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who do you think could have won the games it peeta and katniss didn't?
Mackie Wood Mackie Mar 14, 2013 06:19PM
1 cato

2 rue

3 clove

4 foxface

5 prim

Do you mean if they weren't picked.....or if they had died during the games?

I think Foxface would have had a good chance of winning. I mean, if it was just her & Cato in the end, I think she would have somehow outsmarted him.
Cato would have easily killed Clove.

I don't think Rue would have stood a chance.
She was good at hiding, but I don't think she could have killed anyone, even though her life depended on it.

deleted member Mar 16, 2013 01:47PM   1 vote
It would have been Foxface. If it weren't for Katniss and Peeta she would have survived even longer.

I don't know if Foxface could've won, she survived by scavenging off what other people had, suggesting she didn't actually know to feed herself. I think Thresh, Cato or Clove had a good chance of winning if Katniss and Peeta hadn't been there.

I'm leaning towards Cato and Clove, but I have to also bring in some others who I thought could potentially win:

1. Thresh- Strong, intelligent, aggressive. Could possibly fight of entire Career Pack

2. Marvel- Good at spear throwing. If it came down to the Careers, Marvel would be the first one to turn on them.

3. Foxface- Smart, intelligent, cunning, born survivor. She would have a great chance of winning from her ability to "be the fox"

4. Glimmer- Beautiful but ruthless. She could use her looks to get sponsors and then kill off the rest.

5. Rue- Intelligent, smart, and tricky. One of the youngest tributes could hide and wait for the time but could be easily killed in combat.

6. Unnamed boy from District 3 (yes? I'll tell you how)- Intelligent, technologically skilled. Could have used his technological abilities to blow up the Careers and other tributes with the land mines, and then lived off surviving the rest of the Games. But probably would be killed easily.

The 74th Hunger Games could have been won by a number of tributes, but it is Katniss and Peeta that won for a reason, inciting a rebellion that would free all of Panem.

I would say Foxface.
But all through if Peeta and Katniss werent there id be voting for RUE all the way:)

I wish cato and clove were the main characters I hate katniss and peeta

For sure GLIMMER ! If the rule change stayed the same, marvel and glimmer because glimmer was really skilled, and she was pretty and could easily get sponsers. Marvel i say on second because he kind of lay low, you know? I hate clove, but I might give her a chance for once. Im team Glato, so clato people back off

It would had been one of the careers or Thresh.Careers end their alliances by killing each other in their sleep so maybe,one of the careers would had gone rogue and killed everybody.

FoxFace can't win,she only had a chance of winning because Katniss blew up the food supplies which scrweed over the career tributes.

Rue would had been killed by the gamemakers at some point.They grew tired of her hiding ways and force her to come down to fight.She would had lost to whoever had has to face.

Cato and Clove so would have won. Remember? Two tributes could win.

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