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Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 168 comments Mod
You come in, but you rarely go out. Admission is located here.

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ Ember Rose sat on a rock that sat by the gate, she wondered what it would be like to leave, but she knew it wouldn't ever be possible. "Is there anyone out there?" she whispered to herself

(̲̅K̲̅)(̲̅a̲̅)(̲̅i̲̅)(̲̅t̲̅)(̲̅e̲̅)(̲̅l̲̅)(̲̅y̲̅)(̲̅n̲̅)(̲̅n̲̅) | 44 comments Kaitelynn flips up to the gate and sees a girl sitting on a rock and back bends over to her

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ Roses looks at the girl and smiles, without knowing it she accidentally changed to look identical to her "Hello" she smiled in the girls voice

(̲̅K̲̅)(̲̅a̲̅)(̲̅i̲̅)(̲̅t̲̅)(̲̅e̲̅)(̲̅l̲̅)(̲̅y̲̅)(̲̅n̲̅)(̲̅n̲̅) | 44 comments " Change back now before i kill you " Kaitelynn growls at her

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ Ember Rose rolled her eyes and changed back to her blue skin, yellow eyes self before going back to her preffered look. "No need to get fistey" she growled back

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ "I'm going" she groaned as she was sick of her company

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ "question" she said turning around "what are you?"

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ "I think you are annoying" she smiled evily "but thats just observation"

(̲̅K̲̅)(̲̅a̲̅)(̲̅i̲̅)(̲̅t̲̅)(̲̅e̲̅)(̲̅l̲̅)(̲̅y̲̅)(̲̅n̲̅)(̲̅n̲̅) | 44 comments " And i think your a bitch " she maches her smile " Im a contortionist"

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ "I expected you to say that" she laughed "I'm a mirror"

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ ((gtg))

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ "Speaking of mirrors, I'll be there. It's interesting" she said as she walked away

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Lady Poppy | 40 comments Mod
Tulip skips merrily by the entrance, humming a song with no particular tune. She smiles at everything, enjoying life as only a young girl could. Even a girl who no longer owns her own soul. Her chocolate hair swishes behind her as she continues along, her skip turning into a dance.

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Lady Poppy | 40 comments Mod
Tulip saw a girl in a funky shape who was reading at the same time. She ran over, eyes large discs of curiosity. "Woah miss, that's so cool! How do you do that?"

(̲̅K̲̅)(̲̅a̲̅)(̲̅i̲̅)(̲̅t̲̅)(̲̅e̲̅)(̲̅l̲̅)(̲̅y̲̅)(̲̅n̲̅)(̲̅n̲̅) | 44 comments Kaitelynn Flips out of how she was " im a contortionist " She says smiling

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Lady Poppy | 40 comments Mod
Tulip smiles. "That's really neat! Have you been in the circus for a while?"

(̲̅K̲̅)(̲̅a̲̅)(̲̅i̲̅)(̲̅t̲̅)(̲̅e̲̅)(̲̅l̲̅)(̲̅y̲̅)(̲̅n̲̅)(̲̅n̲̅) | 44 comments " Kinda I was born into one then my daddy and mom died "

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ѕтαяк (cometocloseanduwillloseafinger) | 57 comments Lynx walked in, still scarred after what happened to her before. I'm here forever, there is no hope She thought to herself vacantly, All of her animals were at her side right now, two birds of prey on either shoulder, and her two big cats on her side.

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Lady Poppy | 40 comments Mod
Tulips smile fades a bit. "I'm so sorry to hear that.. May I ask your name? I'm Tulip, nice to meet you!" She does her best to change the subject. Her eye catches onto the girl with animals surrounding her. Mouth slightly ajar, she stares at the girl walking nearer to them.

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Lady Poppy | 40 comments Mod
Tulip nods with a small smile. Her gaze keeps wandering back to the other girl, completely amazed that two giant cats are so calmly under her control. "I'm excited for my first gig- I'm new and haven't gotten to try out my powers yet."

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ѕтαяк (cometocloseanduwillloseafinger) | 57 comments Lynx smiled, overhearing the conversation. IT was weird to think that someone was excited to have such a fate. She walked up to them, needing a talk to get her mind off of everything. She walked up with her warmest smile. "Hello, My name is Grif-uh- Lynx, and these are my friends." She said, gesturing to the animals.

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Lady Poppy | 40 comments Mod
Tulip gave a cheery wave to the girl. "Hello Lynx, I'm Tulip, nice to meet you." She caught the slip up, but didn't bother to ask about it. "Can I.." She gestured toward one of the large cats, stepping forward in a motion to pet it. Her hand hovered over its furry head, waiting for permission from the girl.

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ѕтαяк (cometocloseanduwillloseafinger) | 57 comments Lynx smiled at the grey wolf. "Her name is Storm." She made eye contact with the wolf, and in return, the wolf made a grunting noise. "She is a bit picky with people, but I think she likes you." She smiled. "Elder is more of a people pleaser." She nodded to the tiger, who flicked his ear. One of the birds clucked it's beak. "Go ahead."

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Lady Poppy | 40 comments Mod
Tulip, who had more of a thing for cats, stepped lightly over to the tiger. She gently stroked the golden fur on its large head, enjoying the tickling sensation she felt against her fingers. She giggled in delight, using her other hand to scratch behind Elder's ears.

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ѕтαяк (cometocloseanduwillloseafinger) | 57 comments The tiger purred, a sound like thunder, and rolled over onto his stomach. Lynx giggled as well. "He loves people, anyone really, that is why I love him, he forces me not to judge people by first glance." She looked away. "Its kind of a bad habit of mine."

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Lady Poppy | 40 comments Mod
Tulip knelt next to his rolling form, scratching as much of his exposed belly as she could reach. "I don't like it when people judge me at first glance, but I like you two, so it's okay." She grinned and got up, wiping the clinging dirt off of her clothes. "Do you powers have something to do with animals?"

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ѕтαяк (cometocloseanduwillloseafinger) | 57 comments She grinned. "Yes-if you would call it a power." She shrugged. "I like to think of it as more of an affinity. I don't actually talk to the animals, no language is shared between us, it is more of a conjoined thought." She nodded and both of the birds, at the same time, flew up into the air and did a figure eight, crossing and spinning. They came down and landed on her shoulders once again. "...and a mutual thought."

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Lady Poppy | 40 comments Mod
Tulip grinned. "That's amazing!" She silently wished she had a cool power like that. Though she did like her powers, she didn't know how to use them yet. Her eyes were large and owlish as she stood there, hands clasped together in awe.

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ѕтαяк (cometocloseanduwillloseafinger) | 57 comments She bit her lip, knowing that she was showing off a bit. "What is your gift?" she asked, wondering if that was some kind of personal question here. "If you don't mind, that is." She vacantly pet Pistole at her shoulder.

(̲̅K̲̅)(̲̅a̲̅)(̲̅i̲̅)(̲̅t̲̅)(̲̅e̲̅)(̲̅l̲̅)(̲̅y̲̅)(̲̅n̲̅)(̲̅n̲̅) | 44 comments Kaitelynns goes back to the way she was when Tulip fond her

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Lady Poppy | 40 comments Mod
Tulip said, "I can control my solidity.. If that makes sense." She became transparent and stepped through Lynx, feeling a shiver go through her on the inside. Once out again, she became solid and punched the ground lightly. The concrete cracked and made a dent in the ground. "Voila."

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ѕтαяк (cometocloseanduwillloseafinger) | 57 comments She smiled. "That is so cool!" She had always wanted to be a ghost as a child, more than she wanted to be a princess, there was always being a ghost. But to add on to that, she had the ability to be bulletproof! She grinned. "I can honestly say that that is amazing!"

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Tulip smiled and took a small bow. "Thank you! I'm excited to perform for a crown." Who knows, maybe my parents will be watching from among the onlookers. Her heart fluttered at the thought. She frowned slightly at Katie's reaction, not really expecting it from the human pretzel.

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ѕтαяк (cometocloseanduwillloseafinger) | 57 comments ((sorry, goodreads is bugging out on me...))

She smiled. "This'll be my first performance, too." She glanced at all of her animals. "They took a bit of getting used to for the carnival." She bit her lip. "I don't know if they are ready, I'm afraid of what the ringmaster will say, or if something will happen, you just can never be sure."

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((No worries!))

Tulip nodded. She hadn't officially met the infamous ringmaster yet, but she was definitely looking forward to it. "Based on what you just showed me, I'm confident in your abilities.

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ѕтαяк (cometocloseanduwillloseafinger) | 57 comments She blushed. "Oh, it's nothing much, just a little gift." She hated complements, but she felt that she was telling the truth. " Will you stay by me in the circus whenever you can?" She felt awkward for saying it, but felt like Tulip was a new friend. "Just in case?"

(̲̅K̲̅)(̲̅a̲̅)(̲̅i̲̅)(̲̅t̲̅)(̲̅e̲̅)(̲̅l̲̅)(̲̅y̲̅)(̲̅n̲̅)(̲̅n̲̅) | 44 comments " Can i can stay with Tulip in case you gone if you want " Kaitelynn says standing up

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Tulip nodded eagerly to both of them, feeling as though sunshine was shining on her. Cheesy, but true. "I'd be absolutely delighted!" She grinned, the movement lighting up her face. She hugged them each in turn, happy to have made two new circus friends. Being away from her parents wouldn't be as hard on her now.

((Sorry, working on an online group project at the moment.))

(̲̅K̲̅)(̲̅a̲̅)(̲̅i̲̅)(̲̅t̲̅)(̲̅e̲̅)(̲̅l̲̅)(̲̅y̲̅)(̲̅n̲̅)(̲̅n̲̅) | 44 comments Kaitelynn Smiles and flips and does a brigde and flips out of it and hand stands

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ѕтαяк (cometocloseanduwillloseafinger) | 57 comments Lynx hugged her friend back, happy to have a friend instead of a foe for once. In turn, Elden had also heard of this and ran up to her, putting his paws on Tulip and 'hugging' her. "No! Down Elden!" she ordered through the laughter escaping from her, but she knew that Elden wouldn't hurt her in any way.

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