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Before I Fall
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Jessica | 14 comments Mod
What would be your perfect last day??

J.E.S | 1 comments Honestly, there is so much i would want to do, I would treat it like a groundhogs day movie moment and use multiple days to get everything in.

Jessica | 14 comments Mod
I think there shouldn't be a loop whole. I think you should get one day, one perfect last day. I wouldn't spend it rushing. I'd spend it being as lazy as possible. It'd hot, really hot but on my last day there would be some type of water close... ocean, lake, pool, sprinkler, I'm not picky. The sun would be shining the entire day, so I guess my last day would be the longest day of summer. I don't know the exact date but I know its out there, I've heard people mention it. I think I wouldn't want everyone around me all at once like a massive party, but I'd like it if the important people came and went at their leisure. Then for the quite in-betweens of the day i'd have some fantastic book that let me experience not only my perfect day, but another's as well. Well I guess that's kind of a loop hole, but I think its one that I could live with.

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