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Name: (first, last)
Characteristics: Picture/link preferrably
-Hair Color:
-Eye Color:
-Body Type:
Personality: (Five Sentences)
History: (Five Sentences)

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Accepted :)

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Name: Avery Dylan

Sex: Male

Age: 19

Position: Games worker

-Hair Color: Brown
-Eye Color: Brown
-Body Type: Slender, average height ( 6’1 )
-etc.: None

Personality: He’s a nice guy when you meet at him, and that doesn’t change at all. Avery’s nice not because he’s the joking type, but because he’s forgiving of people who make mistakes. Being different has always been his thing in life, so he’s found a home at the circus; it reflects on his almost never negative personality. Still, he’s easily affected by negativity around him. He’s had so much of it in his past, that a little bit now ruins his day.

History: Avery ended up being raised by his real mom, and a jack ass of a step dad. Avery’s step dad was nice when his mom was around, but when she left for her full time job while he was at school, his step dad treated him harshly and took advantage of him. He’d beat him, and then expect him to lie to his mom about why it happened. At one point, Avery was pushed to his limit and fought back against his step dad when his mother was there. His mom sided with his step dad, and that changed his life forever. He ran away from home that same night, and never looked back.

Likes: The Circus

Dislikes: Liars
Other: I absolutely loved making his history ^-^

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Awesome job! Totally accepted!

Ms_Sara_Darling (MsSaraDarling) Name: Olivia Marks

Sex: Female

Age: 17

Position:Dunk Tank Operator


Hair Color: Pink
Eye color:Brown
Body type:Slender 5"5

Personality: Olivia is over the top/ very dramatic. She is an extremely nice person. She is not shy at all/very blunt. She tries to control her attitude. She likes to help others.

History: When she was five her mom and dad took her to the carnival where her mom worked. She loved it, especially the freak show, she loved how unique and special the people were. The next day she and her mom got in a car accident, her mom died and she lived. Ever since then the only way she could keep from harming herself was going to the carnival and remembering that one special day. Her father didn't know how to help her,so he thought if he got her a new mother figure she'd feel better. He married Theresa when Olivia turned fourteen. She hates Theresa more then anything.

Likes: Bright colors, the carnival, and the sound of people having fun.

Dislikes: Mean people, cars, Theresa, and popcorn.


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Accepted :)

Ms_Sara_Darling (MsSaraDarling) Yay, thanks kyle :)

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