her mind.
They grew up together, took care of Timothy like I married parents and went out like friends usually do.
Ruefully, Ayakunda said to O'Shelly, "do your worst."

President O'Shelly kept his torturing sessions private. No cameras were watching. He hadn't a clue of the hacker watching his every move.
The person smiled wickedly.
The red icon on the screen signaled recording was in progress.
"Dragon Spire will be restored, soon," said the mysterious person.

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I will begin the first scene of chapter one. After that I will wait for people to sign up before going any further. I have a feeling this will go down the drain because the group is so quiet, so I'll turn this into a book in case nobody signs up and it won't feel like this hard work was for nothing.

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You really did put a lot of work into to it! I am sorry sorry the group is so quiet, a couple of months ago it was full of comments. There were times I couldn't keep up. But as is the circle of life, groups fade and new ones are born, leaving the old ones behind. I really wish everyone was here for this or that you where here back then.
Anyway, still love talking to you. So even if this doesn't take off keep in touch, I want to see how this turns out!

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Cole wrote: "You really did put a lot of work into to it! I am sorry sorry the group is so quiet, a couple of months ago it was full of comments. There were times I couldn't keep up. But as is the circle of lif..."

I wish I was around when it first started, too. I would've brought some real dragon spice to everyone's life.

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What are your current thoughts on the two songs chosen for the OST and the song chosen for Visceral Shadow Dance?

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Cole wrote: "You really did put a lot of work into to it! I am sorry sorry the group is so quiet, a couple of months ago it was full of comments. There were times I couldn't keep up. But as is the circle of lif..."

I'm really glad you enjoy me and my stories. At first I was a little skeptical of joining because I thought my space dragons would be ridiculed, but I'm glad to know this is a loving group full of true dragon fans.

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So, I just read your set up for the Dragon Spire and I got to say I am really impressed with all the possibilities of the main characters that you left for us!
All I want to know now is how do I get involved in the story and could you tell us as much as possible about the world building, I am very interested and I think it would help me with contributing to the story with my own ideas and characters?
Or you could save this for a really cool book?

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Never mind I just saw the other threads!

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Hell ya, Space Dragons welcome!!!!!!

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Cole wrote: "So, I just read your set up for the Dragon Spire and I got to say I am really impressed with all the possibilities of the main characters that you left for us!
All I want to know now is how do I ge..."

Wow~! For contribution, I was thinking of posting chapter prompts and assigning them to people that sign up in the sign up post.

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I will go more in-depth about the world without giving spoilers to D&C (Dragons and Cicadas). A lot of elements in this story are from the book, so I will dedicate a whole thread to explaining the world and its history and creating the history of the Spire.

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Cool! I will sign up now!

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