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Thorn followed Veronica to her car. God, rose was in so much trouble.

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Thorn hopped in to the seat next to her. "Nice car." he commented.

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Thorn jumped out and stretched. "Do humans always have that for dinner?" He asked, smiling faintly at her.

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"I eat tacos." Thorn said, keeping his faint smile because of the tease in her voice. "So, what do you eat for dinner usually? I'd ilke to know."

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((move to 12 halway?))

Thorn nodded, listening.

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(( do you want a different character to talk to?))

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Kat (kitty_kat_kit)

Alex pulled into the school parking lot and quickly found a parking spot. She sat in her car for ten minutes just staring at the school. She'd came alone stating it would be harder to say goodbye to her family here than at home. She knew it was true so she had driven here alone. After staring at the school for ten minutes even though it felt like forever she shut her car off and hopped out. She went around the the back seat and pulled out her luggage. She looked around and noticed how quiet everything seemed. Normally she liked the quiet but seeing as how this was a school in seemed more eerie. She expected to see people walking around chatting and texting but nope not a soul in the parking lot. She sighed. "Quit being a baby their probably just all inside for the night."She said to herself. So with that she picked up herself and headed to the building.

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