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Jon (scottreadsit) | 110 comments Mod

This is kind of awkward but I never got the memo! All of the other mods have their own threads about themselves expect for me. My pseudonym on Goodreads is Scott Pilgrim and I am a male teen who loves to read! Anyway I started going on Goodreads as a way to discuss books with people with similar book interests. What started out as a casual experience soon grew into an addiction! Now I can't imagine going a day without going on Goodreads! I have so many book favorites that it's so difficult to pick one book. (Saying you have to pick one favorite book is like saying which is your favorite child. It's pretty taboo) Some of my favorite books include: The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, Chaos Walking, His Dark Materials, Shadow And Bone, Wonder, 1984, and so many more! If I am not on Goodreads, I'm probably on Twitter! You can follow me @ScottReadsIt . Also I post reviews a couple times a week over http://scottreadsit.blogspot.com!

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Janna Marie (jannamarie) | 36 comments Mod
Hi scott! :)
I didn't know either, until I started going through all of the threads. Welcome to the club! LOL

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When we first made threads for ourselves it was just for fun and to tell the members a little bit about ourselves and books we loved! We made the threads when the group was still new so they're kind of pointless know, because we can do the same stuff in other folders that also have members :P
I'm also a mod and haven't been on in a while. Nice to meet you(:

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Jon (scottreadsit) | 110 comments Mod
Hey Holly and Janna!

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haha Hi :P

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Janna Marie (jannamarie) | 36 comments Mod
Hey there, Scott :)

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