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Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 168 comments Mod
Name: (first, last, and stage name)
Characteristics: Picture/link preferrably
-Hair Color:
-Eye Color:
-Body Type:
Personality: (Five Sentences)
History: (Five Sentences)

message 2: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) Name: Kate VanDel; Fire Dancer
Sex: Female
Age: 17
Mutation/Power: Fire controling. She can create, control, and extinguish fires. (Like a fire bender)
-Hair Color: Black
-Eye Color: Green
-Body Type: Good curves, very skinny
-etc.: Flawless skin except for scars covering her body from her past, herself, and of course fire.
Personality: She is very firey, she has a fierce temper and her anger could engluf you. She can also be calm and very fun, she'll light up your day. She loves to dance with her flames and her heart will fire up like anything else when she has a crush. She also has a warm heart and feels bad for anyone with their souls sold or stolen.
History: Kate grew up in a very abusive home. Her mother died when she was very young and her father often beat her, she also had self harm issues. No one ever really liked her and often hated her. She was abused by her only "friend" both mentally and physically. Her soul was then stolen and she was given her power to get souls to get hers in return.
Likes: Fire
having fun
A good argument
Dislikes: Abusers
Cocky people
Bad music
Other: I love the fire puns in her personality!

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Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 168 comments Mod
Accepted, Good job #1!!!

message 4: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) Thankies! :3

message 5: by Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown--, Ringmaster (new)

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 168 comments Mod

message 6: by Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown--, Ringmaster (new)

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 168 comments Mod
Name: Servantes--The Ringmaster--
Sex: Male
Age: Ageless
Mutation/Power: Very all-powerful--possibly demonic
-Hair Color: Black
-Eye Color: Completely black, no whites or iris
-Body Type: Tall and thin
-etc.: Always wears his Ringmaster Uniform
Personality: Extremely rude. He knows his place and his powers. He is a manipulater, and a very evil person. He has unimaginable powers and uses them frequently. He is nit-picky.
History: The son of a demon and a human, has acquired demonic powers that he uses to run his carnival. He collects souls as nutrition, because that is the only way he can sustain his powers. Has acquired many demonic toys that aid him in his way. Created the Carnival of Souls a long time ago, and travels city to city.
Likes: Nothing
Dislikes: People
Other: Knows all about his Carnival.

message 7: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) Heh, that's awesome.

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Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 168 comments Mod
Katniss *TEAM GALE* (Mikey forever!!!!) wrote: "Heh, that's awesome."

Thanks :I

message 9: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) :3

message 10: by Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown--, Ringmaster (new)

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 168 comments Mod
Not quite as much personality and history as I wanted, but accepted!

message 11: by Hazel ~ Avalon ~ (last edited Mar 15, 2013 06:23AM) (new)

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ Name: Ember Rose Flair (Roses)
Sex: Female
Age: 16
Mutation/Power: She can psionically shift the atoms of her body to duplicate any humanoid of either sex, wearing any kind of clothing. She can precisely duplicate another person’s retina pattern, finger, palm and skin-pore patterns, and vocal cords. She can increase her volume, but not her mass.
Her preference for looks -

Natural looks -
-Hair Color: Changes, but it's usually purple.
-Eye Color: Yellow
-Body Type: Thin, hourglass figure
Personality: Roses is one of those girls who will get along with everyone, she is a very people person who enjoys a good laugh and is usually seen smiling. She is a kind person who looks out for others. She will try to make people laugh with her light and bubbly personality. But there is another side to her, like most people she has an angry side. Those who annoy her, or those she doesn’t like, will know. She can give edgy looks, angry stares and harsh words. She will tell the truth and not hold back with emotions, not caring for your, or her own emotions, as long as she gets her point across she doesn’t care. She also is a flirtatious girl who isn’t afraid to let loose and enjoy a party. Including a flirt with whoever she see’s attractive.
History: Ember Rose was born in Australia but was given away because her parents were terrified of their blue baby. They also left her because of her captured soul, she was put into a detain room and for 13 years she was in hiding until they found what she could do, they put her into performances but people just thaught it was paint, until one night when she took the exact appearance as one of the audience members. Now at 16 she is trying to earn her soul back.
- impersonating people
- tripping people out
- laughing
- Smiling
- Guys
- Fashion

- When people make fun of her
- rumors
- Bitches
- Little bratty children
- getting things thrown at her

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Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 168 comments Mod
A little more powerful than i want for her... tone it down just a tad then she is in! Really good personality profile :)

Hazel  ~ Avalon ~ done

message 14: by Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown--, Ringmaster (new)

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 168 comments Mod
You are good to go :)

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ѕтαяк (cometocloseanduwillloseafinger) | 57 comments Name: Griffon (Lynx) Crow
Sex: Female
Age: 16
Mutation/Power: Animal trainer. She can talk to, and train animals. She prefers large cats such as tigers and lions, or birds but it works on any animal

-Hair Color: A mix between an orange and brown
-Eye Color: Her eyes are heterochromic, meaning that they are different colours
(view spoiler)

-Body Type: Athletic muscular, with a lot of curves and more of an hourglass figure
Personality: She doesn't talk to people much, she mostly has her animals as her friends. If she does get into conversation with someone, however, She is very judgemental and doesn't like people unless they earn her respect. She can be very sarcastic and lippy, just because she would rather tell people how things are rather than sugar coat it. If people are offended by her she doesn't care, she has her animals that are always by her side. She will never turn down a challenge, even if it seems impossible, and once she puts her mind to something, she has to do it, even if it takes forever.
History: She had six brothers, her being the youngest. The family grew up in Greece where she was always missing school because there was work to be done at home. Her mother was deathly ill, she had already gone into a coma twice before, and they were trying to prevent having a third time, and her father was abusive to alcohol. She often ran around talking to random birds around the neighbourhood. Then one day she wandered farther than she was supposed to, and her soul went missing and now she is here.
-Large cats
-any kind of nature
-anything creepy or dark
-Ditzy people
-people in general
-any machines
-preforming for people
Other: She currently has four pets here, but she is constantly getting more

(view spoiler)

message 16: by Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown--, Ringmaster (new)

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 168 comments Mod
Nice! Accepted!

message 17: by ѕтαяк (new)

ѕтαяк (cometocloseanduwillloseafinger) | 57 comments Thank you! ^.^

message 18: by [deleted user] (last edited Mar 15, 2013 05:10PM) (new)

Name: Dulcinea Winchester (Omniscia)

Sex: F

Age: 17

Mutation/Power: If you ask her any question, she is able to answer it, though they are not always swimming around in hr head. She won't actually know the answer until you ask her exactly the right question....

Dulcinea has white hair the travels to about a quarter down her back and then has bangs hiding her right eye, which is bright green ( leprechaun green), differing from her left eye's dim blue. A smattering of freckles goes across her cheeks and her small nose. She doesn't normally eat, yet not exactly anorexic either, but on account of that she is rather skinny and a bit bony.

Personality: When she was younger she was really shy but soon grew out of that as she began to earn money for answering questions. Now she is decently outgoing, but knows how to keep her mouth shut when she needs to. Her personality generally depends on how you treat her as a person and what she thinks about your own personality. She can change on a seconds notice, like any human being.

History: As stated earlier, she was shy when younger, but had grown up in a poor home. Her single mother died of a simple flu, leaving her with her older brother. He ran off with his supposed true love a year later. She was 13. She began asking people for money to answer their everyday questions and soon gained a reputation for her accuracy.... Soon, she found the carnival. Or maybe it found her?

Likes: tofu and veggie burgers, though I'd not vegetarian. She also can't get enough of cemeteries and chocolate ice cream.

Dislikes: Certain kinds of people, obviously. Umm...... I'll add to it later.


message 19: by Isabella (All Da Ladies Luv Leo) (last edited Mar 15, 2013 05:31PM) (new)

Isabella (All Da Ladies Luv Leo) Thomas  | 20 comments Name: (first, last, and stage name)Jaimee Buler: Screamer
Sex: Female
Age: 17
Mutation/Power: Her voice. Her voice when she screams can be pitched to burst eardrums.
Characteristics: Picture/link
-Hair Color: Black
-Eye Color: Icy blue
-Body Type: curvy, tall
Personality: (Five Sentences)Hard to anger, screams when frustrated, shy. Friendly of strangers, sorry for the people who sell their souls, but very antisocial with no friends, zero
History: (Five Sentences) She lived in Transylvania, in school she took singing lessons, she even then had never had friend, but becouse she didn't want to. She was never curious but the ONE day she had, her soul had been sold.
- Powerful voices
- Chocolate
- Black dresses
- Being left alone
- Pizza
- Prissy people
- The Carnival
- Screaming
Other: Is a vegeterian

Isabella (All Da Ladies Luv Leo) Thomas  | 20 comments -.- man it was sooo hard trying my best to post it.....

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Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 168 comments Mod
Accepted to both :)

message 27: by Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown--, Ringmaster (new)

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 168 comments Mod
Katie; Im Have a BF !!!!!!!!!!!!! wrote: "Any one Wanna RP"

We have a topic for rp requests :)

message 29: by Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown--, Ringmaster (new)

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 168 comments Mod
Accepted! Now get to roleplaying!!! :)

message 30: by Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown--, Ringmaster (new)

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 168 comments Mod
Damian wrote: "( Hey isn't her power basically illusions... but that's Kyle's thing...)"

Well obviously she can tell what your worst nightmare is, and then create an illusion based on that... it is different.
and there is nothing against people having the same type of abilities :)

message 31: by Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown--, Ringmaster (new)

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 168 comments Mod
I think that we should try to have differences, but everyone can have what they choose ~unless I say otherwise~

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Lady Poppy | 40 comments Mod
Name: Tulip Roan, Lady of Strength

Sex: Female

Age: 12

Mutation/Power: Can control her solidity.
{Solid}: Can become so 'solid' that flames slide harmlessly off of her skin, bullets ricochet off without a scratch, she can break through brick walls without breaking a sweat, people who try to punch her recieve more damage than her, etc.
{Not solid}: She can walk through walls, objects pass through her, etc.


-Hair Color: Light brown like milk chocolate, reaches her lower back in beautiful waves.
-Eye Color: A beautiful green and brown mixture with small flecks of gold. They are large and owlish, always curious.
-Body Type: Tall for her age and athletic.
-etc.: She has dark pink lips and smooth skin.

Personality: She is a sweet girl, always looking out for others and attempting to protect them, even if they are older than her. She cares about everyone, except for those that are mean to her. She has a lot of confidence at her young age, putting a lot of faith into her powers. She is quite charming in her adorableness, and very underestimated. If you dare make fun of her, you'll face her 12-year-old-wrath. She loves to show off for audiences.

History: Growing up on the streets, she never had much besides her powers. Her mother and father were desperate for money, but for their daughter's tenth birthday, they took her to the circus. After a mishap with the cotton candy machine, Tulip was exposed as the freak she was. The ringmaster had his sight on her from then on, finally offering to buy her soul from her parents. They reluctantly agreed, and with a sad farewell, Tulip said goodbye to her parents and embraced getting to show off her inner freak for audiences.

Likes: Making friends, charming people with her adorableness, proving others wrong, smashing stuff

Dislikes: Rude people, those who underestimate her, the dark

Other: She has an old teddy bear from her childhood that sleeps with her at night.

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Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 168 comments Mod
Accepted ^.^

message 34: by Lady Poppy (new)

Lady Poppy | 40 comments Mod
Thanks Kyle :)

message 35: by Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown--, Ringmaster (new)

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 168 comments Mod

message 36: by [deleted user] (new)

Name: Trayton Michael aka Mercury ( he isn’t good with coming up with names )

Sex: Male

Age: 17 ( I have a thing for this age )

Mutation/Power: Liquid Metal Mimicker

-Hair Color: Silver
-Eye Color: One grey and one blue
-Body Type: Slender, Average Height ( 6 feet tall )
-etc.: He has a scar over his grey eye

Personality: He comes off as the guy who doesn’t care about anything or anyone. That’s because he hasn’t found a reason to live life yet. He has a power, that’s true, but he doesn’t consider himself lucky or unfortunate to have it. He does become sad easily when people have too much negativity come off of them. He uses his powers to help entertain himself, or at least, try to entertain himself. His powers are linked to his negative emotions.

History: In the past, he was picked on because he the dumb kid who couldn’t find a friend, couldn’t pass a test, couldn’t read for the life of him, and to top it off, his parents weren’t around for it all. He’d cut himself in the privacy of the school bathroom. One day when he cut himself in middle school, his blood turned to mercury, and his cut healed up immediately. He tried it again, this time on his left arm: the same thing happened. He found it difficult to find an opinion on it all: he could be grateful that he couldn’t get hurt easily, but he could also be frustrated because he had no way to let go of all of his negative emotions.

Likes: Nothing really

Dislikes: Mostly everything

Other: I’m getting kinda depressed creating this guy v_v

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Name: Kanara Song aka Madame Canary

Sex: Female

Age: 17

Mutation/Power: Bird Keeper, Whisperer, Creator, Shifter
-Hair Color: Green
-Eye Color: Light brown with a splash of green around the pupil
-Body Type: Perfectly built for flying almost
-etc.: Her arms and legs have green feathers on the underside

Personality: She has the free spirit of a bird, literally. She can’t be confined to one spot for too long, she has to keep moving. Her eyes are often looking around for someone who might sneak up on her. She’s a kind hearted girl. And, you guessed it, she sings too whenever she feels the need to. She’s often being motherly to people around her too. She’s never had someone be around her for too long, she when she came to the circus, this instinct of hers suddenly came out.

History: Her parents never told her how she was born; so she created her own story. The stork gave up one of its one eggs to her parents, and she herself was born from that egg. She’s always had her gifts with her, and has always been seen as someone different. She couldn’t ever sleep inside her room; she slept outside in her tree house that she had in her backyard. She tried to fly once as a kid off the high monkey bars, and then broke her arm on impact. That night, her parents argued over how safe it was to raise a child like this. They knew she was different, but they themselves had no idea on how to raise her any further. She fled the next morning after hearing this, and joined the circus where she could show her true colors.

Likes: Freedom

Dislikes: Confinement

Other: I’ve had this picture on my phone for a long time, and I’m so glad that I can give her the chance to come to life ^-^

message 38: by Lady Poppy (new)

Lady Poppy | 40 comments Mod
((That's a gorgeous picture by the way ^_^))

message 39: by [deleted user] (new)

(( gracias x3 ))

message 40: by Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown--, Ringmaster (new)

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 168 comments Mod
Accepted to both!

message 41: by Isis (new)

Isis Name: Skarlette Reynolds = Skar
Sex: Female
Age: 18 (or so she assumes)
Mutation/Power: She's a death whisperer. When a person looks into her eyes she can manipulate their minds just enough to get them to well...kill themselves...usually in a horribly gruesome way, and only she can stop it.
Characteristics: [image error]
-Hair Color: Light brown
-Eye Color: Extremely dark brown, almost black but often have a red tint in the light
-Body Type: Slender and fairly short, about 5'3"
-etc.: A horrible burn scar runs from right temple down to her right hip with her hair covering it until she moves it for the show. It only touches the right side of her face, along her ear, down the back of her neck a bit, her shoulder and shoulder blade, her upper arm, and her side a bit of the front but more toward the back. Because of the burn she is missing her right ear.
Personality: She has the absolute worst, and shortest, temper. When someone makes her mad she is likely to exact her revenge right then and there no matter how hard she tries to control herself. She's unpredictable, unlovable, and often with only herself to speak to. She tries to keep her distance from the others because she really doesn't want to hurt them but she just might if they hit the wrong nerve. She has never been close to anyone and it was only natural to fall under Servantes's rule with her soul so out of balance.
History: She was born to completely normal parents, a prostitute and a drug dealer, who promptly left her in a garbage can to die. Unfortunately for her, she was found just in time and raised in an orphanage.The abuse from the other children there lead to the early knowledge of her full powers when she talked one of her older bullies into sticking a fork into his eye. After several years of abuse, growing agitation and temper, and a more and more disquieting personality, she decided to try her powers on herself. It worked. She poured a very minute amount of oil down the right side of her skin and lit a match. She managed to stop herself from continuing and put herself out only to live and have the scar for proof. Soon after she was more or less healed she escaped from the hospital and ran off at only 14 years old. She was soon off and alone. She lost track of time, acquired a hairless cat named Minki, and ended up at the carnival (how, she cannot remember).
Likes:Her hairless car, she finds him soothing
Dislikes:Most people, lots of questions
Other: Her hairless cat-

((I'll make guys in the other categories if you would like me to, and if this one is accepted of course.))

message 42: by Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown--, Ringmaster (new)

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 168 comments Mod
Accepted! Awesome back story, and omfg i love hairless cats :D

message 43: by Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown--, Ringmaster (new)

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 168 comments Mod
And feel free to make as many characters as you want!

message 44: by Isis (new)

Isis Woo! I'm not alone in my strange love!

message 45: by Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown--, Ringmaster (new)

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 168 comments Mod
Well I always root for the underdog and everybody I know thinks they're creepy, so I have to like them! (And I actually love their wrinkles)

message 46: by Isis (new)

Isis They're the softest things on the planet O_O and on top of that they're adorable and I need one.

message 47: by Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown--, Ringmaster (new)

Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 168 comments Mod
Agreed ^.^

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Mpiggy Name: Pearl Muskell, Typhoon
Sex: female
Age: 16
Mutation/Power: can control water, can produce it right out of her hands, can understand the sea and the creatures but can’t respond
Characteristics: She is tall and slim. Her hair is long, reaching nearly her knees, and a very light blond. Her eyes are quite large and round. They are a seaweed green with long black lashes framing them. Her lips are fish-like and cheekbones are high. On each side of her neck are gills.
Personality: Pearl is generous and gentle and can't help but see the good in people. Because of this, she is easily deceived and with a soft heart, it is often broken and takes time to mend. Most of the time she will stay quiet. Pearl is a dreamer and is peaceful too but, like her stage name says, she can sometimes lose her temper and create stormy feelings.
History: Pearl grew up in a regular loving household with a mother, father, two siblings who were twins and a cat. Her family lived near the sea, just a few minutes walk away. Their house was in an isolated part of the beach because her parents weren’t very social, but that didn’t mean that Pearl didn’t have any friends. She had many from school. Until she got the gills. She was 13.
The house was on the beach but to get into the sea they had to travel down a side path alongside a cliff that covered a cove. Pearl and the twins would swim all the time in the sea. The sea was fabled to have mermaids living around. The story of these mermaids were that they had powers with controlling water and they created the storms in the seas. Before the mermaids died, they pass their powers onto a younger mermaid (like an heir). So the mermaids in these parts would see Pearl and the twins swimming all the time and they took a liking to Pearl. One day, there was a storm and the sea was all foamy and wavy but the cat was outside. It was lying in the sand behind a rock to protect itself from the waves and the wind. Pearl ran out to fetch it but suddenly the wind came from behind her and she lost her footing and fell over the cliff into the water. (Now this part is pretty predictable but...) So she would of course drown (no way anyone could survive the stormy seas that day) but a mermaid who liked Pearl a whole lot, passed on part of her powers so she could live and thats how she got the gills and the power with water and how she is still alive.
Now her parents thought she was a total goner and of course cried for the rest of the day and the night but the next day, Pearl climbed up the cliff and her family saw her and were all happy but then they saw the gills. Her parents accepted Pearl the way she was (it wasn’t a too dramatic realization) but the twins kept somewhat of a distance from her from then on. Some government officials who were obsessed with power found out about Pearl’s powers and came. When her parents found out what they wanted, they managed to send them away saying that Pearl wasn’t there, she lived in a different house. With not much time until they found out that they lied, her parents through together a quick bag so Pearl could run away. Just before she ran though, the twins, for the first time since she got the gills, approached her. Pearl ran with tears in her eyes and eventually came upon the carnival and now, I guess this is like her audition!
Likes: She likes the water of course and loves to swim but most of all, she loves land. She loves the firm feeling of stable ground under her feet and loves to gaze up at the clouds while lying in the grass.
Dislikes: She can’t stand to see other people and creatures in pain.
Other: none

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Kyle .-. --I'm upsidown-- (SMFAH) | 168 comments Mod
Accepted, great job!

message 50: by Mpiggy (new)

Mpiggy Thanks!! :)

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